Its finally my turn. Henao!!

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Hello dahlings. Im Ashley from NYC and I have my...

Hello dahlings. Im Ashley from NYC and I have my surgery scheduled for 2/25 with Dr. Cabral. Im 5'7" and about 175lbs. Im neither fat not skinny im kinda just there :/ lol. I domt wanna be just there I wanna be *@#PA-POWWW!!!*#@ LOOL

Im confused as to where I would stay, for how long and how much it would cost. Where did you ladies who had surgeries stay? What was the price and how much extra cash did you take. Plz share !

Before piktuhsss (ugh)

To be honest i never knew I looked like this until I took these pics. I mean i knew i had no ass but its worst than I thought lool! Sooo ashameddd

what I want

Some wish pics..

Still Hereeee!!!

Hey ladies I'm still here! I postponed it until maybe mid-end of march. Im soo excited!! Im just trying to get all my info and finances correct. For those of you who know, what do i need to bring that is not included in the cost of the bbl. For example do I need extra money for the compression garment and meds? I know I have to pay for the massages but I'm kinda unclear as to what else I will need.

Is it my turn now??? DR. HENAO

Hi guys, I've been on RS for a lil over two years now but I finally back. I had planned to go to Medellin for a BBL and BL in April of 2013 but I got pregnant after having sex once the entire month, with protection and taking plan b afterward!!! ???????????????????????????????? So of course I found this out about a week before I was set to leave and I called everything off and decided to have my baby.

Fast forward to today, my girl just turned one, she's as healthy and as beautiful as ever do I'm ready to reward myself for a job well done!

I plan to go to Dr. Alder Henao in Cali, Colombia. I choose him because he is a pro at giving a curvaceous, voluptuous figure while keeping it looking natural without going overboard. So as for when im going, I'm aiming for June of next year. I'm still breastfeeding but I'm planning to quit cold turkey ???? In January (I know, I know -- I swear she just uses it for comfort... There's no weaning this one) then give my breast enough time to dry up so let's say around June.

I contacted the doc and he quoted me 4650 for BBL w/ Liposculpture and BL without implants. This quote includes:
- Consultation
- Labs/exams
- 30 Day Medical insurance ( Up to $ 50 k USD in coverage)
- Medications (antibiotics, analgesics etc..)
- 2 Fajas & 2 Bras
- Post Op Ten (10) Massages

I think it's a pretty fair deal. So I guess I'm here looking for SX buddies, people who are looking to travel around the same time as me, or who have been to Cali and have other Doc's in mind? Talk to me girls ????
Dr. Hector Cabral

Dr. Alder Henao

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