king cabral round 2 6/15/16 - Dominican Republic

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So this my second review. I had a BBL with Yily...

So this my second review. I had a BBL with Yily May 14, 2013 I will be going for round two next summer. I want more volume/projection and a smaller waist. I'm at the 27 inches and I was to get down to 24, but I will take 25. My hips and butt and 40 inches all around and I would like whatever measurements a fat ass on me will be lol.
I got my date set up and I'm gonna but my tickets next month. I'm going to message cabral to see if I can get it moved up a week because my birthday is July 18 and I don't wanna be stiff as a board on my birthday. I'm 137 pounds and I want a stripper donk so I need to gain at LEAST 15 pounds. When I went In for my first round with Yily I was at 147, that's the most I ever weighed and it's going to be hard to get back up because my job requires me to be physically fit. I'm 5 ft 2 and a 15 pound gain would defiantly be noticeable. But I will be able to start packing on weight in April so that gives me almost 2 months to pack it on.
This time in getting my whole mid section lipo and my thighs this time too.
I got some tricks this round I didn't have the first time that would enhance my results so I'm pretty excited to go again. I would also like to get porcelain veneers while I'm there (from what I read they only take a few days so I do it towards the end) so I kill two birds with one stone. I'm Stoll trying to find a dentist though and I'm not having any luck with that.

Question: I see some people with butt out fajas and when are they okay to start wearing?
Also who knows if it's safe to get a tattoo a month before sx? And how long after sx to get them? Doctors on here say 6 months but they frontin

Weight gain

I messaged cabal today ending him some wish pics and I asked him how much weight I would have to gain to achieve those results. He told me I my ten pounds!! I'm gonna do 15 though, if I can. I 6 months out but I'm about to set up my sx amazon list so I can be ready.
Also will be documenting in IG @


So I booked my flight and paid my depsitbfor Maria's RH. I fly in June 14th and I will be going to see Doctor Collado first things for my teeth. He is going to give me a "full mouth" or 20 veneers for 3000. Its only takes one day to do so I will be done with that by the evening or night of the 14th and I go in for surgery on the 15. I will also be going to see Dr Valerio so he can do a skin peel for the hyperpigmentation on my face and then I will be buying some creams from him to use for the scars on my body. I have set my appointment won't everyone, all my things are booked and now all I need to do is continue collecting money and start with the vitamins. In excited. I'm going to come back a totally upgraded person.

3 days post op

I usually do my updates on my IG (junedominiciandoll) but I will put one here too. My night at cipla was shitty of course. I bled a lot and I ended up needing a blood transfusion because I almost fainted when they trued to put the garment in me. But since then I have been eating a lot of fruits and veggies and trying to maintain a healthy protein intake. I am feeling surprisingly well. I am moving around a lot, putting on NY clothes alone, getting in and out of bed alone and what not. The pain I feel isn't too bad, 99% of it comes from discomfort and rigid stiffness. I believe I have a appointment Monday for my check up and I'm hoping then they will transition me into a stage 2 faja. I don't think the one I am in now compress my body enough. I have soo many pads and foam I look like I'm pregnant!! I had a bowel movement yesterday and I was so sure I was going to poop on my faja but I didn't lol the hardest part about that was sitting my sore butt in the hard toilet. I started the massages 2 days post op and they are pretty painful but it gets better are you go. I almost passed out during my massage today so we had to stop but I felt okay once I laid down. I think the hardest part is fighting to get to sleep. No matter what position im in its uncomfortable AF and it takes me forever to fall asleep.


I got a vitamin e injection for my skin from Dr Valerio. Its supposed to even out the tone and make the skin appear MRE youthful. On Monday I think I will be doing the skin peel for dark mark removal for my acne scars
Dr Hector Cabral

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