New Body 2014 W/ Dr. Australia Baez - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am extremely excited to get my new body in...

I am extremely excited to get my new body in February! The best part is the support that my closest friends and the love of my life is showing me. My family is not too supportive because cosmetic surgery is foreign to them, but I think I'll expose them to a whole new world. Anyway, I'm scheduled to get a tummy tuck, lipo, and fat transfer to buttocks. I'm a little skeptical about getting a tummy tuck because I want to have another child in a few years. In the meantime, I want a great body. Has anyone had any experience with having children after a tummy tuck?


Can't wait until February 2014. I want to feel sexy again.

Losing Weight

Have to lose about 20 pounds before surgery. I still have a few months to go. Losing weight has become such a challenge, especially since I'm craving EVERYTHING now that I am trying to lose the weight. Wish I was one of those people that can eat and never gain weight.

Change of Plans

I'd like to change my plans a bit. I still want lipo to back, flanks, arms, and inner thighs. I also still want fat transfer to buttocks. Only thing I want to change is getting a tummy tuck and just get aggressive lipo to my stomach instead. I want another baby and I don't want to have to get a tummy tuck twice. I know I'll have extra skin but I can deal with that and come back for a tummy tuck after I get my tubes tied and finish having children. Also, I'm concerned that the recovery is gonna be hard since you can't sit on your butt too long after bbl and then I can't lay on my stomach either after tummy tuck.

Not getting a tummy tuck

So I emailed Dr. Baez my concerns, and she was very understandable. She didn't try to talk me into doing it and was very supportive of my decision. I've decided to get everything done except the tummy tuck. I'll get aggressive lipo and go back for a tuck after I have another child or two. I'm just gonna have to deal with the extra skin until I finish having babies.

Didnt have surgery

So just an overdue update, i didnt go have surgery because a friend of mine went to Baez and got an infection and was hospitalized. I have decided that going out of the country was too risky. I have now began my journey to have a gastric sleeve done, and plan to schedule surgery in late September or early October
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