23 Years Old, No Kids, 5'8, 150 Pounds - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Extremely new to this! Lol I am looking to get...

Extremely new to this! Lol I am looking to get liposuction and a butt augmentation with Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez in May 2014. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Like many ladies, I also looked into the most popular booty experts in the Dominican Republic, Duran and Yily. However, it is extremely difficult to get in touch with either of them! They might give a bigger butt than other doctors but if something goes wrong then getting a hold of them will be a big hassle. No butt is worth risking your life for! Been communicating with Dra. Baez back and forth, she seems genuinely caring and very dedicated. If anyone has any tips as far as what I should be packing or any medicine to take with me post surgery, I would appreciate it! P.S. I was wondering if anyone here has had surgery with Dr. Lapaix! And if I can get recommendations on good recovery houses. Thank you all :)

In need of advice!

Before becoming a RealSelf member, I would browse around and read the journey many women go through before having surgery. The one thing that stuck out to me was how often women would change their mind from doctor to doctor. I am now in this predicament and it's driving me absolutely nuts!!! Got a quote from Contreras, Lapaix, Baez and now after MONTHSSSSS of countless emails, I was finally able to get a quote from Duran! In need of some major advice! Any of you ladies had surgery with the doctors mentioned above? If so, would you recommend them? This is so confusing, I am now beginning to understand a little of what you ladies on RealSelf go through :(

May or August..

Baez, contreras, and Lapaix all gave me consultations in May, which is around the time that I had my heart set on going. Duran has consultations in August. To wait for Duran to give me a major fatty or not... That is the question! If anyone has gone with Baez, is she able to give the voluptuous body most of us desire? And if so, were the results long lasting? Any help appreciated thank you all :)

Time is fast approaching!

Flight purchased, Daisy's recovery house required deposit paid, Medical supplies needed all bought! Woooooo I am too excited!! Almost ready :)

Can't wait!

I need Baez to hook me up :( that stomach has got to goooooooo. My Hemo level better be 300 so she can do some aggressive lipo lol


So discouraged! I'm all set to go and now I'm not sure about going with Baez anymore. I want a booty! A lot of girls on this site are saying she won't deliver that since she's very conservative. My vacation time is set aside, flight booked, and now this :( can anyone point me in the direction of some Baez ladies who got a big booty?

Almost there..

2 more weeks to go! Excited and anxious do not even begin to describe what I'm feeling right now. I am all set, recovery house booked, I pretty much have all the supplies I need, and I have officially decided on DR. Diaz. I am not one to share much or really open up to people and share intimate details but now that the time is getting closer, I find myself trying on all these outfits that I could never wear before and just trying to envision how they will look post surgery. It's more than physical, for me this is a chance to finally come out of my shell and do all the things I've wanted to do but couldn't because I've been too embarrassed about my body. Like the beach... That has to be my biggest fear every summer, and all I could do was come up with excuses for why I could never go.. This is a new beginning that I am definitely very excited for. I'm all about doing what makes you happy and being comfortable with yourself... Well that's enough mushy stuff for now lol. Good luck to all of you ladies!

Just a few more hours until I'm in D.R!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh is this really happening?!? Lol crazy how time flew by. In a few hours I will be in DR getting my dream body, God willing!! :D

2 days post op

Thanks ladies for your positive wishes, I will update here with lots of details once I get home. Recovery is absolutely no joke! I'm just trying to get better and not focus on the pain. Good luck to all the ladies who recently had surgery. And by the way, I went with Duran!!! But I'll explain later. Take care ladies :)

My journey..

Hi ladies! I've been gone for a little while because I've had a bit of a tough recovery but l had to come back and update everyone who has kept me in their prayers throughout this journey. I arrived to DR on May 19th with my mom, and Jose Luis (the driver from Daisy's recovery house) was there to pick us up. Everyone at Daisy's is seriously amazing I can't praise them enough!!!! I got to the recovery house, settled in, and then Jose Luis drove us to CIPLA where I was supposed to meet DR. Diaz. CIPLA is pretty fancy looking for DR standards... So I met DR Diaz, and he immediately sends me down to get my blood work done... However!!!!! Knowing that Duran's office was just a few doors down was really killing me so I decided to try my luck and go speak to her. She told me that she couldn't take me because I was already a patient of DR Diaz and she didn't want any animosity however after some convincing she agreed to make me her patient!! Back to the blood work.. Umm the nurses at CIPLA can NEVERRRRR find your veins!!! It took them about an hour to find mine and I've developed huge bruises all over my arms because of it. After speaking to DR Diaz and letting him know I no longer wished to proceed with him (that was a really awkward moment and I almost pooped my pants) i got my mind set on Duran. I met with her cardiologist, and got my X-rays done, plus my Hemo was 13.4 (thank you mega food blood builder)!!!! So I was good to go..


The next day I arrived at 7 am to dr. Duran's office for surgery. I for my anti embollism socks, blue gown and blue pill... Next think I know I was in surgery waking up to Duran lipo-ing my back, that was not a good feeling! I remember telling her "stop stop no more" and she just told me "que pasa? Estas hermosa" (meaning what's wrong? you look beautiful) and then I went back to sleep. As for the nurses at CIPLA, they were all very nice to me I honestly was expecting the worst. I don't know if it's because I speak Spanish but they were really nice and attentive the whole time. The day after surgery I was supposed to go home but I developed the WORSTTTTT migraines ever and I was too dehydrated so they couldn't let me go. I also had to get an injection in my back from the headaches because I didn't have a good reaction to the anesthesia :((((((


After finally being able to leave the hospital, mom and I went back to our hometown. I honestly couldn't eat, walk, move.... My headaches were excruciating I felt like my head was going to fall off, plus I kept getting dizzy because of how dehydrated I was. A few days later I went back to CIPLA to meet with dra Duran and she took the drain out and gave me a stitch but I honestly didn't even feel that, plus my new faja. With the drain out, Duran told me I was ready for the first massage that Same day (I was about 5 days post op). However, she first had to send me to the 4th floor to meet with the anesthesiologist due to my headaches. I went upstairs, they put me in a room, and gave me yet another shot in my back. I was so dehydrated they actually didn't want me to leave.. But the anesthesiologist told me to drink a lot of water and eat as much as possible. The next few days were all about trying to feel better, my birthday was May 28 so I spent that in pain and the massages... OH MY SWEET 9 POUND 6 OUNCE BABY JESUS THE MASSAGES..... I have no words for how painful they were :(((((((( the recovery process is honestly not easy. When I went back to Duran's office there were some girls who were a few days post op and were already trying to twerk and then there were others who looked like death. It depends on the individual but I personally had a vey tough time recovering. I flew back to New York last night, the airplane ride was hell! I felt like I couldn't breathe, I guess it's because of the bad reaction to the anesthesia. Ladies don't forget those compression socks on the plane they really are a must. Im progressing every day a little more but it's definitely been a more strenuous process than I anticipated. I've currently had 5 massages but definitely plan on getting some more


By the way, I'm very happy with my results. I think Duran did a really good job, especially when considering the large amount of fat that I had in the stomach area. My butt is fuller, she gave me 1,000 CC's in each cheek and 300 in the hips. I'm happy because it's a nice size, nothing crazy or fake looking. And my waist... Sheesh my waist is ridiculous!!!!! It's tinyyyyy but I'm not complaining lollll I really think Duran has some serious skills up her sleeve!



Recovery is going well, staying on top of my massages and playing no games with this faja. Very happy so far
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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