My Last Minute Decision to Finally Have Surgery! - Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

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Ok so I finally had the heart to go though with...

Ok so I finally had the heart to go though with this after years of researching... Looking at Reviews an of course Instagram Stalking lol.. But my original plan was to go to Miami and have the surgery done by Dr Orlando Llorente but that morning I woke up to a WhatsApp message from Dr Hector Cabral which made my morning!!!! He's actually who I wanted in the beginning but it was SO HARD TO GET IN CONTACT WITH HIM!!! Mind you ladies this was all in a week an a half from when he's telling me the earliest date he had was August 31st but it worked cause my vacation date started the 29th of August lol.... So the next day I found a flight .... Side Bar... All the flights I seen were long long lay overs an I knew it was no way in hell I was gonna sit for 21 hours when the actual flight is only 3 1/2!!!!! So I found a straight flight from New York to Santo Domingo For $780 since he"s in the Dominican Republic... An it flew out August the 30th.... So the next step was to find a Recovery House which I did by looking on Real Self along with Facebook an found "Recovery Tropical Deluxe"...Since I was going alone this was one of the most important choices I had to make and Loved the picture an the reviews that I saw an read.... She gave me the best price for the 9 days I was staying for!! :-)... An I sent her the $100 deposit an locked that in! The next thing was to buy my Fajas an Foam Boards which I got from Amazon an the rest of my stuff such as pads, Gauzes, Bandages etc was from Walmart!!!! So I was pretty much done all in that week an ready to go....

Here...!!!! Hours away from becoming a master piece lol

Ok so I arrived in Santo Domingo kinda late cause I missed my flight... But I'm here so no complaints My Driver was there with my picture waiting for me which made me feel so much better cause I had NO INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!! And was freaking out ... But I arrived at my recovery house an was greeted wit open arms an food lol.... Which made me feel at ease...!!! So far my night at Recovery Tropical Deluxe has been wonderful an I feel better about the choice I made to do this life changing experience in the DR!!! :-) Also I'm the only girl here so I have the room an place all to myself... On my way to Cipla to Get my Surgery and I was so nervous let me tell ya lol..... But it was very clean an also packed!!!! I had to get my blood work done that cost an extra $200 an then my x-rays an waited to be called... I sat there for about an hour before getting called an asking did I wanna reschedule for tommar cause he had a lot of girls today an if I wanted I can be #1 to get my sx.... So of course I sad yes cause I saw already it was gonna be ALLDAY.... So I left an went back to where I was staying to get some rest an maybe visit the pool!!! I'll see DR CABRAL THE KING TOMMAR:-)))

Since I had to move my surgery till tommar



Finally got it done!!!!! It's day 3 an I'm stiff as a rock... But on a scale 1to 10 I'll rate the pain a 3 I GOT MY BREAST REDUCTION AN LIFT ALONG WIT MY BBL!!!!! The price was 5,200 for everything an well worth it..... Dr Cabral was a kind DR... An told me what I wanted was realistic which was great!!!! But my booty is hard an so are my boobs... But I'm in no pain THANK GOD!!!! ????????

My new boobs!....

I don't know what size they are or he actually did them.....
Dr Hector Cabral

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