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I have decided to write a second review because I...

I have decided to write a second review because I can't change the doctor on my original review and want to make sure, the Dolls are clear alon who is my surgeon.

Just to recap a bit on my journey to plastic surgery I started researching and saving almost two years ago, it has been quite a emotional roller coaster ride! I have had plenty of bumps along the journey the biggest one was having to use all the money I saved to move across country and I will admit it was absolutely heart breaking, I gave up for a while and moved on with life. But I just happen to wake up one day sign unto my real self account read my own review and took a desicion right that moment I even saved a date on my calendar of March 2015. To be honest I did know how I will do it, but one thing I knew was that this time it was going to happen!!!!

Today I am one week away from flying to Dominican Republic and with God everything Will according to plan or close to my plan. I can't express how thankful I am to God of bringing this far??

So I have research many doctors got a whole lot of quotes even sent a deposit to one Doctor and lost that money, but I finally made my up my mind and my heart is set on Dr. Julio Molina in santo Domingo. He quoted me at $6500 and requires a $1000 deposit I am getting all the works lol

Tummy tuck
Brazilian but lift
Breast aumentacion with possible lift

A little about my body :

I am 5'2 and 145lb
Mother of two

So Dolls I will share as much as possible of my jorney any questions just ask????


I will be posting my before pic soon. Stay tune.

Next week here we come

OMG! 7 day count down

wow this will be a crazy week for me last work trip aggg???? I really don't have my head in the right place to be going on any trip I don't feel focus right now, all I can really think is surgery! Off to Orlando I go!

On a good note I am packed a ready to go! At this point if I am missing some I will have to get in DR.

Anyone flying out Saturday?


Here are the pictures!! I know my body needs help????

Monday can't be here soon enough

Here goes nothing????????????????


Doctor conversation

so ladies my doctor recommended I stop all my vitamins one week before.

Current situation

Well I guess I have to gain iron one way or the other

Ok dilemma!!!

As I mentioned I have two girls well I am bringing one with me because I have more help their with her and she is not in school (she is staying with the in laws) my other will have to stay behind which I am torn about I have never separated my girls and I am heart broken. Now I have not even told her mommy is going away not to mention that I will have surgery I mean she see bags packed but I alway go away for work. I really don't want to go away knowing that I left her upset so I think I will go bye her a iPod which she has bein asking about maybe she won't feel upset aggggg am I wrong?

3,2,1 count down

feeling great today not so nervous just trying to get everything done before I live well I think I will update again once in Dominican Republic.

On my way

I was fine yesterday, I was not nervous at all I am up this morning what happened I don't know I feel like a mess right this minute.

I can't even hold this phone right!!!

Well ladies prayer please I Will be on my way to DR today!!!!!

2:00 am

Well is 2:00 am day of surgery. Can't deny I am a bit nervous but I guess its normal. I can't go back to sleep but besides that I feel great.

I am extremely thankful to my God for bringing me this far i trust everything will be fine I ask the that he blesses Dr. MolinA hand not only to give me results but to care for me in the Operating Room in Jesus name Amen.

Will update pic once I get to the clinic If I can.

Mark up ready to go

body is mark up and had my blue pill and feeling the affects

out of the OR

Made it

Quick pic

Tummy tuck


had a lift and aumentacion as you see no scar

my feelings!

ladies stepping aside from results and pain ladies I had to let it go and cry for a moment I worked to so to make this dream come true many hours long days and to see how I look even with the swollen I feel amazing. You need to understand I didn't want the tiniest waist or the biggest butt I just to feel comfortable in my own skin not have to hide under layers ladies I was very realistic with what I wanted and I can honestly can said I got more then what I could have ever imagine.

Dolls Molina uses laser Lipo so the body received less trauma and I fell great except for the swelling that make me uncomfortable...

If I had to give you ladies any advice is to learn to love yourself the way you are now that help so much with this crazy emotional roller coaster learn to dress your body put make up it help a lot with the waiting

Day 7 (one week)

week one extremely uncomfortable many moments for frustration. Pain I don't think I have been in crazy pain my boobs have been girls no pain their mostly just my back.. Tummy tuck no pain their either. Ladies sleeping almost impossible just because you back is irritated ????

Ladies coming to DR or any where else after the surgery it is important you have great after I honestly recommend brining a love one or someone close that if you are staying at a RH I am so blessed to have have family and they have been so good to me.

Pictures are coming soon going to the doctor today so hopefully I don't forget.

Time for a nap

Thank you lord

so thankful to God for his mercy

Hey ladies

So what to say?

I feel wonderful everything is healing as plan and very well I love my tummy tuck scar. Still very swollen but better. I love my breast I can't wait to wear a bikini lol

I will say again Dr. Julio MolinA is an artist and his wife is amazing so caring FYI she does all my aftercare.

Ladies if you had or are having surgery with please review him i don't think he is giving the credit he deservEs
Well ladies until next time.

I am still in DR getting my ten massage can't wait to go home

17 days post opt

I am home Yasss!!!!!! I am feeling great, the fight home was horrible having to seat for four hours then driving for two more my body was just to sore that night had some Advil and it was all better.

My skin is pealing which is very normal the doctor says but I sometimes feel a burning sensation when this happens and I take off the faja and it look fine except for my skin everywhere.

My scar are coming along very nice ??

So happy with the process and how everything went I know I still have more recovery time but i can't complain so far

22 post op

milestone today for the first time I was able to put my faja on myself no help! I am happy not having to depend on anyone to put it on????

Today I ordered a abdominal board to help with the tummy swelling.

Two amazing human beings

Dr. Molina has an amazing team Dra. Lozano his wife gave the best aftercare she is very caring as well as Milly the doctors assistant she is so funny and knows what she is doing she can fit u in any size faja lol

Updated picture

some pictures of my scar and belly button

Swollen abdomen

so the only place I see most of the swelling is in my abdomen and trust me I don't like how it look but I guess it's normal. To add I am even more swelling due to my period. I finally have my ab board hopefully it works

My journey

recap part 2

Updated picture

loving my results


It has bein a while sorry ????! 118 day post op and I can really said it was worth every penny I am extremely happy with my results, and I can say if I had to do this all over again I would.

I have kept my word to myself and I have stayed humble and I am the same women with an amazing body. It's important to say this because before going forward with surgery yes your body must be ready but you must be ready mentally.

And yes I put a bikini on and it felt and look amazing. My butt is huge lol

pic update

7 Months 28 day update

Wow it's been that long????

I must say, that it has been one of the best decision I have ever made. Today I feel more confident, sexy and comfortable with my body. If I had to choose procedure I love best my boobs but my husband love my behind lol.. And it's crazy I went in thinking I butt was more important and my tummy I am super happy I decided to do my boobs I tell you I own every VS and Pink bra ????

I will I say again if you go into to this surgery for a big butt a tine waist you have it all wrong you will never be satisfied I will admit I have been thinking of having lipo again I didn't do my arms and I wish I would have but let's see if I go for second round maybe next summer and I do I will go back to DR. Molina!!!!

Picture 7 28 days


The boobs


So I just want to make it I'm not here or posted my experience because I you to choose Dr Molina, of course i keep telling women what a wonderful and responsable surgeon he is...

Ladies do your research does not matter if you have surgery in the US, Dom. Rep. Mexico Colombia or anywhere else you need to do research you need to talk to possible Doctors ask questions not to a secretary that sometimes has no clue of the medical procedure, if possible plan a trip before your date for surgery meet the DR. And have a feel and you might just love him(her) or hate and have to start looking again but be safe... And please stop making a decision base on a picture of before and after or who is the cheapest that is just stupid.....

I went to Doimican Republic and I spent over 8,000 close to 10,000 but I didn't care I had a budget of 10,000 I planned and save for two years ladies you are just spending on the surgery it's not just 6500 if you go out you spent if you medications you spent and for additional faja all I will say have a healthy budget.

I will head back for round two in 2016 surgery will be around $2800 my budget $4000

Any questions please ask be safe


Okay so I haven't been wearing my faja so I ordered a new one because I already have two one is a medium and it's way to big and the other one is missing clips and used to its limits so I order my favorite one and personally love this faja it's made by d'prada

One year

I can't believe it's been one year wow. All I can say is thank you God for this journey and transformation. I am so happy!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Molina has answer all my question in a timely manner very informative Will update after surgery Wow I must start by saying Dr. Molina is so amazing, caring, loving his first concern is the patients safety . In my personal experience I never felt I was away from the USA the facility is beautiful and very clean the doctor count with a great team and everyone of them is extremely professional from cardiologist secretary anesthesia doc the lab personal everyone made me feel super comfortable at no time the I feel nervous.

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