Breast Augmentation and TT with Lipo on waist and lower back is the plan for July '15 - Dominican Republic

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Hello ladies, After much research and talking to...

Hello ladies,

After much research and talking to 5 different doctors here in NY, FL and in DR, I have chosen to get a tummy tuck and breast augmentation with Dra. Yvelise Bello Paredes. I am very impressed with her work, all the women were of different sizes and are left like barbies... Whoa! I like where the Doc. marks the TT scar is placed below the belly button and a thin scar line. Docs in the States leave their patients all square shaped and with very high scar line and if they are really good at the TT they are gonna charge crazy amount $$$!! I also like her breast augmentations work. I am impressed with Dra. Bello work and very confident she will give me the best results possible.

I booked my ticket yesterday, so its official!!!! Dra. Bello was very pleasant to talk to. She calmed my nerves and assured me that as along as I follow her instructions everything will be fine. Also she told me that I won't be alone during this process and that I will be in the best care post op. --everything will be fine! I will be traveling alone and will be in a recovery house (i haven't to decide which one yet) for 9nights and 10days. My advantage is that I speak spanish (i am Dominican) and that my mother will fly down to meet me with my kids a week after my surgery and pick me up when I am done at the recovery house. Initially i was willing to go completely alone and only staying for the recovery days, but my mother was panicking that the time is too short.. what if something happens.. all valid concerns and we ended up with a huge summer trip. It is the best decision because I am actually staying there till July 30th at my mothers summer house giving me plenty of time to recover and able to see the Doc after my recovery time. I didn't want to come back to NY and then have complications. It's 4 months away and I want to share my journey so it might help others who might have doubts about traveling outside the United States. I am a nervous wreck, I have not traveled to DR since I was 14 yrs old so I am oblivious, except for what my mother and grandparents tell me whats going in with country. So technically i am pretty much a tourist, that is sad. Hopefully after my new body I can travel more.

I am 27 yrs old, I weigh 123lbs and I am 5"3. I am married and have two kids who really tore my body up :( As of June 2014 I finally decided that the summer of 2015, is my year! I have been working out and lifting weights 4x a week since June '14 and my body is changing/molding beautifully. I dropped from 131lbs to 123 lbs. it doesn't sound like a lot based on 6 months but I have managed to turn fat into muscle and I am very happy. My legs, bum, thighs, arms, back and chest are toning up. My waist was 32 inches and I have dropped down to 29inches!!! I'm still in shock???? with my results. I can feel my abs getting hard and flat, but you can't see them because of the excess skin that's hanging around, ugh. I wonder if they will show afterwards?

My problems:
My stomach stretch marks literally look like a road map..traveling to my bum..sigh.. And i have excess skin that gets in the way of my life! Lol, i haven't seen my belly button since my second pregnancy, that was 6yrs ago... Excess skin flaps over it, ugh. My boobs... Oh boy, they look traumatized.. I actually feel bad for the mistreatment my pregnancies and lifting weights have done to my boobs. I was a full and perky C/D cup and now I am a flat A/B cup :( they are so empty, I am sure the breast augmentation should fill them up nicely.

What do I want:

I don't have unrealistic demands or ideas. I know I will have a long scar and most of the existing stretch marks ( I don't really care, proof of my motherhood) from the TT it's better than what I have know. I don't even have an idol I want to look like, so I will pick a mermaid, lol! I just want to be the best me, I can be.. I am addicted to the gym and I am on the journey to have a fit body (not skinny). I want silicone D cups and have the best TT my skin will allow and to have an actually belly button!.. Hopefully i can lose 3 or 4 inches off my waist to be a size 26. Woop woop!

I have waited since 2012 to get this
surgery done. Many personal obstacles arose, like paying my college tuition or unexpected emergency costs have delayed my surgery but I think it was for the best, as of now i am the most fit i have ever been and with my surgery it will just enhance it! YaY!

Please excuse any type-os or grammar errors, I am writing this fast from my phone.

I will post pictures as soon as I get the courage... No seriously I will post pictures soon.

I cant stop thinking and dreaming about my trip this July! I'm getting that nervous feeling again just thinking about it but it is a good nervousness.

I haven't spilled the beans to many people about my surgery because I just don't want to hear the negative comments especially from people who don't know me that well. I need positive energy! My husband , my mother and kids support me 100% and that is all that matters to me. I feel here I can vent about my feelings and experience with others who know how I feel like and want to learn about my journey.

I will try to write as detailed and often as possible.

Before pic of belly

Finally had the courage to post my pre pics and for some strange reason all my pics are loading upside down... Great!

30 days left!

After a year of working my ass off at the gym, no regrets is my final conclusion. I'm happy I never gave up the gym or cut myself short of any workout. I feel great and have the energy of a 10yr and I can keep up with my children :)

The latest

Was caught up with school but that over and now i can day dream more often!
I have finally decided that I want 550 CC silicone gel implant, if all goes well and they fit. Im sure they will fit. I have boob greed!!

EKG, Blood and Urine work was normal except hemo was a 10.8, but that was a month ago and i was on my period when the blood work was done. Doc need it to be at least 12.3. I have been taking Hemaplex iron supplement for 3 weeks now, it supposed to bring my iron level up by 3 points at the end of 30 days. So im ahead by a few weeks.
Besides that i drink my regular multivitamins, biotin, B12, now folic acid and regular iron with vitamin C on an empty stomach at bedtime and when I wake up. Ill start taking the stool softener 5days before surgery because i have read with other women's experience, all the antibiotics and meds after surgery causes bad constipation and some dont have a bowl movement for a week, yikes!

Final count down!

Recovery house

I decided that I want to stay for my recovery at Healing Haven DR, they are very informative about pre and post surgery care on their FB account, post pics of the place, daily meals and other amenities so its apparent that they go far beyond standard care . They have raved reviews about how fabulous they are cared for after surgery and how wonderful and patient the staff is. Owner speaks fluent english which is a plus.
Of course I am nervous more of the recovery process instead of surgery but i feel at ease that i am going somewhere, where i feel welcomed. Hope I am not wrong or have a bad experience.

Recovery house stay is included in the price.

18 days left of this saggy body

I finally got the courage to post more pictures. There it is, pancake titties and a saggy belly. My stomach was much worse, after 1 yr dedication to the gym, my tummy is not projecting outwards any more and i can feel my six pack but its under all the skin, my husband is very proud of me. Only thing sagging is the excess skin. It has gotten stuck in my zipper, horrible shopping, shirts fit but makes me look awkward because i have like 3 rolls generated from the tight shirt, I just dont know where to put all the skin at. Its just in my way!!! Doc said she might do lipo, i really don't think so though because there isn't much fat but a lot of skin. I guess we will both find out on my actual consultation. The doc i went to in NYC, did an evaluation and he said i def need muscle repair and that should be enough to bring in my waist.

Flat pancake boobs lost absolutely all of its volume. I did have more volume but weight training has sizzled them down to pancakes. Remember boobs are practically all fat so with weight loss equals some cleavage loss. I have read about women saying they have lost all their breast Muscle, I'm like muscle?? You mean fat, the only way to lose muscle is to be starving and that your body has already consumed all of your stored fat and your body's last chance for survival is to attack the muscle. Anyways... The doc here NYC, didnt recommend a lift, he said with a nice size implant 500-550cc i should get the lift and fullness i desire. Yay!!! Dra.Bello never suggested a breast lift so I am assuming based on my pictures that she came up with the same conclusion, breast lift not needed. I don't want to anyways!

I'm super anxious and excited. I think i am gonna either panic when I'm at the airport or go into a numb-shock state. I hope i go numb instead... Lol

5 days till I jet outta here

Lately all I am having is increase emotions that are as follows:

Happy- excited- anxious - excited- anxious- nervous- excited- worried- happy etc. This roller coaster is driving me nuts.

My husband has forbid me to get back on the site till I am in DR. The negative stuff is getting to me and he wants to me to be all positive.

I have had communication issues with Dra. Bello, which is very very fustrating. She didn't reserve my stay with the right recovery house which I only found out because I contacted the owner Healing Haven DR. She didn't even have me scheduled in her calender. That really pissed me off because the doc confirmed the recovery house. I would have gone to DR completely blind sided by this. What a stressful moment. Ladies please make sure that if you take a package deal, everything is as follows and call everyone. I decided to break off the package and pay on my own terms with the recovery house. Also she isn't diligent about answering my questions. And she had my surgery balance wrong, which just infuriated me. So yeah my surgeon has pissed me off. Doesn't she have an secretary and accountant to do that? By her responses it seems like she is doing all the work alone and its affecting her customer service.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jules, owner of Healing Haven DR recovery house here in NY. It was destiny, I am glad she had occupancy for me. She made me feel soo much better about my trip. She informed me of almost everything I need to know for traveling. She gave me a list of supplies I needed which are the same as everyone else's. She also reminded me that I have no obligation to stick to a Doc if I don't feel comfortable. It's just great to know someone has you interest at heart. She is great! Oh and she is one hot grandma!

Just counting the days.. Glad my flight is early so I can get there by 2pm.

Here I go!

I am here at JFK airport, just waiting to board in about an hour. I am very excited and my emotions are pretty numb at this point. Eveything is set for my arrival. I will give a detailed update of how my consultation went. Crossing my fingers!

On the flatside with mountains.

Cant write much yet, still feel loopy. Will do so when i feel better. I havent seen myaelf naked yet but there is a huge difference! Im happu thus fAr.

I am finally back in the states, will update soon

1st Pic - is 2 weeks post op
2nd- 3weeks post op

I got 525 CC, high profile textured
gel silicone implants. Happy thus far

Full tummy tuck with Lipo on my waist and my flanks(love handles) i did not get agressive liposuction, she didn't have much to work with but she did my lower back so that my natural butt will pop out more :)

I am still swollen all around which is normal sore discomfort aches. My incisions are healing nicely and its just a waiting game now. I am wearing the 2nd stage faja (compression griddle) - i want to burn it, it is very tight but it helps with abdominal support and minimizes swelling.

My husband is giving me light massages on my back and waist, definitely helped with swelling and stiffness aches.

Soon enough i will post details of my experience in the Dom Rep.

1 month post op

Up until this time I was very swollen and puffy. I had much stiffness and discomfort but I was never in pain. I have a bump over my belly button I hope its not a seroma. I think it is just uneven swelling. Any questions I have had for Dra.Bello have been answered via communication thru Whatsapp. No, I haven't had a professional massage yet but husband has been with arnica gel. It helped with the stiffness.

No infections, adnormal swelling or redness, discharge, open incisions.. Nada... I am in the clear.

I still had scabs on my nipple incisions. Again I know I am a slower healer so I need more time. I never messed with my incisions and I clean them with alcohol every 2 days and with a fresh guaze each time.

On my 2nd stage faja(compression garmet) it is really tight and I am only on the 1st set of latches! I pretty much have it on 24/7, yes I sleep in it thanks to advilPM. I have read othe Docs have different comments on the CG. My Doc said 3 months.... Obviously I can take small breaks but I should wear it more often than not. Helps with putting pressure on the swelling and body shaping. I had a tummy tuck with lipo so I understand my swelling is gonna be a longer trip. I am gaining sensation back on my stomach and its always tingling, like when your arm or leg falls asleep. My flanks are still numb and swollen. My boobies are achy at times but it subsides quickly.

Just taking it easy.

7 weeks post op


7 weeks later!!

So just when I thought the swelling was never going down, it went down drastically in week 6. I have been drinking fresh cut Ginger tea with cinnamon and lemon around the clock all week. I am sure that helped with the swelling. I also purchased the ab board off amazon for $20 and that has helped with the bump on my upper abdominal area. I really wished I had this weeks ago!! The CG can not creas so the board has helped tremoundously. I have finally booked my first massage that has a combo of Infrared Cavitation, Carboxytherapy, and
Lymphatic drainage massage for this Wednesday. I will find out what they are exactly when I get there. It is out in Brooklyn and it is called Casa De Munecas (house of dolls), it has rave reviews, $80 a session.

More scabs fell off my nipples, happy about that. TT incisons are healing nicely, can't wait to start scar therapy. I am not as stiff as before. I am more mobile than ever before but still a slow walker. I dont know how people can start working after 2 weeks post op.
I have notice that the hard spots on my waist were the lipo incisons are softer than last week.

So far I happy with the Docs work :)

I am also on the 2nd row of latches on the CG.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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