I'm Hoping for a Better Shape and Nicer Butt!! No More Squared Booty :( Dominican Republic, DO

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I have 3 babies. The last one really messed up my...

I have 3 babies. The last one really messed up my stomach. Not too many stretch marks but some. Dra. Medina felt I needed a TT to accomplish the look I want but not ready for one yet. I'm looking to redo my breast in the near future so I might do a TT then. All I'm wanting at the moment is a better shape. I have a man body :( large back and a pancake booty. I'm really squared and would like a more feminine shape. I'm praying all goes well and she's able to give me a small waist and perky butt. I'm 5'1 and weigh 125. I wonder if I should put on a bit more weight. I guess that's something I would need to ask her. Good luck to everyone!!

Deposit paid!!!!

Ok guys so why is it that I'm doing some extreme DEEP digging and I'm coming across all these horror stories on the DR?? ! Ughhh my anxiety is really kicking in!!!! :( all I'm trying to do is confirm I made the right decision with picking this doctor. I see that she's done an amazing job w ppl who are heavy set and defiantly need a tummy tuck. I haven't seen too many patients like myself who are short and weigh less than 130. I'm beginning to think I'm not going to get the results I want. Too much money on the line... I don't want to be disappoint :( is anyone else thinking the same thing?????

BBL without TT

So after sooo much stressful debate. I've decided to go through with my BBL without a TT. Point blank I'm terrified of the extra pain and I'm praying I get the flat tummy with just lipo. Although Dra. Medina did advice I would need one bc of excess skin left behind, I'm going to risk it, and hopefully I don't have too much of a sag :( I've seen worse cases and lipo worked just fine on them. Let me know your thoughts w this picture. Thanks gals!!

Wish pic

As much as I love curves and big booties I need to be realistic about my expections with surgery. I'm built small so I'm hoping dr. Medina can accomplish this "look" on me.

Said YES to the TT!!

As much as I was dreading that dang on TT I'm putting my fears aside and getting it after all. I'm putting my trust in my dr and going for it. I mean I stalk the lady every chance I get on snap and Instagram even on here lol! The lady knows her stuff. I'm amazed every time at her work. I'm going to trust her judgment when she says I will like my results a lot better if I proceed with the tummy tuck. I guess I was in denial even though I don't have a tremendous about of stretch marks I could definitely use a new belly button and some abdominal tightening. I'm going to have to pay my mom to come help me watch my toddler and 8 month old as I will be bed ridden for the next 2 weeks on so. That's going to stink ???? But hey Beauty hurts right ????

Less than 2 months!!

I've been stalking her snap and dang I'm a lot more confidiant about my decision to go with Dr Medina. She's just amazing with her work!!! She's answered every single question I've had thus far. I asked her about this pain pump certain surgeons are using now but unfortunately she doesn't use them. On the bright note she said she puts morphine in your back that will last 3 days. That made me feel a little more at ease about the situation. I know everyone tolerates pain differently but geesh some of the stories these ladies tell about the pain they endure it's like ummmm do I really want to put myself through this??! I just keep thinking to myself beauty is pain and it'll be worth it in the end!! I'm beyond happy that I'm finally going to have my body back! Im so ready to get my confidence back and conquer the world lol ???? No but really it's going to be amazing!!!!! So grateful to be having one of my biggest goals possible! ????

7 days away dolls!!! I'm excited!!!! MEDINA DOLL??

So I'm 7 days away from leaving to the DR. My actual sx date isn't until the 11th due to Her advising it would be better to get there 2-3 days prior to sx. It would avoid clotting I'm guessing from being on the plane. I'm extremely excited and still going back and forth with this TT issue. Yes?? No??? I can seem to makeup my mind. Reason is I have two babies to come back home too. 9 month and a 2 yr old. I spoke to her and wanted her to see me in person before I made the ultimate decision. I did not pack much I figured if I need anything I can have my husband run out and grab it for me. I will try and post after pictures as soon as possible.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She's promt with answering all my questions thus far. I'm hoping she makes me look better then what I am now.

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