September 2 2016 breast reduction with lift

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I have got quote s from cabral,yily ,robles,lima,...

I have got quote s from cabral,yily ,robles,lima, medina,never got one from Duran because I didnt have time for surgI coordinator I requested quote and filled out questionaire 6 months later still no quote and after numerous whats app messages I just didnt have time for that. Yily was my first choice but then I wanted cabral but I love his work but I decided to stick with yily.

I will be getting a bbl,tummytuck,liposculpture and breast lift. I am 29 and I have a one kid. I never had a big ass I never had a ass at all but I had perky boobs super flat stomach tiny waist I had a nice body just no hips or ass. I had a nice body after I had a baby but then the years passed and I gained weight but in all the wrong places all the fat went to the top half of my body and the bottom half stayed small. I am very un happy with my body im embarrassed and even tho im in a relationship with my man and I have been with him for 11 years I hate having sex with the lights on or taking showers with him I feel the need to always wear lose fitting clothes to cover my body. My breast are a 36ddd my ass is small and flat and abig stomach people have asked if I was expecting . I dont have my measurements but I will upload pics and have my measurement for you guys soon.

I am having my surgery In January of 2017 because I just had a surgery in January if this year and im still recovering from that. I had ugly feet and I had bunions and I got them removed but I had other problems with my feet as well so those problems were fixed as well.I wanted to wait a year and let my feet heal before I got my mommy make over.

Im going to stay at sorayas relax recovery house because she only takes four patients and she has hospital bed but I thought about staying at healing haven Im undecided but immore than likely going to stay at sorayas.

September 2nd here I come !!!!!!

OK so a lot has changed in since may . I will not be getting my breast done in the DR I'm getting them done here and my breast sx date is set for September 2nd 2016 I get my labs done august 16 2016 which is the day before my birthday. I am happy I am able to get to get my boobs done here in my hometown Pittsburgh pa my Dr is Michael j white he is super cool he's nice and he knows his stuff he has 32 years of experience. I'm glad I don't have to go out of town for this surgery and I can recover in the privacy of my own home so I my boyfriend will take care of me and my mom lives up street so she will check on me too. My breast are a DDD and the left is bigger than the right they are heavy my back hurts sometimes and I get black heads under them and stuff like that. I am not happy they are big and ugly to me my areolas are huge!. So I am getting a reduction with lift I am going down to a c cup I want to be able to wear dresses and bras with no shirt. Im not sure if I'm still going to yilly or fisher now but Im still going to get bbl in January. But I'm getting my breast done here because I really don't like the breast work in DR I feel they are great at bbl tummyruck and sculpting but breast work is hit or miss. I don't want any extra rounds I want everything done right. I promise to post pics soon.

I love my new boobies

So today i am 11 days post op. I had my post op appt yesterday with Dr. Micheal white here in pittsburgh pa. He is very nice and his staff is nice too. I no longer need my pain meds but i am a little sore but its not that bad.dr. whitw removed two pounds of fat from each breast.they look nice and perky i feel lighter already. I take allergy pills because of itching. I got my stiches removed yestetday some were disolveable. I go back next week for another appointment because i was prescribed antibiotics i have some redness and swelling on my left breast but other than that everything is fine. Will update pics soon .i also went to bank and paod on full Dr. Fisher has a end of summer special for 5300 12 areas of lipo a garmet and 2 massages. So i paid in full im super excited when i feel up to it i will buy supplies. Margaret eas so nice and helpful. I will upload pics soon im having a hard time for some reason. My sx date with Dr fisher is in january.

Pics I promised

The pictures I promised from my breast reduction.

More pics

Heres more pics that didnt upload for some reason. I had dissovable stiches and regular stitches around the nipple but the tape and stitches got removed on 9/13/16 and i had another post op appt on i think 9/23 but my next appt is not until end of october.

Dr Fisher @Vanity 01/30/2017

So my sx date for my bbl and full body lipo with Dr Fisher is on 01/30/2017 Im excited and my coordinator Margaret is so sweet. I paid in full and my fiance will be coming with me my mom will have our daughter she is 8 and she will also be looking after our chihuahua named princess. We are not sure where we will be staying we are still undecided but we will figure it out soon.

Paid in full

How do I change my Doctoron the Review?????

I edited my review but I am trying to change my doctor it's still saying Dra. Yily but my doctor is Dr. Fisher at Vanity in Miami and I got my breast done by Dr. Micheal White here in Pittsburgh Pa. but if anyone knows how to change the Doctor please let me know because It will not let me change it.

Had to edit out my personel info and repost .

Flight Booked

My flight is booked I'm sooooo happy my surgery is January 30 2017 my man and I are flying to Miami on January 29 2017. This is really happening I'm so happy.

Loving these boobies

I tried posting yesterday and got side tracked and the review didnt get posted so Im posting today. Well I had another follow up appt and it went very well Dr. White took a look at them I still have bruising and swelling and a little bleeding on my left breast in one little spot it keeps opening it is not painful just annoying because it bleeds o he opened the sore somewhat to look for a stitch and there was no stitch so he just said to keep it clean a little neosporin and it will be fine I dont go back for another follow up with Dr White until january 17 2017. I did end up losing skin around my areola it was pink but he prescribed me silvedene cream and it healed and the skin grew back in a few weeks just not as dark as the right areola. it just looked like I got burned I was sad and cried but it did heal though


My boobs feel better everyday yes I still wear my surgical bra but I dont have to I just do its just comfortable to me. I dont have to be seen by Dr. White until JJanuar 2017 before I leave for my bbl in Miami with Dr.Fisher. well I didnt lose my nioples or anything but I di lose some pigmentation in my areolas because I lost skin when I got the tape removed and I was treated with silvedene cream. But thats a easy fix there is a permanent tattoo make up studio where I live and I calleed spoke with the woman named Tanya and I sent her pictures of my breast she said she would have to do both areolas she will do them for $450 not bad at all she is really good she does 3d nipple and areola pigmentation and she does permanent make up eyeliner lip liner etc she does permanent eyebrows also but dr white says in 1 year I can get them tattooed.

Still healing

Still healing ladies and I cant wait to fully heal so I can see my final results Im still swollen and I am still using my bio oil daily and I cant wait to get my areolas tatooed and if my line isnt faded that will be tattooed also my friend got a reduction and lift and she got a nice tattoo on her breast when she got the ok from her doctor. But I am super excited my bbl with dr fisher in Miami at Eres cosmetics formally known as Vanity cosmetics is coming up I am one month away so I feel alot better and im much happier now that my breast are smaller lifted I dont feel like I cant breathe I dont feel disgusting or sloppy anymore I am very happy I can honestly say that my breast reduction has made me a happier peraon I am smilling more and next month I will have a nice butt and flatter stomach to go with my beautiful breast and gorgeous face.

I did start a seperate review for my bbl journey but I will post pictures of my breast and body once my surgery is completed in miami and again when breast are healing.
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Micheal white in pgh pa is wonderful hes nice hes knows his stuff has wonderful bedside manner his staff is great. I am very pleased If you are planning to get breast work in Pittsburgh I highly recommend Dr. White!. Margaret at Vanity is nice and she answered all of my questions and concerns im excited to get bbl from Dr. Fisher.

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