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When I decided to get these procedures done all I...

When I decided to get these procedures done all I know was I don't want to look fake when all is said and done. Dr Tactuk was great when I met him in person for the first time and he ask what as I looking for and my reply was I don't want to look fake just fix me I have been working out for 10 years and I can't get to that killer body I wanted my baby pouch wont go away. One can only put such decision in the hands of someone who prove that they are human enough to put humanity first and money next and Dr Tactuk us one such person. I had four procedures done by him and I am very pleased with all of them so far in this early stage after my procedures. I had the tummy tuck with liposcuplture, breast implants, Brazilian butt lift and labiaplasty. I have to say there will be mix feeling after some of these procedures because beauty comes with discomfort and on many cases results are slow could take up to a year.

Three weeks after procedures and im more excited for the end results

Three week since my procedures and I tried on a bathing suit and stepped on the scale for the first time and before my surgery I was a 125Ibs and today I am a 127. 2lbs not too swollen as I thought. My body is still sore and bruised and numbness and hard spots around my mid section as well as around my incision. My incision are healing great i still have a bit of fluid which I'm working with my doctor here in Canada to fix. No pain , I'm sleeping well without sleep aid ichyness is driving me carzy so benadryl is my new best friend. Coughing, sneezing and going to the bathroom are back no pain. I am still anticipating the end results.

Week 4 pics after LTB with Dr Luis Tactuk Simo D.Republic

Four weeks after surgery and I am healing nicely. Still sore and bruised under the skin from the liposcuplture but was expected. All ky scare are fading and i have no other complications, but still have a ways to go so am hoping it a smooth ride to the end result.

5wks after procedures 35dys pics

It almost 6 weeks and I am still sore and numd around the obdomen area.all incisions are healed over and fading nicely but very hard around the abdomen area. Still taking Ichy pills everyday as I get really Ichy. I am still dealing with fluid which would be taken care of a long time if i was back in my surgeon country but im back in Canada and I have to go through the system. The ultrasound then to the surgeon here but I will be dealing with this in a few more days. I ho on and get regular check up to check for infection but no sign of complications. I haven't notice any new fluid build up and it seem to be getting smaller. I am still wearing my compression garment to prevent any new fliud built up which seems to be working. I am back to doing my regular day to day activities without no problem. Back in my dress and heels which makes me very happy. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

6wks / 42dys after procedures

Happy holidays everyone just a bit of updates its been 6 weeks since procedures and I'm not doing too back not as sore or bruised as the few weeks before. Still tightness from incision to the chest area I find that using vitamin E oil/cream ,bio oil to massage the abdomen and all areas where your surgeon have done work 3- 4 times daily helps. I still have itchy episodes daily so I keep on taking the benadryl which helps a bit. I still have a bit of fluid so I keep wearing my compression garment everyday to stop extra fluid build up and I have no new fluid built up since my last ultrasound so I'm hoping my body is starting to get rid of it on it own. Most of my clothing don't fit any more so I will have to go shopping and take some to the dress maker. I am doing light exercises on the arms and legs. There are days when I feel things are not were t want my recovery to be and I get very emotional and the "why" questions become my best friend. But I try not to let it drag on too long . I reminded myself this is not a over night thing it wi?l take time and patience. Keep following the surgeons order as close as possible to prevent longer recovery time and to stop injuries to the body. If there is anything look strange or out of place get professional help right away. I dont know what the end results going to be but I keeping a open mind. So far what I am seeing when I looked into the mirror is looking pretty good. So hope it's continue in the direction. Dr Luis Tactuk Simo thank you,bless your soul you have done excellent things for me. Have a great Christmas and a better 2016.
Good luck everyone and all the best.

7 wks / 49dys after four procedures

Dr Luis Tactuk Simo shout out to you hope the new year is being great to you. Just a short update to my friends on the site its been 7 weeks and I was back in the gym working on legs, butt and arms. Fliud seem to be very stubborn but I'm staying on top of it.I still wear my compression garment everyday as I have so problems with fluid. Still ichces every now and then but not a bad as the few weeks before. Not as sore or stiff as before im using my vitamin E cream as well as bio oil to help reduced stiffnes which do me good when I use it as a massaging agent. I have a bit of problem with the smoothness of my abdomen but I think over time it will even out. Good look fit the new years all.

8wks / 56dys after procedures Dr Luis Tactuk Simo

Nothing have changed much since week 7 still getting my every now and again iching. I massaged at least twice a day working out 45 mins every two days and I loved.still have a ways to go but I am keeping g up with my doctors here to make sour I'm dong ok. Good luck ever.

9wks / 63dys after procedures

Hi I'm doing great ko more itchy spells thank God . Still swollen and and a bit uncomfortable when I take off my garment so I wear it most if the time. I have gone from a size 28 waist to size 25 dress I can't wear a small without getting them tailored pant I can't fine ant that fix Mty waist as the boody sticks out so pans waist have to be altered. I have been working a hour a day on legs arms and butt I want to keep that but in shape . I am just a tiny bit sore from lipo and I am using me vitamin E cream and oil for massaging as I find it hard to keep my tummy smooth. Overall I am seeing the changes and getting the compliments which I am enjoying very muchn. I'm happy I did this counting the days when I get to see the final result. Good luck everyone

13wks / 91dys after procedures with Dr Luis Tactuk Simo

It's been a while since I update my page i am healing great no soreness pain itching. I am still using scare cream on my scares and bio oil to massage myself. Numbness is going away from my tummy tuck, swelling isn't too bad I still wear my compression garment everyday with a bit of breaks in between. I feel more comfortable with it on. Working out doing all kinds of work out with no difficulties. I found a new hobby which is sewing I got myself a sewing machine and started fixing all my clothes nothing fits any more even new ones I have to alter. My waist is down from 29 inches to 25 inches with a 36 inches hips just loving all of it. I am still healing and have a ways to go so I am doing all I can to make sure I get the best end results as possible. Good luck everyone.

June 2016 6 months after surgery

Just a quick update I'm doing great loving my results I am enjoying my body all I want to do is show it off. All my clothes need alter so I got a sawing machine and start fixing them. The gym is one of my favorite pass time and I love it. Shout out to my Dr Luis Tactuk Simo job well done. Good luck everyone

1yr anniversary after tummy tuck with liposcuplture,breast implants and butt lift

A year ago today I made the decision to change the way I feel about my body. It was one of the best thing I have ever done and a big thanks to Dr Luis Tactuk Simo for the wonderful work he have done which helped me to look at myself in the mirror and said who is that sexy gorgeous woman? Then to realized ohh that's me puts a smile on my face evertime I walked into a room and I can feel the burning eyes. Followed by compliments like you look so great, are you married? "If you are he's a lucky man"or I'm not lesbian but I love your ass. The first few months was very hard going through recovery and the many uncomfortable times and wondering what will the end results look like. There were times I felts as if, what did I do to myself but I quickly reminded myself that this is a process and like any other process it takes time. Now I am very happy with the results I think there is still a bit of healing but I am working on it. Everyone heal differently some might take a year others may take two and more years but listen to your body and follow up with your surgeons if there is somethings you are not happy with or unsure of. Most important let mo one let you second guess your decision on fixing parts of your body that have changed due to changes beyond your control like age, child bearing,weight loss or gain etc just know when to say enough. I have no plans of getting anymore work done so I am eating properly and the gym is my best friend. Oh by the way hubby is having a mighty good time with the new me. Good luck everyone.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Luis Tactuk Simo is an excellent surgeon he is very professional and very friendly because of his caring nature it was impossible not to have him do my procedures. He was there from the first time i contacted him about getting imfo about my procedures and at no time I felt as if money was his first focus. The day of my surgery I was scared and I walked in the operating room and he was wsiting with the biggest smile on his face and arms open wide to give me a hug and assure me that everything is going to be fine and I believed him. That makes every fair I had dissappear. He humanly care for his patients and I could see and felt it when I contact him either by email or in person. I have never reach out to him and would have to wait for more then half a hour no matter what time of day it was, keep being the caring and humble individual you are with your attitude and caring ways toward your patients you are on the right path to greater things. Greatly appreciate you and all the best in your practice. Kareen

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