29 Yr Old with 4 Children... Ready to Get my Body Back.. Hmm.. Medina, Beaz or Almonte??? Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm a mother of 4, my kids didn't really ruin my...

I'm a mother of 4, my kids didn't really ruin my body as much, it was more my lack of eating healthy and exercise. I actually had a way better body right after I had my 4th child than I do now (exception of my breast) they're not that bad but areola got big and they're not perky :(
Anyways I have gone to a plastic surgeon here in the US and he told me all I needed was lipo. To leave my breat alone and didn't need a tummy tuck or bbl because I already had booty, he said with the lipo my but is going to look bigger since my waist is going be smaller and if I get a bbl it's going to look too fake. BTW I still want a bbl since my butt lost its shape, it's squared now and before I had a bubble butt. My main insecurity us my love handles. ... they are MASSIVE, I have no hips at all so they are even more notacible. I can't wear dresses anymore and I hate it... they continue to grow uncontrolably lol. I had a consulation with Duran, Almontes and Medina and they told me I do need a TT. I'm debating if I should go ahead and do the TT or not sonce the US dr told me I didn't need it. The Dr's in Dominican Republic told me if I don't do it I would have too much skin hanging after the lipool which makes sense. Just wondering if my lazy ass should just work out and get it tight or just go with the recommendations and go ahead and do the tt as well. My plan was to do the lipo and bbl for the first round and the TT and my breast lift for my 2nd round. What do you guys think? Also, ive been jumping from Almonte to Baez to Medina. ... I love all of their work (except Medinas breast work) Ladies I need HELP lol


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Dra Robles

Dra Robles looks good too... ugh. . This is hard!

Rolls over rolls :/

Miss my body

Miss my body

I would love to have my body back with a lil more butt

Me now

Need liposuction on waist and inderarms and flanks. Possibly a TT. BBL for sure.

Wish pic


Surgery scheduled for 3/29/2017

HI dolls, so I decided to go with Dr Baez. I spoke to her assistant Manull through whatsapp and he told me I can schedule with no deposit but to send the deposit ASAP. I'm very excited. I will be getting my lipo, TT and BBL. Now I have to book the flight which is insanely expensive lol and get my passport. Have any of you been to Marias recovery house? I've spoke to them and they seemed nice and sweet. Also, I will be traveling alone and I'm in need of a travel buddy.

Recovery Houses

Okay ladies, this has actually been the hardest decision of this journey. I can't findo the right recovery house. Have any of you stayed at Fantasy Recovery House?
Dr Beaz

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