Bbl, Tt and Lipo with Robles in August ! Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey ladies! I am scheduled to have a tt, lipo and...

Hey ladies! I am scheduled to have a tt, lipo and bbl with Robles August 10th. I'll be flying out of JFK the night of August 9th. Anyone else having surgery around this time? It would be awesome to travel with someone! Anyway, I am super excited and can't wait to have my body back after having my daughter 7 years ago! I am a little worried that after the bbl my butt may be too big since it's already pretty large, it just needs to be shaped and rounded out. Same with my hips. Im hoping Robles continues to be a great listener so I am happy with my results ! Almost 3 months left !! Will post pics as I get closer to the date.

CBC Done and Flight Booked!

I went to my doctor on Wednesday of this week and had a CBC done. My hemoglobin is at a 12.5 which is okay. Even though I am 3 months pre-op I want to start my vitamins to make sure my hemoglobin goes up and not down. I am having three procedures (lipo, tt and bbl) done so I want to be extra cautious. I was able to find complex-b and vitamin c at the correct dosages (from vitamin shoppe), but Im having trouble finding 300 mgs of iron and 5mgs of folic acid. Someone recommended that I ask for prescriptions from my doctor, but I rather he not know what I'm doing. If anyone has any recommendations for where to get the other vitamins, let me know ! I

I know I'm doing things way in advance but I am already so nervous about this whole thing, when August comes I want things to go as smoothly as possible! I will post pre op pics as I get closer to the date !

I booked my flight! I am flying with Jet Blue, leaving JFK on Aug 9th at 4:20 and coming back Aug 19th at 4:05. I paid 494.76. I also included extra leg room on the return flight to make sure I have enough room to get up and walk and move around if needed. After reading more reviews I'm wondering if I should have stayed longer. I have read that some women have to leave DR with their drains in, I definitely don't want to do that, but I know I'm going to be anxious to return home.

Got my remaining vitamins !

So I went ahead and stopped by target and found iron and folic acid. They aren't the exact dosages but I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm going to run them by Laura or Diana on Monday to make sure this is okay.

I was instructed to begin taking 300 mgs of iron, 5 mg of folic acid which I had trouble finding. I got Nature Made 65 mg Iron equivalent to 325 mg of Ferrous Sulfate and 400 mcg of folic acid, but Dra Robles said 5mgs.

We'll see what she says, if any of you took any of these dosages let me know ! I'll update you all sometime in May so I can share what products I've purchased for August. Two products I'm looking into are the bbl or booty pillow and a go girl funnel thing to pee.
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