5'9" 140lb BBL with Medina - Dominican Republic

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I'm scheduled for a Full Body Lipo with BBL on...

I'm scheduled for a Full Body Lipo with BBL on December 20, 2016 with Dr. Medina. I originally contacted Duran and after a month and a half of contacting and waiting I decided to reach out to Medina for a quote. Medina responded immediately and I reserved the first date she had available for late December.

I paid my deposit with cash at Bank of America and sent a pic of the receipt to her and she confirmed and secured my date. I booked a first class flight with Delta for $1280, reserved my stay at Kindness Recovery House, and booked with Yenny Acosta.

I ordered the following from eBay (hopefully they're certifiable)
Urine Funnel
Anti Embolism Socks
Abdomen Board
Triangle Back Board
Arnica Cream/Gel
Vitamin C
Heparin (40mg)

I still need to get:
Clavulin (1gr)
Augmentin (1gr)
Pain meds
Large Fat Maxi Pads (50)
Baby Wipes
Disenfectant Wipes
Mosquito Repellant
Booty Pillow
X-Large Pull ups
Stool Softner
Shea Butter
Bio Oil
Premuim Protein
Water Pills

That's about it for now. :)

Wish Pics

More wish pics

All packed into my carry on

4 days!!

4 days to go.

Still taking my supplements. Still trying to gain Lbs.

I made it!

I landed around 5:30am and went through custom's smoothly. I had both info card filled out and a pre-purchased tourist card.
When I turned the corner to exit the airport I expected a ruckus but it was very calm. There were a ton of people on each side and I came out of the airport like I was on a runway.
George and I are headed to My Home Recovery House.

My Home Recovery House

My Home is HUGE. Almost like a mini-mansion. It is an actual house and not a condo. Breakfast was cooked when I arrived. There's at least 2 nurses, a call button in the rooms, and space galore. No reason to every run into anyone.

At Medina's Clinic

I'm at SODOCIPRE, where Medina's clinic is located. First was the application, then psychiatrist evaluation. After successful completion, you pay and then go for labs.

5 hours post op

SX day

I arrived at SODOCIPRE at a little after 6a hoping to be the first but someone beat me to the punch. So I waited outside in the 2nd floor lobby on the couches.
I was called back around 12:30 to get settled in my room, prep for surgery, and get the IV. The nurse came in and set my IV shortly afterwards and another dropped of bottled water and aftercare supplies.
About an hour and a half later someone came in with a pill and I took it. About 10 minutes later someone came in to wheel me out. I remember a tall guy saying turn to the side so I must've got an epidural?
I woke up in my room with a nurse that's obviously one on one and not a clinic nurse. So I've been sitting.

I can't have food or water. I understand why but I don't get sick after surgery. But I guess they say safety first.

Happy New Year!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Medina and her staff have been very quick with responding and answering my questions. No complaints so far.

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