20 Years Old Ready for a Little Waist and Fat Ass!

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So I previously wrote a long paragraph on why I...

So I previously wrote a long paragraph on why I was pursuing BBL, what doctors I was interested in (dr.cabral & dr.rodriguez Pena) which did not upload. However, I refuse type it all over again so here's a short summary about me. I'm 20 years old and have never had a flat stomach or nice butt, I don't have a particularly bad shape I just use some improvement though. For the last past 2 years or so I have been considering a bbl and made the decision I would have my sx in Dominican Republic about a year ago. After researching doctors, receiving quotes from yily(not considering her at all anymore bc I don't believe she can deliver how I want), to Cabral to dr Rodriguez. I have chosen THE KING dr.Cabral. He's quoted me $4200 for bbl and lipo, I love his aggressive lipo, the tiny tiny waists his gives and hips and his ass. When I first came across Cabral I knew he was the one. I had considered Rodriguez Pena bc I love his work but couldn't find many reviews on him and Iam just too afraid his results aren't always consistent, I also see that he mainly works on skinny girls so idk how well he will do on me. Dr.Rodriguez did quote me $4800 for bbl+lipo and breast lift but I just don't want to take that risk and have to do rd 2. So, I will be doing a BBL with Cabral sometime around April maybe sooner and get a breast lift+reduction back here in the US under insurance(my boobs are hugeeeee, I wear a 36DDD) probably will not get breast reduction until another year or so.

Wish pics

So I'm currently on a weight loss journey. In less than 2 months Iam down 16 pounds and working on losing another 20 hopefully by January. I would love to be about 30 pounds down weighing me in around 175/180 pounds. I currently weigh about 215 pounds, I'm 5"10 so the weight doesn't look like it's that much lol. I also want lipo in my arms buy without that weird look in my arms I've seen on some girls, I don't want aggressive lipo in my arms just enough. I may change my mind after weight loss but anyways here's some wish Pics.

Sx money

So I started saving about 2 months ago. I said I would start working some overtime but work is so exhausting. Idk I may pick up some overnights at work or find another job. Anyhow I still have more than enough time but I also want to buy a new car soon. So far I saved up $3000 and my boyfriend agreed to give me $2000 so I should have $6000 needed for surgery in another month or so. Also, my mother is coming along with me to DR for surgery which is great and gives me much more comfort knowing I will not be alone and she can take care of me lol.

More before pics of me and before and after weigh loss

16 pounds down and I see huge improvement in my body it's like all the weight is falling off my stomach which is great meaning I'll be snatched after sx! Here's some current pics of me and a picture in the same jumpsuit 2 months ago compared to now. I'm looking good, still at least 20 pounds to go!
Dr Cabral

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