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I'll TRY not to bore you with my story lol not...

I'll TRY not to bore you with my story lol not that it will be much different then most.. I'm a 37 year old mother of 6 beautiful children (yes I said 6) lol and an amazing grandson who I adore more then life itself, baby #1,2 and 3 were very generous to my body (thanks guys!) baby 4 caused a lil "dent" baby 5 started the battle and baby 6 started the war!! this wonderful adventure started at 130 lbs, which at 5'8' was great and now I am at a horrific 215! my ex husband argues that God made me this way and I argue back that Oreos, ice cream...and oh...6 KIDS made me this way!!! lol so it's time for a change and a little well earned present to little ole me (and I used that term lightly)

42 DAYS LEFT! Ok, so the time is coming closer and...

42 DAYS LEFT! Ok, so the time is coming closer and faster then I expected, I have my time off work, got the kids settled, emailed my blood work and taking my vitamins...I have not booked my flight yet, but I plan to do that next week... and I FINALLY gathered up the courage to go into the bathroom at work and show you EXACTLY what I have to look at every day :( I'm so disgusted but I have 6 babies that I carried in this body and I'm thankful to God that he allowed that) I weigh too much from what I'm told so at this point I'm trying to eat right and lose 15 lbs minimum until Feb 25th (yea right...THAT'S gonna be easy...ugh) I'm excited and nervous but mostly excited, aside from this horrible body, I am in pretty good health and I plan to stay in D.R at my father in law's house for a few days after my stay at the recovery house.... so far posting my pictures have been the most horrible part of my journey lol but everyone is so supportive here and I plan to blog this experience so um... I can't give good AFTER pics until I show the horror of the BEFORE lol... My biggest fear is that my body is too damaged to be fixed but then I can only get better from here lol not expecting a miracle, just a lil bit of Magic ;)

41 DAYS TO GO!!!! Ok, So I STARTED my checklist...

41 DAYS TO GO!!!! Ok, So I STARTED my checklist , Thank God my surgery buddy got this part on lock ( lol Thx Tiff) but here's what I managed thus far...ANY SUGGESTIONS, pointers, tips ...PLEASE let us know

My Surgery Checklist:
1. 4 summer dresses/ 4 night gowns/ 3 button down shirts/3 pair of leggings
2. 2 sports bras
3. 2 pair compression socks
4. Baby wipes, 5 packs
5. Tooth brush/tooth paste/deodorant/mouth wash
6. 4 pairs of flip flops
7. Depends (for back leaking)
8. Stool softener
9. All my tests
10. Lap top
11. Boppy
12. Hair ties/brush/gel
13. Dial soap (per surgery book)/Shampoo/Conditioner

The more I talk to you ladies, the more confident I feel and the more I'm ready to be OUT! lol Laura emailed me a confirmation of my "Agenda" and I've been saving each email and each document in my trusty Journal/Binder because I have been fully warned that once my flight is booked (next week) the communication will drop drastically... my Hemoglobin levels are at 12.6 so i'm continuing to take my vitamins and trying to eat the right things...I want my levels to be at a 13.6 because the higher they are the more she will do (so i've heard) some people went to get 3 different procedures done and have only gotten 1 or 2 because of their levels, I'm also still debating the insurance...any thoughts? I will be ordering the WAHL 4120-600 massager at for 14.99 as suggested by someone with AMAZING results..i'm soooo on board with her! lol yet i'll be going to Washington Heights when I get back to the states to get at least one massage from a professional and I will have her show me exactly how to properly use my massager... as far as scar cremes and ointments I'm just going to let my husband do the running around while I'm at the recovery house, his family that lives in D.R is going to take him to the right places to buy what I need , not only will be great quality but MUCH cheaper! and I've decided to buy the faja that Dr. Robles suggests for best results., she's the expert!...looking at flight info now, can hardly believe it's time to book .... HOLY CRAP! *doing the happy dance at my desk* hehe

Ok ladies...need your help here....I have been...

Ok ladies...need your help here....I have been watching what I eat and added a LOT more fruits and veggies to my meals.... I'm taking my vitamins every day (Iron I take twice a day) but I CAN'T seem to stop smoking UGH! Don't get me wrong, i'm not and have never been a chain smoker...I may smoke on average 6 cigarettes a day (yea I know that's still bad) but I now have managed to cut down to 4 a day, and I know that's not a huge cut but it is when your a smoker.... Soooo...any thoughts on this? tips? cause this is really stressing me out...and then I grab another cigarette to calm my nerves...DUH!

Think i'm coming down with the flu... I get sick...

Think i'm coming down with the flu... I get sick often during the winter months and I'm very scared of getting sick right before I leave...ugh! In 4 days I will be exactly one month away from my surgery so time to start reading my Surgery book Laura sent me that gives specific instructions beginning 30 days before surgery..How I'm feeling now? well, I'm at the point in this journey where every single day is a day I entertain how i'm gonna look....I even dream about it.... My nerves were high a month ago, but now have settled, i'm guessing the nerves will start up again in the next 2 weeks. Sometimes I look at myself and say...Dr. Robles will fix that, and then sometimes I look at myself and say...She's NOT gonna be able to fix I go back and forth, from hopeful to depressed which I guess is probably normal but In all, my attitude is...ANYTHING SHE DOES IS GOING TO BE BETTER THEN WHAT I HAVE NOW, and usually that puts it all in perspective for me lol I'm about sick of taking these vitamins already, they make my belly hurt... I'm still TRYING to lose weight before surgery because that's when i'll have the best results but that's not so easy to do :( any tips??
I STILL haven't been able to find someone who had issues with their thighs like I do....I NEED lipo to reconstruct my thighs, they are hideous...anyone else had this issue??

Ok, lovely ladies... This trip went from "the next...

Ok, lovely ladies... This trip went from "the next few months" to "the next few weeks!" ...I have a phone date with my surgery buddy so I figured I better update my "Surgery Prep List". The things I have on this list are all things I found here from the amazing Divas who are in healing, I would have been a TRUE HOT MESS if I wouldn't have found this's my list! My Surgery Checklist:

1. 4 summer dresses/ 4 night gowns/ 3 button down shirts/3 pair of leggings (because I will be staying a little longer)
2. 2 pair slippers
3. 2 sports bras
4. 1 pair compression socks
5. Baby wipes, 5 packs
6. Tooth brush/tooth paste/deodorant/mouth wash
7. 2 pairs of flip flops
8. Depends (for back leaking)
9. Stool softener
10. All my tests
11. Emails of ALL correspondences going back and forth (just in case they said I misunderstood something)
12. Lap top
13. Boppy
14. Hair ties/brush/gel
15. Dial soap (per surgery book)/Shampoo/Conditioner
16. Water bottle with straw!!
17. Panty liners (to stop the faja from cutting in on your skin.)
18. 800 mg pain meds
19. Robe with pockets ( pockets serve as a great tool to carry drain)
20. WAHL 4120-600 massager, (14.99) (not to take to DR, but ready for when I get home!)
21. Incentive spirometer ( idk, my surgery buddy ,who is also a nurse, is making me get this lol)
22. Gauze
23. Surgical Tape
24. Vitamedica pills
25. Arnica gel
26. Hand Sanitizer
27. Tide Stick (what? I’m a mom! Lol) …not to mention we are gonna have bloody night gowns!

! This trip is becoming more and more real...and I'm passed the nervous stage...I'm headed full blast into the GET THIS OVER WITH stage :)

Hello beautiful ladies! Wanted to pop in and say...

Hello beautiful ladies! Wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know my excitement turned into last minute planning and trying to make sure I have all I need yada yada... I purposely waited to gather all I needed because I wanted to have something to occupy me during the last few weeks before surgery to calm my nerves...i have,however, been keeping a thorough checklist, a binder with everything I will need to bring, or set up at home so now the next 3weeks,instead of tossing and turning with excitement,I can keep busy and prepare, I kno I wont miss anything because everything I could possibly need is neatly organized in a spreadsheet and waiting for a " check " ;). Tomorrow morning I am scheduled for blood work, had it done last month and my hemoglobin levels were at a 12.6, good! But not good enough, mind you, I had only started taking my vitamins a week prior, now, per the recommendations of Laura, I have doubled up on them ...blah!! They make me nauseous dammit! .... But I scheduled one last set of blood test a few weeks before my trip JUST to see where I stand and to make sure I'm at good enough levels for surgery, I have to say, if it NOT for this site,I would be a complete train wreck, completely unprepared, and lost in the sauce... But instead I'm confident with my decision and at peace with it and ready to start my new life with a whole better ME! Not because IM not a good person,but because I FEEL more confident.... Smooches my ladies xoxo

NERVOUS! Waiting at the Doctors office for second...

NERVOUS! Waiting at the Doctors office for second set of blood work, my last levels were 12.6, if I don't get these bad boys up my trip will have to be rescheduled, and I'm here shaking like I'm freezing... These results mean everything n I wont even know until results are back in 2-3 days..ughhh

Today I booked my flights... Its going DOWN in the...

Today I booked my flights... Its going DOWN in the Dominican Republic...Woot Woot! ;)

The two week count down is about to begin...

The two week count down is about to begin...

Just ordered the WAHL 4120-600 massager... Bought...

Just ordered the WAHL 4120-600 massager... Bought to go get my compression stockings and a few other things on my list...and a HUGE change was made today...i will not be staying at the recovery house, I'll be staying with family instead...long story! But I'll have top care as preparations are being made for me as we speak! I'll still be meeting all the lovely ladies as the recovery house on days I visit the clinic and to get my drains removed.... This is getting real :)

Ok... All I can think about is my new body, its...

Ok... All I can think about is my new body, its all I talk about, I stand in front of the mirror and try to imagine what I will look like and get all excited! Is this happening to anyone else?! Lol
Got a call from my friend in D.R last night, what a pleasant surprise!! Those of us who go this month will be right on time for Dominican Republics biggest holiday ! Independence day! Carnivals and parties everywhere...dancing and music will fill every corner and a parade every friend is a coordinator of these festivities and an artist, he makes the masks and designs many of the costumes, I will be posting his Carnival Facebook page and you can check out pictures of this years festivities so far... :) I also plan to post pics of the parade when I go!


that's the link I was talking about, if it doesn't work you can just search carnaval vegan

I just hit the 2 week mark!!! bought my massager,...

I just hit the 2 week mark!!! bought my massager, compression stockings, bath wipes, panty liners for the areas the garmet is cutting in, and a bunch of little things to throw in my bag...oh boy! I wanna take a look at my new belly already!!!! lol

11 days ladies! Hemoglobin levels at 12.6,...

11 days ladies! Hemoglobin levels at 12.6, vitamins on top of vitamins don't seem to budge that number...ugh, but I have to be at least a 12.5 for surgery so crossing my fingers! My massager came in and I got my breathing thing lol forgot what its called... I'm loaded with bath wipes, stockings,gauzes ,tape, and gloves, its good to have an RN friend that works at the VA lol.... Got a prescription for antibiotics and pain meds and almost done with my check list...ohhhh boy!!!

I just hit the " oh shit!" part of this journey.....

I just hit the " oh shit!" part of this journey...u know,the part where you start saying..." one week from right NOW, I'll be in surgery!" ;)

My beautiful R.S ladies..... ITS... ABOUT...TO GO....

My beautiful R.S ladies..... ITS... ABOUT...TO GO...DOWN!
feelings.. OH SHIT! lol that's all I can feel right now, that's all I can say, this is crazy! And I LOVE crazy :)

Hi ladies! I want to thank you for so much...

Hi ladies! I want to thank you for so much support, it was all of you that kept me sane and I learned so much from reading everyone's experience. I leave Monday morning, will arrive at 430 and heading off to the clinic,then the final part of my journey begins ...i will post as often as possible....i am getting teary eyed because I hate leaving my kids and especially grandson, my kids are bigger, but my 10 and 13 year old looove their mama so its tough to imagine more concerned for their safety then my own :( they keep assuring me they will be fine...ugh! I've packed all I could pack... Contacted doctors and schools and filled prescriptions and talked to family and covered everything over and its time!!! I just want to get away from this freezing weather! This weekend is chaos, and today was my last day of work... Next tasks, load the luggage in the car and wave time you see mama, Tina the talking belly will be gone! Yup, they named my damn stomach, that's when u KNOW its time lol toodles ladies xoxo

My beauties! On my way to NY ,said bye to the fam...

My beauties! On my way to NY ,said bye to the fam n my babies ( that was hard) tomorrow evening at this time I'll be in the hospital...wowww what a all my lovelies joining me this week and next, wish u a safe trip! To my surgery buddy who will be meeting up with me later,I'll be waiting for you!!! I will update you on the good,bad n ugly...hopefully no uglies lol smooches beautiful ladies :) xoxoxo

About to board, I'll check in with you divas once...

About to board, I'll check in with you divas once I get to the clinic. Xoxoxo

I have sooooooo much to tell you lol already!!!! I...

I have sooooooo much to tell you lol already!!!! I just ate and waiting for Dr.Robles, Raquel and Laura are the best lol had me lmao :) I will update you in a few! The Doc is coming!

Omg, Dr.Robles is freaking amazing, Laura is this...

Omg, Dr.Robles is freaking amazing, Laura is this adorable,young bouncy little thing and speaks great English, Raquel ( not the one you email Raquel median, this is another one) is super cute herself! They are bigger pregnant and toooo funny! The anesthesiologist speaks great English and told me I'm beautiful and going to look great ( I'll keep him around lol) and the girls at the desk speak not a NOTHING so prepare yourself lol, I'm at the clinic,had all my tests done, Dr. Robles spent a lot of time with me discussing procedures and risks...because I'm a smoker ( I'm so mad at myself right now) we had to discuss some options ...I'll be getting everything but the fat transfer :( she doesn't want me to have too much because of oxygen levels and she plans to be aggressive with Lipo which made me happy.... I'll tell you right now, this doctor CARES and you will meet her and know instantly. She threatened to search my bad for smokes and told me to hand them over lol, I DON'T HAVE ANY! Lol she's great... I'm going to lay down I'm exhausted, surgery is at 930 ( 830 est) feeling great about this guy's,she's amazon just by...oh! And Dr. Fatima Almonte and Dr. Robles share the same secretaries, facility, recovery house and even the same office which is the size of my bathroom lol today when I got there they were both in surgery together, I believe Fatima learns a lot from Robles, they are colleague's and both stunning... the clinic is modest but clean, no blood stained sheets like that one girl said, basic but nice,I'm impressed for being D.R. oh! The freaking EKG machine is like a dinosaur I was laughing,we have the little stickies and they have big ass suctions omg u will see! Laura asked me about Realself lol she's confused and keeps hearing about it...she's so funny, I tried to break it down... her and Raquel make u get butt naked and take a ton of pics, the three of us were cracking up, Raquel said she's sending it to playboy lol...I have some airport stuff you need to know, I'll update you later...Leo is super sweet but doesn't speak English so you might have a quiet ride, he's really nice, we talked some. Everyone here is sweet and kind,so far great experience...I'm a take a shower and relax :)

Ok divas, I'm at the recovery house with Virginia,...

Ok divas, I'm at the recovery house with Virginia, I made it to the flat side :) this is no joke! Be prepared muchachas lol it's soooo comfy at the RH but the clinic sucked cuz it's so boring n bed not so comfy after surgery, I woke up during surgery...kinda freaked me out but I felt nothing n dozed back off....I had to get two blood transfusions n was knocked out completely all day and night, took me 6 hours of surgery ugh... my hubby freaked out but it's over now THANK GOD .... I'll update again soon :)

Hi lovelies...just had an apt with Dr Robles and...

Hi lovelies...just had an apt with Dr Robles and seem myself in shock, omg what results!!!!! I'll be posting soon, I'm super swollen cuz just got my period ughhhh....not to mention I can't poop ...really? Sorry for the graphics but you need to know this is important, even tho I'm swollen I can see results n omg my freaking hips! Lol I love this doctor, I love me some Virginia!!! She is at your every call I swear, she is so gentle and cares so deeply, her English is excellent... If you meet her u will love her, I have one roomie, she's Dominican from new York n she is a doll, she's beautiful inside and out...RH gets an A ,Dr gets an impressed to the fullest, one thing, BRING EXTRA MONEY , I had to pay for two blood transfusions unexpectedly and some injections that I believe are similar to vitamin B 12 those are 35 for two... You will want to buy an extra faja n cream too... Dr. Robles texts Virginia through out the day to ask how her girls are doing...what doctor does that?!?! Ur in good hands girls :) I'll post in a little xoxo

Hi beauties! I'm just sitting here with Virginia...

Hi beauties! I'm just sitting here with Virginia and another girl... We just ate and now we are relaxing... Prop up your feet a lot and het ready for serious swelling! About my list...half the stuff you wont need... The most important are short nighties, DARK tank tops ( or beaters) and depends, NOT pull UPS, need to be the pamper ones... You don't really needs straws or funnels or anything like that...too hot for even a light robe but slippers you will want! There is WiFi here and google voice,so communication here is pretty decent once you pull yourself from your room, I was down a lot the first three days,unless you are planning on a period, panties are completely useless, support socks are great , I have downloaded Netflix so you can watch movies on the computer if you want, a tablet or laptop will save you trust me...a.c here is great and in all rooms and you all have private bathrooms which is nice... Know that there are several recovery houses, thank GOD I made my way to Virginias :) we laugh and mess around all day, my roomie is leaving Sunday and I'll be here till Monday but we r getting someone new tomorrow!!! Make sure you bring tip money, trust me, once you meet Virginia you will want to tip, ladies DONT forget to get wheelchair service on your return flight,you will need it :) hoping this swelling goes away soon!!!!

I just seen the Dr. And took pics of my

I just seen the Dr. And took pics of my this me???? I'm in tears...shes an angel...will post pic when I get to RH ..smooches xoxo

Day 6 , woke up to my breakfast and Virginia's...

Day 6 , woke up to my breakfast and Virginia's warm smile greeting me...I'm excited today because I'm leaving the RH to join my hubby in La Romana and I have missed him so much! I'll be in D.R until the 11th. Dr. Robles checked me and gave me a clean bill of health, she is extremely picky so if she says i'm good, then i'm GOOD! My internet connection will be slighlty limited in La Romana not to mention I will be with family and pretty entertained, they are dying for me to come and have my room fully equipped and thing ladies, is that in D.R you are catered to in a way that you never get in the states....a few things to let you know how they say bring money for massages? *if laura hasn't yet, she's complete bullshit and a way to get you to bring extra cash lol trust me I know what \i'm talking about, i'm not only a patient in D.R but I know how Dominicans roll LOL! AND I LOVE THEM!!! lol BUT...true's the deal, nobody gets a pass for a massage before 14 days, Dr. Robles told me herself yesterday. I once asked Laura if there were any hidden fees and she said NO, well....not exactly true will need to pay for blood transfusions, which 80% get, B12 shots, an extra faja, cremes, and if you wanna shit you even have to pay a dollar for the supository lol!!!! it's cool though...MUCH MUCH worth it, just wish they would prepare us better, every girl here, including myself, was a bit upset over that so come with around 600.00 extra...remember...ITS STILL WORTH IT, you can NOT pay for this level of care or a Dr. like Robles in the States...they got my 100% vote and I'm happy for all of you who will be taking this journey with me and wish you the best of luck, not that you will need much of it with Dr. robles.... I'll post more in a day or 2...smooches Queens xoxox

Gotta post this real quick before the electricity...

Gotta post this real quick before the electricity goes out again n it knocks off the WiFi, lol...perks of being In D.R.... I remember taking the famous blue pill lol kissing my hubby and father in law ...then being wheeled in the operating room...i tried looking for all the nasty stuff that " supposedly" was there ( from a bad review) n seen nothing out of the ordinary...HOWEVER! N here's the funny part if you have a sense of humor...i had three nurses in front of me, prepping I guess, was preparing fluids to shoot into my IV..and they were talking a mile a minute about how this lady Rosa should known that "he" was going to treat her that way because when "he was with that other girl........ N then it went dead, apparently I fell asleep sitting up listening to their gossip...lord have mercy! The next thing I remember is waking up 6 hours later hahahaha... If your looking for professional... Ya might not find it completely...its like everyone at the clinic are.a big family and they talk around you while checking you about God knows what...EVERYONE did it lol...night queens xoxoxo

Well, today is one week, how do I feel? Like shit...

Well, today is one week, how do I feel? Like shit :/ tummy tuck has little pain but the lipo is vicious, my back feels like glass that I keep shattering when I move... My feet are so swollen since the day of surgery... Now that I'm in la Romana the food is exceptional, RH food kinda sucked most the time, sometimes it was delicious but not often, but I think they are limited to salts ...not sure... So I'm having a big ole pity me day :( regrets? Nope lol just feeling yucky and crippled. Remember how I talked about the fear of missing my kids? Well, you don't have time to miss anyone really...its alllll about the states, you don't even get that. Tip of the day ladies...start searching your area for massage numbers and find one that can do tummy tuck massages, this is very important.... Took things for granted, like the ability to wipe your own butt lol thank God hubby is right here jumping for my every move and lucky he's not grossed out by draining my back or yes...even wiping my butt lol ...i promised you ladies id keep it real, and keep it real I shall ;) smooches Queens xoxo

I'm sitting outside watching the traffic go by, my...

I'm sitting outside watching the traffic go by, my hubby holding my hand next to me and he says " you look like you feel better this morning" I said, " I kinda do actually...this surgery isn't for a wuss, you gotta have tough skin " and he looks at me and says " baby,your the biggest wuss I know " then I pause for a know what? Your not lying lol ... Good Morning RS sisters...hope your all doing well :)

Apt at 5 with Dr Robles....trying to pass time,...

Apt at 5 with Dr Robles....trying to pass time, walking a little bit straighter then before, anyway...decided I might as well go bikini shopping ;) I see two that I want, black and one yellow...who woulda thought the worse part of my day was choosing bikini colors! Yesssss haven't worn a bikini in...uh....16 years?

Hi everyone, I'm back home! I stopped updating in...

Hi everyone, I'm back home! I stopped updating in D.R cause somehow my pics disappeared and constantly losing my WiFi was too frustrating ... I have soooo much to update but first I'm going to go through my inbox and try to answer questions... Also, I don't have a desk top, only tablet and phone and umm...i can't post my pics with that WTH, I'm a little irritated that they disappeared in the first place ugh...

Ok, I just came home after having my tummy...

Ok, I just came home after having my tummy tuck,fat transfer and lipo from Dr. Robles, I spent 6 days in Virginias recovery home and 8 days with family in La Romana. And for those of you who are new to this site,I'm going to give you some FACTS on what to expect. I am not only fresh out of surgery but I am Puerto Rican mixed with Caucasian and sometimes people don't know that I can understand everything your saying in Spanish and they make the mistake of speaking freely :) and THAT was a mistake for many in Dominican Republic...continue to read.....

The REAL deal... The first part of this experience...

The REAL deal... The first part of this experience sucks, unless you speak Spanish, then it sucks a little less but still sucks, IF you want this surgery, you will need to not only prepare your material things but your mind and IF you so happen to know someone that speaks Spanish it will be good for you to bring them along. Let me clarify a few things before I get too deep, Dr. Robles is an AMAZING, HUMBLE, BEAUTIFUL and INCREDIBLE Doctor, you ARE in safe hands with her and whether you are American, Oriental, Dominican, or ANY other "can" she CARES ;), Her assistant Laura is a snotty , sarcastic little thing who thinks shes too good, but she will bounce around and smile in your face (Laura if your reading this, sorry...but I came to speak FACTS to my R.S sisters) the best way to deal with Laura is smile back, give her the money and roll your eyes when she walks away as she most likely is rolling her eyes at you ;) moving on.... DON'T expect professionalism at the clinic, they suck, they talk shit and they are intimidates by you...lock your stuff before you go to sleep, yup, they got sticky fingers, welcome to Dominican Republic ladies!! the chest xray is fast, anestisiologist is very nice and fluent, the EKG guy is older, fluent inEnglish as well, and privacy, anyone will pop open your door and come in, if your lucky they will smile (I reported all of them so maybe it won't be too bad anymore) they are unprofessional and I can pick out 5 Walmart greeters that can and would provide better service, but suck it up...yup...suck it up ladies, or stay here in the States and come out looking like a box (told you this is the real deal)...why do I say that? because you only have to deal with these ignorant asses for a day, next day surgery, and day after recovery house (we will touch that later)... don't expect United States treatment at the clinic , LOCK your shit and take snacks cause you all but have to kiss ass to eat....before your flight takes off, eat well and pack extras.
After you give Laura your money ASK FOR A RECEIPT IMMEDIATLY, you will meet Dr. Robles, and you will start feeling better, FOCUS on that cause after your surgery you wont deal with that clinic anymore, just your doctor.
DAY OF SURGERY...relax, take your blue pill (did nothing for me personally) and get ready for your transformation, your in GREAT hands, in all things...PRAY! to whatever God you serve ;) ... AFTER surgery, it's gonna pretty much suck, no pain, LOTS of discomfort, some of you will vomit, but remember ladies, you didn't travel to D.R to have your eye brows plucked, this is some real shit and you will have to suck it up, in the end YOU WILL LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR RESULTS and have lots to bitch about im sure lol... it hurts...yup, you swell up, you change your mind 10 times (too late muchacha!) you want to go home and blah blah blah...but you wrote this check now man up! ;) YOU are there for a reason, just like me, we were miserable, some of us for YEARS, we were depressed, embarrased, we hid, we cried, we stayed home, we felt fat, or felt like a box, or whatever YOUR story is... so to make a drastic change comes with sacrafice, should you worry about your life? well, we all do BUT this Doctor worries more trust me, and she won't touch you with a knife unless she is 100% POSITIVE you will wake lets talk about this waking up thing and calm some of you down, YES, you MAY wake up...I did, the anestisia they use is SAFER but that is a side effect...when you wake up, IF you wake feel NOTHING, you may hear some talking, you are completely asleep yet slightly aware , you may see a yellow light and boom, back to sleep...all this lasts maybe 10 seconds, and your too out of it to get freaked out, relax! ;) You will meet Dr. Fatina Almonte, she may even be in surgery with you although you won't know...and she's awesome! Some do's....
DO lock all your things at all times and keep them locked.
DO make Laura give you a reciept
DO bring no less then 600.00 extra (i explained in previous post)
DO demand ALL your questions answered and if Laura tries some bullshit way to give you a half fast answer tell her to find the answer and give it to you.
DO remember, YOU are the paying customer, regardless of what country your in.
DO bring credit card and avoid carrying more then 300.00 unless your husband is with you.
DO go in there confident and be friendly but keep serious, let people know your not dumb (or in their eyes, a victim)
DO stick with Dr Robles staff, you are not in danger so relax :)
BEFORE you leave your room for surgery, place your call bell in the right location, the phone in arms reach, and when Dr. Robles comes in right before you go (or anyone fluent in English) make sure you tell them you would like these things in arms reach when you wake up (trust me on this one)
panic (no need to, you are safe...just be smart)
Don't let questions go unanswered, take a note pad and write them down starting now, each and every question needs answered, its your right.
Don't trust anyone at all except your Dr.
Don't bring panties if your getting a tummy tuck (no point)


At the Airport, I was held and told I would not be allowed to leave the Country without a note from my Dr. stating I was cleared to fly, I had to call and wait for a fax and pray I didn't miss my flight..ummm.. Laura, this is pretty important info doll...get on your game, thanks ;)

I'll get back to you on Recovery House and healing lol (my fingers are tired) but please please know that I would do this allll over with the SAME Doctor...she's great, you just HAVE to be aware, best way to keep in touch is to download the whatsAPP on your phone, Dr. Robles has this app and I do text her :) this is a very personal Doctor who has a close relationship to her can have your loved ones also download the app and keep in touch for free.

I'll post more later xoxoxox

After your surgery... You wont wake up ready to...

After your surgery... You wont wake up ready to run a marathon..Dr.Robles will check you out and replace your temporary faja with the faja you will be wearing for the next few weeks, if you notice its not a crotchless faja then nows your chance to request one, trust me on that... Your ready to go to the recovery house and in all fairness I can't speak on them all, just Virginias. And by far, according to everyone including Dr Fatima ..hers is the best, not all recovery house workers drain your back which is huge, Virginia does, most others are too lazy...shes the only English speaking worker too and she provides excellent care...brenda is a worker at Virginias recovery house who doesn't even smile half the time, Joanna is the cook and don't speak English but is very sweet...the food is not great but " ok" ,if you want ice cream or anything else you can ask Virginia and she will call for it, you will pay but price for food is minimal, you can trust Virginia to change ur money...make sure you come with depends,not pull ups!!! When going to Virginias, if you don't have she will send for some and you will have to pay, 250 pesos ( 5 dollars) she needs these for your back cause she drains...also, you will have to sleep at 45 degrees angle and Virginias house has the hospital bed which makes it comfy, she told me not all houses have them and have to work with pillows ( not fun) at Virginias they have google voice which is awesome cause you can call home whenever you want... WiFi and even English channels on the t.v...its cozy and we had fun talking and joking with was a nice time :) now...ive heard nightmare stories from girls at other houses :| I wont go into details on anything I didn't personally experience but you CAN request Virginias R.H BUT if Laura says yes, GET IT IN AN EMAIL CONF AND PRINT OUT AND BRING WITH YOU, remember, your not going in there quiet and " yes mamm'ing" this is serious business and the quieter and sweeter you are, the more you will get played... Please please please my darlings, if you heard nothing else I said...go in there with your chin up and confident! KNOW what you want BEFORE you go in there, have your questions answered and KNOW what's up BEFORE you walk in there, being prepared is key to this whole experience... I have lots of other details but this is the best breakdown I could give... Ask any questions, no question is stupid,this is a huge step for you, my intent was nit to scare you or steer you another way, just to prepare you and get you will not have regrets :) I'll post more pics as I go on, so far... I'm loving it :) toodles!

Dear drain, I'm tired of you and I would like to...

Dear drain,
I'm tired of you and I would like to file for a divorce, you've been in my life way too long, I can't wear pants because of you, people stare at me with sympathy when they see you, my grandson wants to pull at you and did catch you once which made me tear up in pain... You look gross, you always clog up, you don't make a nice accessory, you don't match when I wear black and red which are my favorite colors, you hurt sometimes, your messing up my sex life because you are not at ALL turning on my man ( thanks a lot!) I'm trying to seduce him into breaking doctors orders and he sees you and gets turned off! And I can't take a damn (real) shower until you leave my bout just getting what the hell you need outta me and keep it moving!!! :/


Depressed and frustrated in Pennsylvania

HELLO Bella's! I've been getting a lot of inbox...

HELLO Bella's! I've been getting a lot of inbox questions about back draining so I figured I'd take a moment to explain and put you mind to ease.... ONLY need your back drained if you have had lipo on your back, Not all Dr's do this procedure,but because Dr. Robles is a perfectionist and cares so deeply, she does this... Imagine getting fluid in your knee...and the fluid just keeps filling, without a release of those liquids it will get larger and become painful and hard to walk, our body is capable of absorbing these natural liquids but Dr. Robles has another plan :) she makes two very small and harmless holes in the way bottom of your back, twice a day or more if needed, the liquid fat buildup from the lipo can be grained by applying pressure and will be released from those holes, this does NOT hurt! Its a relief! And knowing this nastiness is leaving your body is a great feeling, your back will feel hard and numb and like shattered glass, lipo hurts more then the tummy tuck, but releasing these liquids will make your weight a lighter load to carry and you will soon welcome it, the holes close naturally, mine did in two weeks, no scars,I can't even find them...thanks Dr Robles for being a BOSS at this lol and for all that worry...dont! You are ok :)

Hello Stacey, You cannot imagine how I...

Hello Stacey,

You cannot imagine how I appreciate your email.

I'm so glad you let me know because as I am the coordinator of patients, Recovery house, transportation I will try my best to fix it. Now I understand why everybody wants to go to Virginia Recovery (lol). I cannot guarantee but Im trying that she received as much patients as possible. I think the past two weeks was out of our control because was too many patients, it wont happened anymore we will allow patients until we can handle, thanks god you and Jessica told me about the Hospital and we report it to the administration and when I talk with Dr. Robles she said that cannot happened and going to have private nurse just for our patients so they can take care of our patient and provided the best quality as possible.

The recovery House Im trying my best but as is not from us and they also took patients from others doctors I cannot control it. However we are training two nurses as doctor did with Virginia to drain, clean and check the drain in case they are in other recovery (I will try don't use any other recovery unless is compulsory)

For the following months we just go allow patients monday to Wednesday for surgery and monday and friday just for medical check up so patients don't have to wait.

I appreciate your intention because you let us know what happened and want to provided the better services possible.

Thanks a lot and i will pass your comment to Dr. Robles too!

Feel free to contact me! Also you can text me to 347 667 2704

Thank you,

Laura Castro
Customer Service Assistant/ Asistente de Servicio al Cliente

FINALLY got to 35cc and was able to take out my...

FINALLY got to 35cc and was able to take out my drain, so I prepared myself mentally, I already decided to do this on my own so I could control my own pain...i had everything set up next to me,cleaned area with alcohol and took in a deep deep breath as advised by Dr Robles, then I began to gently pull... And it hit me, this doesn't hurt at all! I exhaled and just continued to slowly pull...nothing, out it came, it was a bit nasty lol but it didn't hurt one bit! I cleaned the area with alcohol once more and put on a gauze and taped it up, I then grabbed a pair of pants to try on for the first time after 3 weeks ( today) I carefully chose and opted on a pair of dress pants I love for work, I would love/hate them because the button always cut in on my stomach and I would have to unbutton half way through the day cause it hurt so bad and left a mark, I also couldn't wear them on my hips cuz that certainly wasn't buttoning...i pulled them up slowly, telling myself I wasn't going to be discouraged and reminding myself that I am still swollen, I came too far to get depressed now, I was determined to let that depression on the island, I'm going to smile dammit! the pants went up and at my hip I buttoned, no sucking in, no sweat, no cussing, no effort at all, and what's more is I slid in my hand and wiggled it lol guess I won't be wearing these for long! :P SUCKS, it hurts, its uncomfortable but its sooo worth it! Hang in there! I haven't posted pics because I can't from my phone and when I search for the full website to post that way I'm getting nowhere, I'm back to work tomorrow and plan to post my pics! Soooo damn excited! ;)

Well, I tried the work thing, im 3 weeks PO and...

Well, I tried the work thing, im 3 weeks PO and although my schedule is outta wack and my back hurts, I feel pretty damn good. Not 100% straight but just about (which is why my back hurts)...and finally, new pics of the new me :)

I came home today and finally broke down and...

I came home today and finally broke down and stepped on my scale, I thought that maybe I lost 2-3 pounds,so many have told me that its not weight you lose,its mainly inches, and they were not lying because I lost inches for sure, but as an added bonus to the deal, I also lost 11 pounds :) I'm learning that this surgery isn't about losing weight or inches or even belly, its about being proud of yourself and accomplishing something that you never thought you could accomplish, its about taking charge of your life and not accepting what you can change because others think change is wrong
its about being brave and going for what YOU want instead of always trying to please everyone else, I learned a lot about my strength and determination and I'm finally loving myself ,not because I have a smaller waist ( although that does help lol) but because I'm happier now and I also see things I never noticed before,like I have a great smile and pretty cute toes hahaha, point is, a door will open for you, or rather a window, and you will see things about yourself that you never seen before, so those of you who are preparing to make this leap, whether a full makeover or just a simple lipo, make sure you are doing it for YOU and don't let anybody stop you :) xoxo Queens!!

Me: hunny...i feel like I'm crippled, its almost a...

Me: hunny...i feel like I'm crippled, its almost a month and I'm getting concerned...
Hubby: baby just give it time, your getting stronger...
Me: no, I feel like I need to call my doctor ,I should at LEAST be up straight with no effort! Ahhhh!
Hubby: don't call the doctor,just be patient baby...
Me: well, I'm not having sex until I can at least stand the hell up straight and feel better...
Hubby: I'll dial...whats the number...
Me: * thinking* suckaaaa hehehe

Hi at the whiny...this over it! Period of my journey, anyone with me?! :|

Let me start by saying, I AM a fan of Dr Robles .....

Let me start by saying, I AM a fan of Dr Robles ...i spent countless hours researching her work and her reputation, I have checked her out thoroughly and was so completely convinced that she was nothing short of angelic that the day I sat waiting and was handed my little blue pill, until the moment I was wheeled into the surgery room I never once broke a sweat or had a nervous bone in my body, what concerns me the most is what I've seen and heard since I've been home, what's interesting is that PRIOR to my surgery ( 1 month today) I could not for the life of me find a bad review on Dr Robles yet NOW, I've heard some horrific stories and seen some pretty bad pics.. So what happened? I started to document names, and times and situations and stories,yup,I really took a pen and paper and started to try to make a time line and make sense of all this, and I have made my own conclusion, be it right or wrong...its what I believe is happening and I post to see if anyone agrees because I could be wrong...
I've heard of several woman who woke up in surgery as I did yet they FELT the pain, a girl who begged to stop, another who couldn't finish, a young lady who woke up laying in her blood for hours,a young lady who's breasts were visibly uneven and has developed seroma,I, myself ,am a bit nervous at the shape of my right hip but trying not to fuss much until swelling goes down more, i had a peraonal friend who woke up at 3am and was so freaked out she BAILED in the middle od the night right back to the states! I've heard some nasty things, and I'm scratching my head...seems like the bulk of these issues happened right around income tax time...issues at recovery house and even with our dear Dr Robles... I was there just DAYS before the big rush of girls coming in and I can only conclude that Dr Robles was overbooked and over extended herself and made some poor choices and was probably exhausted ( she's human just like us) now, does this excuse her? Well,no... She has a responsibility to her patients to know her limitations, there should not be more then 2 surgeries in one day, recovery and aftercare needs addressed, her assistant needs an assistant because she lacks the ability to properly organize the flow of patients coming in, one person should be managing patients and one should be organizing schedules,one should be focused on assigning and booking recovery houses and after care counseling, we can't expect that one little stuck up assistant will be able to do it all herself ;) to anyone deciding on Dr Robles , make sure to insist that you be booked on a day where there is nobody else booked or just one other person...i personally think she was burnt out because all these issues started flowing in with the girls who came and had surgery in march ( and I believe this may carry into April) .... Be careful all, and to Dr Robles, I think your incredible, but wuusaahhh... You are starting to make mistakes!

Dear Stacey, Thank for let me know! I...

Dear Stacey,

Thank for let me know! I appreciate your comments and we are trying to resolve it.

So far the patient of the last week I think they are fine and satisfied because before surgery we are explaining everything. We wants patients but also they have to understand that things are not than USA but we are doing our best for provided better services without increase the cost. We was overbook on march not as they said 16 patients in a week because it is impossible, but we was overbook. Bellow Im copy the email I sent to new patients so they know more before coming. Please verify if is something missing: (I sent it because your previous email {happy face}) Will wait for your corrections or feedback about it!

We sent all patients to Virginia Recovery less one that stay in other recovery house for one day because virginia is full. Nurses are already trained in case we have to send to other recovery house and last night we use the nurse at the hospital just for our patients and hopefully will keep using.

Very important information that you should know before booked:

1. The quote provided is just for the patients if you bring someone else transportation, lodging is not included.

2. Surgeons use different anesthesia as United State. We use deep epidural with sedation(blue pill). Means that you won’t be on general anesthesia, you shouldn't feel nothing and should be sleeping., however if you wake up is totally normal and should back to sleep. We use it because is less risky than general anesthesia and it is not necessary for surgery on the body. It doesn't apply for surgeries on face.

3. Recovery House can vary depending on the availability . As plan B We have nurse trainer to send to others recovery house when patients are not in Virginia Recovery House.

4. I need you to confirm two (2) days prior to surgery that everything is as planned so I can send the diver to the airport, also remember to text me when you are at the airport at 347 667 2704.

5. Here in the Dominican Republic a company offer an insurances for plastic surgeries that cover all risk and complication for one months up to 15,000 thousand dollars. It can be use in united Stated or Dominican Republic. Cost for such insurance is US$150.00 dollars.

6. If you are planning or having liposuction on your back please remember to bring adult diapers or you can purchase them here too.

7. After surgery you may need iron shots ($17us) or Blood transfusion ($100us) these expenses are not included in the package price.

8. I'm a coordinator and help the patients before surgery (text, email and phone call), welcome the patients on arriving day, after it will be after surgery where I help patients again by (text, email and phone call).

For any other expenses mentioned before that are not covered in the package price. I suggest you to bring an additional US$250-300us dollars! See book attached!

Always feel free to contact me and ask everything remember for me it is pleasure responding all of them!

Have a nice Day!

Feel free to contact me! Also you can text me to 347 667 2704

Thank you,

Laura Castro
Customer Service Assistant/ Asistente

Ok... I want you ALL to know that when I came on...

Ok... I want you ALL to know that when I came on here and started blogging my experience, I did so BECAUSE it was this very site, and all you amazing woman are the reason I made the decision I made and I have no regrets, however, I did experience some things that I have never read about on here before and I thought it was only fair to share the good AND the bad, I mean, it's not like we are going to have our nails done, this is serious shit ladies! and decisions like this should be made knowing ALL the facts and i'm a no bullshit type of person so I'm not going to paint butterflies and rainbows for you, I'm here to give you the REAL, with that being said, and as I have stated over and over...I AM STILL A FAN OF DR ROBLES, SHE IS AN AMAZING AND GENTLE DOCTOR AND THE BEST AT WHAT SHE DOES..... that was MY experience with her but NOT everyone's. The clinic sucked! Laura is snotty and everything is out dated, if you want professionalism with a smile and the newest medical technology...KEEP UR BUTT IN THE STATES!!! that simple, you are walking into a whole other world so suck it up OR stay home...with THAT being said... ANY COUNTRY should offer some basics... a friendly and compassionate hospital staff, a very detailed list of the do's and don'ts, things to expect, extra money to be in hand for costs not included, proper after care instructions and at least ONE person in the recovery house that can help incase of an emergency with your non spanish speaking patients (this should be a requirement considering the number of out of Country patients that are paying for these services) and most importantly, a list of possible risks of the anesthisia used since it IS very different from the states. Regardless of Country, A Doctor is someone you should feel comfortable with your life and the burden lies on the doctor and staff to provide that comfort. Now, as you have read... I had a pretty good experience overall and am happy with my results that are changing almost daily, I have my good and my bad days but I am happy at the end of the night, UNFORTUNATELY thats NOT everyone's story, and we should not dismiss those stories, those ladies are here sharing their stories to help us so we should take the time to read and understand. I have had emails from ladies who are too embarrased to openly share and I am very upset for them but they want me to share and that's what I did. I am in contact with Laura and have been just as honest with her as to what people are saying and feeling because it's only fair that they have an opportunity to fix it and defend themselves, THAT'S why i post the emails, to let you see that they ARE working on it... I'm not trying to scare anybody or steer anybody, i'm just informing as I would want to be informed, at the end of the day, I want the best for everyone, so please, don't kill the messenger, if you want a fake review, go to another page ;)

Oh my....tomorrow will be 5 weeks, boy what a...

Oh my....tomorrow will be 5 weeks, boy what a difference from just a week ago when I wondered if I would ever be normal again... I posted some pics of me from last night and not only did I shock myself but my friends and family are dropping jaws at my transformation...My back is still numb, I still get sore and feel like an old lady when I wake up in the morning, my new annoying symptom is the horrible itching, I now know what a dog feels like when they have fleas...HOLY CRAP!! other then that...things are great and the worse is OVA!!!! ;)

Heading on 6 weeks PO and trust me, it seems like...

heading on 6 weeks PO and trust me, it seems like just yesterday I was planning my trip.... sometimes I wonder how I even got here, to where I am now...The surgery was nothing big, the recovery sometimes felt like an eternity, but to best describe it, You know how you spend 9 months being pregnant and excited? then you reach the pain part of you your pregnancy and your just like UGH, IM OVER IT! then comes the excitment on that big day...then comes the hell labor!!!! and you know how you push your baby out and the pain kinda instantly goes away and becomes rewarding the minute you see those precious fingers and toes? well, I feel it's much like that...the waiting fills you with anxiety...then it's PAIN time (recovery) but then you have this magical day when you wake up and stand straight...go to work, and heads are turning EVERYWHERE! and your cam, I saw, I conquered! and it feels sooooooooo damn good, I posted a pic to show you that day, just 2 days ago, when I had that feeling...I mean...REALLY had that feeling! :)))

Beautiful Ladies!!

It's been a few months, thought I'd throw up a picture for now and fill you in with details later...loving my new me and still working on it, but boy has the last 5 months been a transition! lol xoxo till later....

It's almost been a YEAR!

Hi ladies, I haven't been on here much but I did want to update you on my (Almost year) mark. I'm feeling fantastic and am about to get a breast reduction (here in the states and paid by my insurance!) but I'll share this with you...
THIS IS NOT AN EASY SURGERY..research a LOT, make sure you are committed to this for the long run, take notes, don't rush and prepare for a painful recovery and mixed feelings throughout the recovery. I went up and down and had days where I regretted it so much! I am HAPPY with my results but it's because my expectations were not to look like a Barbie doll, I had to love ME before to enjoy the ME after, after a while you will adjust to your new body and that's where you go back to being unhappy and want something more that's why it's important to NOT go into this to try and fix issues you are having about yourself..yes, it's a great self esteem boost but once the newness is over you can easily fall in a trap where your back to that same depressing mindset about how you look (I've seen this happen). I am having a breast reduction because I have horrid back pains but if it wasn't for that I'd keep my "girls" ;) Dr. robles was right for ME..I encourage you to find what's right for YOU..also, finding a surgery bussy is a good idea, someone you can talk to while you are waiting the process out because your family and friends will grow tired of you talking about it lol mine did for sure! You get to a point where it's all you want to talk about and that's ok! :) also, a surgery buddy will be great to remind you of important things, be there with you as you are there for her as a support after the surgery...I had a great surgery buddy that turned into a friend and I recommend for everyone to do this if you can! ONE MORE THING (Important) If you are counting on that income tax refund to pay for your surgery KNOW that you are not alone! I was in D.R for my surgery right around tax time and it was a nightmare! the recovery houses were jam packed and (In my opinion) the girls were getting a quick service (kinda like..on to the next....) I was lucky to be the only one scheduled for surgery that day so I had all the time and attention on me (6 hours worth!) but by the time I left it was a book your surgery early to mid Feb or end of May to get out of the "income tax rush" Good luck to you all and remember are beautiful NOW..hear it, feel it, believe it :)

My MAIN baby..

In previous posts I talked about my boyfriend...Shared some stories and had some laughs...I did this because he was such a HUGE part of my recovery, his love and support made this experience tolerable. He truly did the dirty work and cleaned the NASTIES while never making me feel bad once :) He stayed up at night, fixed my pillow, massaged my feet, fought with me to eat, forced me to take my meds, gave up sex for a long time! LOL he bathed me and held my hand through it all... I'm so in love with my sweet Dominican...we are headed on 5 years and a special surprise (i'll post an update!) oh by the way..NOT A BABY SURPRISE! lol toodles lovelies xoxox


Hello ladies... packing is an important part of this don't want to overpack but you want to have what you need.I packed a bunch of stuff I never used or needed so if I was to do it all over..THIS is what I would take..

1. 2 bags of depends... NOT PULL UPS and don't worry about brand name its pointless..these depends get cut in half and taped to your backside.
2. Disposable gloves. ..surgical tape (pick a good kind that won't hurt peeling off!) Gauze... virginia actually ran out and had to "borrow" from someone else..first of all... I doubt she asked permission so yea..take your own but make it clear its not to be used on anyone else!
3. Neosporin! DON'T BE A SUCKER... they will try to talk you into some fancy creme from their pharmacy that they say u must use..that's a lie..neosporin worked Wayyy better n was familiar to me.
4. Leave pants at home..Don't even bother!
5. 5 easy slip over nighties loose!
6. 4 summer dresses to wear to appointments
7. Panties are pointless unless ur getting your period...if you are anywhere near getting your period pack pads and 3 pairs of panties...I think I used two pair (the rest were stolen lol)
8. Slippers! No furry ones... and they must be comfy n loose..your feet will swell like crazy!!
9. My blanket saved my life I swear on it! I have a throw blanket..very cozy n soft n it helped me on the the hospital. .at the recovery house n on my way home... with the a.c there were moments I was cold..especially at the clinic after surgery... im telling blanket saved me n never left me!

there's more....

For some reason I couldn't keep typing so here's more to that list...
10. Take favorite snacks! U will be glad u did.
11. Download "what's app" to your phone before u leave to stay in touch with family
12. Magazines or favorite book
13. Here's a BIG one.... you know those tank tops men wear? Some people call them "wife beaters"? Lol..hey..thats what they call them need 5-7of those will wear them every single day..
13. Forget your bras ladies lol u won't even see it while you r there..
14. Bar of soap..shampoo and conditioner n thats it! Dont overdo im telling u..u won't use anything else
15. Lotion..toothpaste etc...
16. Oh... use dial soap..
17. Leave make up... hair straightener n blow dryer at home...waste
18. Take flip flops!
19. Lots of baby wipes! Well..I took two boxes n had plenty left...
20. Take a bag...I bought one from old navy that was my friend... I stuffed my blanket..snacks my personals n carried it with me downstairs from my room every morning..once u walk down u DEF dont wanna walk back up or send anyone to root thru ur things...also kept a water bottle with me

Thats it! Thats all I used.. the massagers n tunnels...n straws...n all that other crap I posted went unused...
hope that helps! Xoxox
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Lots and lots of research, countless hours reviewing pictures and listening to stories led me to Dr. Wilkaris Robles

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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