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Okay ... as most of you I've been on this site for...

Okay ... as most of you I've been on this site for the last 2 yrs lurking till I have decided to finally do it. I am 5'1 and weight 140 (the fattest i have been)... i also gain a lot of fat in my arms i look like a boxer lol.My boyfriend finally is getting use to me wanting surgery and is going with me. I cant wait, I am still looking for wish pics. And idk who to go to either DR Cabral or Duran. I have emailed both and still no reply. Cabral is my first choice and Duran my 2nd. A friend of mines went to yilly and she looks great but after reading some of her reviews about her stank attitude she is no longer an option. I want to get implants I am currently a 34a I want to go up to a C .. don't like them TO big ... I also want to remove fat from my back, arms, abdomen and maybe inner thighs and have them injected in my butt. I use to work out but I have about a yr I no longer do. I have a nice shaped body with hips just want a perkyer ass and flat stomach... Lets hope one of these doctors replies soon..

Bought my flight!!

Am i crazy or what?!!! I bought mines and my Bf's flight for March 29, 2015; 8 months away!!! I haven't even gotten in contact with any of the doctors. That's fine though cus i still have enough time to anyways. I have my mind made up that this is what i want and plus ill have lots of time to save up as much as i can! I'm hoping to set my surgery date for March 31st, 2015. and ill be staying for like 8 days :( because my boyfriend works. Im happy cus i took the first step! woo hoo! now im going to start buying everything slowly -- lol oh em gee i feel like i am exaggerating 8 months away! time flies though. I'm going to start My BA's program in sept and will take off the spring semester just for my sx. In the mean time ill keep searching for Dr's although i think i'd like to stick with DR. Duran.

Ohh and I come from Dominican Parents, although i don't have family in the capital my bf is Dominican also and has family in The capital. But i want to stay at least 3 days at one of the recovery house's (probably Armonia i think its called cus its the one that called my attention the most) and then we will be going to his families house and ill be traveling back and forth to get my checkups or what not. Also, no one really knows about my surgery well just a few - my bf of course, my sister and i had mentioned it to 2 of my friends but they think i just say it to say it not that i'm actually going forward with it. My mother knows i want surgery but she also thinks i say it playing around and she wont find out till after i've had it cus she is a very negative person and her and my eldest sister tell me all the time how i don't need sx cus i have a nice body to just hit the gym blah blah save it! They live nearly 4 hrs away btw i live with my bf.


Okay so i got 3 different quotes from 3 DR's.... DR Duran quoted me for Full Lipo, BBL and BA $5,500 without insurance, i emailed her shortly after to know how much it was without BA but got no reply. She replied to my email like 2 days after. DR Yily Quoted me $6,000 for everything as well and she replied 1 day after. I am not really interested in yilly just wanted a quote. I sent DR.Cabral a email with pics and never replies so yesterday i called his office at 8:40 AM and they informed me to send another email and i did with no reply. I had sent him a message like 2 months ago from my whats app and he never answered. SO yesterday morning after i called his office and re-sent my email and decided to hit him up through whatsapp one more time (I was thinking if he doesnt reply this time i'll give up and send my deposit to Duran and call it a day) .. so at around 9PM DR Cabral replied to my MSG i was psyched !!!! he quoted me $3,800 for full lipo and BBL and $5,800 with breast (100$ less than Duran) .. for now i'm sticking to lipo and bbl not sure if i could afford the breast, although i am going to save as much as i can and if i save up enough then ill do BA also. He told me to call his office and set my date and that what i did a lil while ago once again i called at 8:40AM before going in to work and scheduled my date for March 30th, 2015.. No deposit required. Although he did not tell me what was included in the price in regards to just surgery with insurance 1 night clinic or what? but i'm not worried about that. I'll wait till the day gets closer and ask him. I called my bf this morning super exciteddddd! He thinks im crazy because im making all these plans without even having the money. I'm not worried though because i make good money where i work and i have plenty of time to save up. I've already bought our flights also and i've made up my mind 100%!!! My flight is on March 29 and surgery on the 30th God willing! I'll now start to buy everything i need cus i do not want to leave everything for last minute ... 7 Months Pre OP! I'll post some wish pics later and im still thinking about uploading my pics on here, because of the haters and low lives that steal pics (I'm at work now). Yay meeee!!

more wish pics.

I loveeeeee their frame and waist.

started working out

I use to be a gym rat. I'm trying to be a cop so during my first 2 years on college i worked out religiously wanting to get ready for when ever i got sent to the academy. However, i then got a job so i didn't have time for the gym anymore. I've been seeing girls on instagram post their before and after pics of them working out and that has motivated me tons! Becoming a cop is a process but i said i was going to put that on hold till after i did my sx and then continue doing interships or what not. But I've decided to start working out again. I use to have great leg strength and muscle and i miss that. Not only that but working out builds self esteem in every aspect of life. You just feel good about yourself and feel like you're able to accomplish anything (at least thats how i feel when working out besides looking good of course). I use to get so many compliments about my legs ans thighs i mean I'm still thick but now its all wobbly thick lol. Soooo im going to work out my thighs and leg so that i could look that much better once i get a bigger ass x) .. I'm excited about working out again. I could never get rid of this tummy though I'm a freak for lower body strength and workouts lol. That's okay though lipo will take care of this tummy. Xoxo

got my boppy pillow

Got my boppy pillow! I must say it is bigger than it looks in pics (or that i thought) and it is SUPERR comfortable. I only payed 12.95$ I believe with promo code FAMILY2013. I thought it wouldn't work since we are in 2014 but it did!

more wish pics!

More wish pics!

hemo level!!

So i had some blood work done for my dermatologist to check my hormones or what not because of break outs and my Hemo is 14.00 ! I was so happy to see that. Lets hope it says like for till my sx date lol. And although i mentiones previously that i wanted to work out i only worked out like 3 weeks straight then stopped ... i been doing a lot of over time at work and be to tired by the time i get home. I'm getting fat!!! My gut is bigger and everyone keeps telling me im getting fat :( .... i have a nice body but my stomach is popping out more and my big arms. What ever..... more fat for my butt lol.


Sorry for the typos GRRr


Soooo I've been buying supplies slowly. I bought this cute supply bag to put what ever I buy. Ive also gained weight! I bought ensures and I love them! I drink 2 for breakfast and I went from 139 to 146 in less than a month. Not trying to gain any more weight everyone keeps telling me how fat I am getting.

so tired !!!!!

I amm soooo tired of waiting !!!! Ugh I wish I had the money to go tomorrow and get it over with! I'm even getting bored of realself. I feel like ive read most of the stories and seen most of the pictures. Sometimes I even RE-read the stories lol :( ..and nothing new really just working my ass of. At least it feels like the months are passing pretty fast. 4 months to go.

should I take my vitamins? ?

Okay so I got my bloodwork done and im 95% healthy thank god .. my doctor said i just have a vitamin D deficiency which she said is very normal bcus most people lack vitamin D because we dont get enough sun. She prescribed some vitamin D once a week for thr next 4 months. Should I take any of those pills people usually take before surgery? Like iron, calcium, and all that other stuff?? Tips and suggestions please! ")

boobies no boobies?

Ughhh i have small breast, they have grown some since ive gained weight. Im like a 34b. I have a son so they are a LITTLE saggy but idk if i want new boobies. Sometimes i want them a lil perky not too perky and hard though i want them so feel and look natural. Maybe a full B or a C? But i want to look natural i dont want to exaggerate with boobs and a BBL and look extra uhhh done. Sometimes im like yea fuck it i'ma get a nice big donk and some hips and nice boobs and other days im like nahhhh i wanna look natural and just get hips and bbl and stay with my boobies. Idkkkkkk what to do grr. Maybe when i go and talk to the DR in person I'll be able to make a decision. Decisions decisions !

Hi !

Okay sooooo im trying not to think about it and i really havent been. I've just been letting time pass. I dont even be on realself that much because like i mentioned previously im tired of reading the samething over and over ... seems like no new journeys.
Anywhoooo my mother left to DR like 2 weeks ago and shes going to stay over there for 6+ months.. she doesnt like the cold so she goes every winter lol. She's going to be over there when i go for surgery although i still havent told her lol her house is 4 hours from the capital though. I'll be staying the first 3-4 days at Real recovery Armonia and then going to my Bf's hometown which is like 1 1/2 from the capital to then go to my moms to stay the last days that i am in DR. I'll most likely show up at her house like a completely different person! ohh and my sister is coming with me!! YAY! She's getting a Tummy tuck with a Breast Reduction and a lift with implants. We will most likely meet over there because i'm flying to DR from NY and shes flying from Boston so yeah .
She's going with her Husband and i'm going with my BF. I called Dr Cabrals office so they can schedule her also we are both scheduled for March 30th! ... My Bf is going to rent a car while we are over there so we should be good. That is it for now ladies. ** Oh and check out Minni3b her results are everything!! I will use her as my wish pic.


Wow. I had so long without buying clothes. When i first started realself i was a size 4 i am now a size 8! I am in shock. No more gaining weight for me. Okay so these are my hips. I want them a little wider. Left side is me currently and right is with surgery simulator.

32 days!!

32 dayssss !! So excited! Follow my sx page on instagram @cabral_doll2b_

13 days post op

all i have to say is i loveeeee cabral. He is THE man!


Cabral did thattttt
DR hector Cabral OR Dra Duran

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