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I am 22 years old, 5'5, 170 pounds and I have two...

I am 22 years old, 5'5, 170 pounds and I have two children. I always knew I wanted slightly larger breast since I am a 36b and would like a full C cup. My second pregnancy destroyed my body. I gained 50 lbs and went up to 200 lbs. I plan on loosing another 20 lbs but I am not rushing it. I know after i get my surgery I will be much more motivated to taking off the weight. I also have chronic back pain after being in a minor car accident which is another reason I need to loose weight and they say after having a tummy tuck the back pain decreases. I have been doing my research for months and still cannot decide which surgeon to go to. My first choice was Alejandro Hernandez but he will be on vacation the first 2 weeks after I arrive. I'm staying out there 28 days because I want to give myself time to heal and in case of any complications. plus my father and family live out there so I get to spend time with them. My second choice is walkiris Robles but I am a little discouraged after seeing a bad review on her of here. I also plan on getting a Brazilian bu lift but Robles will not perform all surgeries at once being that it would take to many hours and put me at risk. So I have decided to do my tummy and breast first and later on go back for my booty. I am so excited and anxious and can hardly wait. Right now I am in school full time and super stressed. I hope I make the right decision and go with the best surgeon out there.

So I just got my pre-op recommendations and I am...

so I just got my pre-op recommendations and I am excited! exactly 2 months away from surgery:
This is were everything turns out pretty interesting. You are soon to start the pre-op recommendations. Here they are:

Since you showed interest in having plastic surgery in December, it's time to let you know the pre-op recommendations.

1- Start taking 300mgs of Iron twice a day and 4mgs of folic acid once a day. Also, add 1 gram of vitamin C and 2 tablets of B-complex .Stop taking aspirin or aspirin related compounds, as well as vitamin E. Eat healthy and drink at least 12 glasses of water every day. Pay attention to salad and spinach specially because this will boost and maintain your hemoglobin levels.

2- Schedule an appointment with your local lab or clinic in order to have a CBC (Complete Blood Count) done. Dr. Robles needs to check your hemoglobin levels. This test should be done in about a month after you start taking the recommended medicine described in point #1.

If you need anything else just let me know.

Thank you everyone that wished me good luck and...

thank you everyone that wished me good luck and everyone following my review., im very excited just 3 more weeks, I cant believe it. Ive been obsessing about this surgery for about a year now. ever since I gave birth to my daughter who turned a year on September 29h my body has been destroyed. I hate looking at myself naked or taking pictures when im out with my girlfriends who are all thinner then I am, mind you I used to be the thinnest before I had the kids. I was so eager to get this done even though I didn't have the money because I don't work, I was able to take out a 5,000 loan from school and save up some and hubby is giving me an extra 1,000 to take with me just in case. Don't have much to post now, but i will def. update once I am in the Dominican republic. Right now im trying to keep my mind off surgery and finish up my semester in school. I have gained some weight because I've been eating good, im not happy at all about that but I figured this is the last time ill be able to pig out, plus it's the holidays. After surgery I really have to change my eating habits and loose the weight I think im about 177 now my goal weight is 150. I'm dreading recovery. Being away from my hubby and children for a month will be very difficult for me. I know I will be miserable, but I know it'll all be worth it in the end. Cant wait to get my sexy back! I will post new pre op pics right before I leave and post op pics as soon as I can. im also thinking about making a YouTube video but idk because I am shy lol

Just 12 more days till surgery and i am sill...

just 12 more days till surgery and i am sill undecided on what implans to choose, ive always had small boobs (36B) and i originally decided on a very small implant to bring me up to a natural full C. But now im thinking why pay all this money for just a slight change so now im thinking about going for small D cup. I think somewhere between 350-400 cc will give me a small D but not sure since i haven't had my consultation yet since i am going to the DR for surgery. im also afraid that if i go bigger they will make me look fatter since I am already on the chubby side. I do plan on loosing 20 pounds after surgery but my torso is kinda short and my legs are long so I don't want to look to short on top. maybe ill just go with 300 cc idk, wish i got see someone that went from a 34b-34D.

Bad news is, the kiddos and I are sick and I will be going to the ER sometime between today and Monday for antibiotics, we've had a cold for about 2 weeks now but now its turned into a sore throat. I would hate to be sick when I arrive in the DR and then Robles tell me I cannot get surgery. that would just break my heart, but im sure if I can get the 4 day treatment I should be fine just in time. I cant believe im a week and 1/2 away im trying to avoid thinking about it. I have 3 finals to take this week and with the kids and I being sick I haven't done any studying. My daughter has a fever so shes bee keeping us up almost all night. well thats all for now. will update soon ladies..

Ok so it is Saturday and I am 3 days post op. let...

Ok so it is Saturday and I am 3 days post op. let me update you guys a little bit. My flight went smoothly when I last I went through immigration and had to pay a 10 dollar fee. Leo the driver was waiting for me with a sign that had my ne on it. Btw don't change your money at the airport! I changed 200 US dollars and they charged me like 30dollars. I didn't realize it untill it was already to late. We arrived at the clinic and I was starving so I gave Leo 1500 pesos to by me food and a phone. I also met Laura and Raquel they are very sweet. It isn't the same Raquel that I've been texting in Florida. They started the X-ray, EKG, took blood right away and I paid 5900 for surgery plus 150 for insurance that will cover me for 30 days up to 1500 dollars incase anything goes wrong.. Robles came to the room after everything was done and she took one look at me and immediately knew exactly what I wanted done. She also left a bag with different size implants with me overnight so I decided to go with 350cc High profile I believe over the muscle. She also did a periareolar lift and lipoed my sides and arm pits, tummytuck and mucle repair. she basically did my whole front minus my legs. I'm Savin the back fat for when I come back to do my BBL. in the morning I showered and robles cAme to check up on me. I was given a blue pill to make me sleepy. Then I was picked up in a wheelchair and taken into the surgery room where they gave me anesthesia through my arm which knocked me out immediately. I woke up after what seemed like 5 minutes and surgery was done. I got lucky since I was the only patient she had that day so everything went smoothly. The first night wasn't bad at all. Nurses came in and injected pain medicine in my thighs every few hours. The next day Robles came to check up on me she said everything looks really good I haven't seen myself yet because I have this super tight faja on. Leo drove me to the recovery house where I met Virginia and Brenda they are really nice. I threw up a little bit that has been the most painful so far becuase i used my stomach muscles. ouch! i havent theown up again thank good.Virginia slept on a bed in my room and helped me with using the bathroom and everything. I'm glad I decided to stay in the recovery house. the food is good and they give you natural juices and water all day long.Today Virginia gave me a sponge bath with soap and water, brushed my hair for me.. Ect. I am in a lot of pain but I think it has a lot to do with the faja being so tight. The second day was the worse but I can already feel myself getting better. I will be going to the clinic on Wednesday for a follow up. At the follow up I will take pictures and post them as soon as possible. There is a computer at the recovery house. My birthday is Tomorrow which sucks but whatever... That's all for now ladies thank you for wishing me well

So I am 5 days post op and I wanted to wish...

So I am 5 days post op and I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year. I haven't slept good for the past couple days, the faja was just too tight was riding up my crotch area I felt like it was crushing my bones and cutting into my sides. Virginia told Robles this and she gave the ok to change my faja she said she doesn't want me to go into the new year in pain. Boy it was a job to take it off and now I have one that's just around my Waiste, what a relief I feel 100 percent better and I know I will sleep good tonight and I won't have to call Virginia everytime I have to use the bathroom. She will wash the one I had on tomorrow but I'm gona cry and beg not to put it back on. Virginia said I have to drink more water and walk more. This drain hurts I can feel it under my skin but its turning from red to yellow which is a good thing. I won't be leaving with the drain because I will be here for a month! I still haven't seen myself without the faja. I'm starting to itch a lot so I'm gonna start taking benedril before I go to bed. Thank god for Virginia she treats me soo good and makes me laugh. No regrets, well that's all for now. Will see Robles on Wednesday. Chow ladies

So today is post op day 7. Yesterday Leo picked me...

So today is post op day 7. Yesterday Leo picked me up and took me to the clinic to see Robles. I waited about an hour and was shivering because the air condition is soo high, now I know for next time to bring a sweater. Raquel was there too, once they called me in her office she had me lie down and removed everything. She started cleaning my incisions with a spray bottle and said I was healing very well. She said I should not diet for about 2 month post op and after 2 weeks post op I will start the massages. I need about 10 massages over 10 days and they are about 30 dollars each. I can have them in the recovery house, clinic or they will come to your home. Since she didn't lipo my back or do and fat transfer to my butt I asked her when I could get that done. She said in 6 months and since I am already a patient of hers I will talk to Laura and they will give me a good discount. So if all goes well I will be coming back July/ August for my BBL. after she patched me all up she put on the super tight faja again and a bra. Since I was wearing the loose faja for a couple of days I was very swollen and full of fluid. I immediately noticed the different with the tight faja and even though it hurts and is very uncomfortable it's the best one to wear for now. I'm very happy with my results so far, my breast look very natural, I was a B cup and now I believe I am a full C . Not sure cuz I haven't tried on a real bra. My tummy tuck incision is low and straight and my belly button looks good. No regrets, I love Robles work she never fails to impress me. My next visit with her will be tomorrow (Friday) and then on Monday I believe, about every 3 days. Happy new year everyone, happy healing and thanks for following my journey.

4 weeks post op my breast are itching like...

4 weeks post op my breast are itching like crazy!!!! is this normal? I was scratching so hard I started to bruise myself. hope I don't give myself more stretch marks. Everything else is good, not in pain and no longer taking anything for pain. Still taking B complex with vitamin c, iron and folic acid pills. Haven't experienced depression like a lot of women do post op, i love my results and I know im not skinny ad i still have to loose weight and tone up my arms and thighs but I look way better then when i was pre op so im satisfied. Sleeping almost flat on my back and sometimes on my sides idk if this is ok but I do it anyway. still wearing faja 24/7 except for when I shower and hubby gives me a full body massage right after then to bed. I have a small incision right below my right breast that is taking long to close up and a tiny one on my areola where the stitch was that bleeds a little every time I shower. Robles told me not to worry they will close up on there own so im not worrying to much. Back to school tomorrow and its snowing :-(

So I'm 7 weeks post op. sorry it's seen me a while...

So I'm 7 weeks post op. sorry it's seen me a while to post, two kids and school and being a wife isn't easy. I'm healing pretty well. I did have a issue with my belling button bruising really badly but I figured out that my raja was too tight and now that I loosened it up its going back to normal. Still sore on my sides from and a lol numb. Still a little swollen so I will be getting a few more massages, even though I already did ten while I was in Dr. Sorry I took down the naked pics, hubby googled my email and they came up so he didn't like that. I still look great and love my results I will post more pics soon with the bra on. For some reason I get dizzy and nauseous for days after drinking alcohol, I just had 2 glasses of wine and was sick for 3 days so I'm staying away from alcohol till I'm at least 3 months post op. some days I have energy and someways I feel weak. Overall I'm okay and can't wait for end of may to go back and get my bbl. thank you everyone for your concern

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