44 Year Mother of Five Girls Scheduled for TT, Ba with silicone only 250cc and lipo from flanks, back, - Fall River, Ma

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Hi everyone, I have been waiting for 6 years to...

Hi everyone, I have been waiting for 6 years to get my body back, after having all those gorgeous girls of mine:) . I have never been able to feel comfortable to wear a bathing suits I'm 5'4' 156 pounds. I have always worked out, people say they don't believe how great my body looks for having 5 kids....that's because they haven't seen me naked !lol, After carefully searching for a plastic surgeon and paying countless money for consultations, I realized that the Dr. For me is Walkiris Robles, I am amazed at her work, and the price. I will post pictures of my journey the closer I get to August, Pre and post pictures. I am learning as I go along from other members here, what to buy, what I would need, medicines they don't provide, so much more. I'm excited not nervous at all, as I am a positive person, I meditate my inner thoughts, I am always trying to look for the light and won't allow the tunnel to end :). My family is supportive...I had to schedule for August, so that I can prepare and arrange my little ones to be cared for two weeks away, never been away from my kids.
Ok I added my recent pictures.....can't wait for it to be just to be a memory!

Status can change

Hello...I've been struggling to stay with Dr. Robles...not because. Of anything she's done...my husband and mother insist that I have my procedures here...when I decided to go with Robles it was because of her Work is amazing. Nothing against anyone...but I'm latina..I want my curves..Drs that I had previously consulted with always find away of wanting to do a lower bidy lift , when all I want is Ba,TT,and bbl with lipo on inner thighs, back, flanks and waist!, lol only !,,! My husband talks about the after care.....and how dr's here use a different method for lipo and drains...I just don't like the scar to be so far up where a panty line can't cover it......please help me with my decisions....I already have my scheduled date for August 18.... Have not bought airplane tickets or applied for the passport yet ...my iron is currently 13.7 I have gained muscle since I weight train my BmI is 20 percentile...... I'm in good shape. Just this playdo skin no matter how hard I train it has never gone away....... Any feedback I would appreciate it. Thank you all

Changing my procedure and Dr.

Hello ladies, blessings to all, I have decided to change my Dr. And procedures, after several challenging debates with my husband, I have decided to stay here and have my procedure done here, although it's a lot of money, but my husband is insisting that it's better done here, because of the follow up, because of just the fact that I will get medical attention as needed and I will be comforted in my home. I really loved Dr. Robles, if I could only send her a ticket so that she can travel to me lol! I have also decided to have my tummy tuck with lipo on flanks and back, and a breast Augmentation with a lift ..eventually I will get to my inner thighs and booty! I just emailed Laura...she has been so wonderful to me..I felt so sad sending her the email stating I will not be able to travel to get my procedure done in DR. I have decide to go with a Dr, that also has what I felt so comfortable with..his way of looking at the body and just pointing out what would be in my best interest..he was so genuine answered all my questions...never felt rushed or pressured to make any choices...his office team is excellent they are all so kind, deluging when responding and welcome any questions you might have I would give them higher than A+ if I could. I also wnt to thank all my real self friends..and many blessings to all, my new surgery date is August 15. I will add pictures on the 14 of August. The surgeon I chose after so many consultations is Dr. Ira Rex.

All done

Had my procedures yesterday... In some pain..but I am hooked with a pain pumpin machine. Doctor Rex..is definitely A+ just loved him....I have taken a peek and I love the results. Will post pictures
When I feel a bit stronger.
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