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Dolls- Not unlike many of you...I've been stalking...

Dolls- Not unlike many of you...I've been stalking RS for a while now. Most of you ladies are so open and forthcoming--it truly has been great to read (and empathize) with the way must of you feel!!! I've learned sooo much from so many of you...like a lot of you- I'm addicted to RS lol.
I started this journey with one dr in mind ( in the U.S.) and now I'm doing to do what I thought I'd never do...GOING TO DR!

I like many of you, have fallen in love with the snatched waists and donks -- soon it will be my turn!! I've had a TT in the past, honestly the best thing I've done...but my body (as you can see in the pics ) ain't all that. I WANT to be all that, shoot... lol!!!

Anywho...won't bore you with much. Will keep ya'll posted on my journey. I'm slated for Mid November with Yily- bbl, lipo and a bl. I've seen what she's done, I pray to the snatched waist angels that she can do the same for me. Sent my deposit last night and after literally stalking them (if it was the U.S. they may have called the police on me lmao) I got my confirmation today.

So we're off to the races as they say...who says that? No clue really lol. Xoxo dolls!!!!

Hmm....can't be just me.

Bbl on the brain -like ALL the time...hear a song , think of my surgery, put on some clothes, think of my surgery, watch tv, think of my surgery, step in the shower, think of my surgery...everything I do pretty much reminds me of my surgery coming up. I'm very excited...I've seen what Yily can do--I KNOW she can hook a sister up! I wish I didn't have to fly to DR though..I know that's a no brainier- I pray to God all will be ok but with all this "idle" time- my mind goes all over the place. I'm just trying to stay positive about the entire experience and not "worry" so much.

BTW--guess I also have to stop "talking" about it. Lol I found pics of Kim k in my sons iPad-he's 8 lol--I guess he heard me talking to my husband about how I would love to have "junk in the trunk" like her.
lol - my BBL has gotten to be a "family" thing after all lmao .... Have a great weekend loves xo

This has become a full time job...

Literally. I'm on RS during the day at work, on my phone and at home when I get some down-time. I'm on this all the time..reading, learning and commenting when I think it is appropriate. RS is amazing and confusing at the same time. There are so many opinions - and dont' get me wrong that is what makes this place great...but I find myself second guessing my "initial instinct" or gut feeling more than I thought I would be. On top of it, it is like an emotional roller coaster - isn't this supposed to be fun and exciting?? One day I want to cancel the entire thing and the next I'm ready to fly to DR tomorrow. I was looking at pics of the OR room today in DR and it scared the you know what out of me..envisioning myself on that bed. I'm not having a good day today. I really want this done, but not at the risk of anything else. Sorry for the rant today, I'm feeling emotional I guess. Today is one of those days I want to call everything off. Sorry dolls -- maybe PMS'ing too.

Thoughts on Doctors?!?! YILY, LEON OR ROBLES

So, while not ideal one of the really good thoughts I saw was to double book. I know that isn't the ideal way to do this and not everyone can - however I feel more comfortable doing that. My heart was set on a bbl, lipo and a bl with Yily. She was my first "wish" dr - even more so than Duran...I'm scheduled with her for the 13th - deposit sent and all. NOW ---- with reading more and comments being made of course I started to 2ndguess myself. With that I've been doing more and more digging and speaking to other ladies about their experience with other doctors. I've gotten quotes from Cabral, Leon, Robles and Baez is not available. QUESTION IS WHO WOULD YOU GO WITH --- ROBLES OR LEON? Here is the quicker - they are both pretty much the same price, except that Robles said she'd prefer to do my BL separate and split up the surgery. Leon said he'd be able to do it all at the same time, actually waiting on a call from him either today or tomorrow.

SO THOUGHTS LADIES? ROBLES OR LEON? Both same price except Robles wants to split up the lift - since I potentially wouldn't go back, that means I may not end up with that.


And the countdown is on!

I've loved looking at each of your profiles dolls...almost love reading and commenting here and there more than just writing on my own profile!

Well the countdown is officially on - in about 3 weeks I'll be in DR with Dr. Leon. I technically have two dates with Yily and Leon (paid deposits to both) but I was feeling very uneasy - until I started talking to Dr. Leon. I really can't explain it - but something in me was ' at peace'. As much as I love Yily's work - I want to be in peach with my decision.

Now a Q for you ladies (and anyone in the medical field). I am allergic to opioids. I literally cannot take them without having a bad reaction. I understand there are alternatives for pain management (in fact in DR they rather use NSAIDs). Anyone else in this same boat and had surgery? Wondering if you took the pain meds given in DR and they worked for you? I have a high tolerance for pain but every experience is different, so I'm not just 'banking' on that.

Thanks dolls - hope all of you are happy with your results or excited about your planning!

2 more days and I leave for DR & see my Dr Leon!!

I can't believe that my time had finally come, I leave to Dr on the 12th and surgery on the 13th!!! This really flew...I'm super nervous, scared...You name it - I feel it!

I hate having to leave my family, I think that's the worst part. I spoke to Dr Leon today and he sounded so happy and sweet. I'll be sure to keep you ladies updated, Im HOPING I CAN SLEEP!!!

Today is the big day!

Hi dolls...as I wait I figured I'd give a quick update. Got to DR yesterday, went straight to the office for blood, ekg etc. Just have to say that the Dr is amazing!!! Everyone loves him here, so many nice things are said about him...and he is super patient, knowledgeable, sweet and personable. His manners are impeccable, and he isn't hard on the eyes either ????...I couldn't be more happy or at peace with my decision!!! His assistant is truly with wonderful too- we love Georgina!!!

I've filled out all paperwork and sitting in my room ready for next steps which are seeing the anesthesiologist and then taking that blue pill. I've added a lift/implants so it's going to be painful...I know that but also worth it!!!

Thanks dolls for all of the support, live and sharing of knowledge this entire time! This journey has been one I will not forget!!!

Say a prayer please!!! ??????

All good in this hood! Thank you Jesus!!!!

Really, thank you to God for allowing me to come thru safe, sound and uneventful - all glory to Him!!. I think I spoke enough about the team here- well it's even better post-op.
I will not lie, I was knocked out going into the operating room which I appreciated!
I was in lots of pain afterwards - bring a blanket! I brought two with me. As the anesthesia wears off you are freezing sporadically - this is normal. As it leaves your body you get back to normal. Boobs hurt the most so far....more just like a cynderblock is on top of it.

Thanks for the love and prayers dolls! I'll keep up with the post. Tonight, sleeping here.

4 days PO update

So much has happened that instructions know where to begin. As I mentioned in my last update, surgery was as successful as possible thanks to God! I can't be happier if more content with Dr Leon and his staff. They are consummate professionals and are there in your best interest every step of the way!

Recovery house a different story. I don't know what I was expecting, but it sure as heck wasn't easy...the staff is amazing. There are so many women here willing to help you along the way...at least in my case no attitude whatsoever. The food could get a bit tiring. But I'm a Latina so to me the food was great. I've heard complaints on how many times chicken is made and also the amount if times soup is served. There wasn't a menu here per say, but you could always ask for something else if you didn't like what was being served...some girls even went out and bought food to store for their stay.

Rocio Otegs is a beautiful home..,but in my opinion not truly set up for a patient in recuperation. There are no handles in the showers, there is slippery (but beautiful) tiles everywhere, toilets to low, sinks too high. There are mosquitoes and flies, but people...this is DR and that is as common as a McDonald's in the states.

My experience wasn't horrible, I was in fairly good state after surgery and while these things were things I noticed, my stay was fine. Again the people to me make all the difference.

The spa has been open 10 days...so I'm sure she is t done yet. For example she said she's waiting on the mesh for the screens - that should alleviate some of that!

I'm walking around normal and even got my hair blown out and a mani/pedi yesterday. I paid the equivalent of $30 US, keep that in mind as it is important to know the going rates for these things, you will get overcharged if you let it happen!

Important to note that you have to rest...surgery is no joke and I've seen girls here going out, shopping as if they just had a slight fall.

I stayed in for almost three days, letting my body recoup for all the damage I just had out it thru and took my meds as directed. If you didn't see my faja straps or drains you truly couldn't tell I had surgery 4 days ago!!!

Well that is all ladies. I'm posting some pics. Keep in mind that I have a couple shirts, gauze and my faja on but I did see myself naked this morning and my waist is small, my booty round and thick and my boobs perky.

Love my Dr Leon!!

Checking out my booty while my faja is washing...

Leaving DR...

Time flies, can't believe it has been 8 days. I've met truly wonderful people.

Again any ladies contemplating Leon - don't! He's a consummate professional with a kind heart and there for you every step of the way...

For people staying at a recovery home I wouldn't recommend where I stayed. The people are the most amazing - but most of them are leaving. I say look at other places, and do your homework. How many people are staying there, is the house adequately set up, what are the options in food etc. these people are here after all to make money, it is a business but that doesn't mean you should be taken advantage of....

Massages are a must. They hurt and you feel like crying at times but honestly between that, resting, taking it easy, eating and walking around the house I think it is what contributed to my great recovery. Sure I'm in pain, but it is bearable....if you didn't see my faja or bruises on my arms you couldn't tell I had surgery. Also...the swelling is real so do t be hard in yourselves!

Thanks for continuing in this journey with me and God bless you all!

Almost 2 weeks

It's been almost two weeks and things are progressing nicely. My breasts are starting to heal and I'm wearing my garment all day everyday. It is getting smaller- ladies the garment is a must! I've been using a scar treatment on my nipples so that helps a bit with the scarring and healing of the lift. Sleeping is getting so much better, I can sleep on my side now! The body pillow is amazing, I literally have been sleeping propped up on tons of pillows all of these days trying to find some comfort! My favorite part so far has been my hips. I'll try to get some pics but I've never been super curvy & I just love what the Dr did. He knew exactly what would look good on me and my husband agrees ;). The itchiness is starting but the dr gave me a good cream to calm that down. He also said a palmers would work, I'm going to try aquaphor as that seems to be the consistency he said will sliver some of the itchiness. Other than that I cannot complain, I'm still swollen and the lady I found to do my lymphatic massages here has helped a great deal! I just started using the triangle in my backside, not the most comfortable and actually it looks a bit weird but oh well, small price to pay for some nice long lasting results.

Toodles dolls xoxo

Booty Buddy pillow - any takers?

One more thing, I'm not going to be using the Booty Buddy pillow I bought. It is brand new, never touched. Anyone interested, let me know. It is quite often sold out. What I paid is below...not trying to make any $, but also not trying to lose any :)
Subtotal : $69.99 USD
Shipping : $15.99 USD
Total : $85.98 USD

Black Friday sale at In the pink room....

Hi ladies, just a heads up that in the pink room (they have a site and a beautiful store) is having a great same! I bought another faja since the 2nd one I bought I'm already on the last row of hooks...I've lost 3 inches in torso, 4 in waist and have gained one in booty. Very happy with results! The faja I bought was 30% off so I ended up saving over $40 bucks - you guys know how expensive these good fajas are!

Can't believe it's 3 weeks today...

It's ifficially 3 weeks since my sx. I'm not swollen except for a bit on sides and lower back. I continue to wear my garment 24hrs a day and take arnica pills. I also am pretty liberal with the arnica gel. Body continues to heal nicely...no volume loss in booty. Today is my first day wearing jeans ;)

How will I ever part with my garment lol

I used to despise this thing...just even the idea (before surgery) that I would have to wear it for so long annoyed me. Now I love it...I'm going to be one month po tomorrow...sheesh does time fly!

I bought a smaller size garment and as you can see from the picture it dies a number on my waist! I just love my shape with it...I wonder if it is still molding my body though... I literally have no swelling anywhere. I hope so , cuz eventually I know we will have to part. Lol

Going into this the most important thing for me was my waist and an hourglass figure...all the rest was extra (extras I love lol).

Anyone know if the garment still molds your body even if you have no swelling?

Booty greed and Scars etc...5 weeks later

Oh yes, the booty greed is real ladies! I mean - that wasn't my number one objective, my thing was a nice hourglass and I do think I got that. But now that I have this booty, I've become obsessed with it lol. My husband laughs at how I'm ALWAYS asking if it looks different or looking at myself in the mirror or trying on clothes lol. I love how it looks and I think it fits my frame quite well - I didn't want anything over the top, just not for me. As it is, I find myself wearing clothes that cover it up on occasions (like work), just not something I want noticed. I've worked way too hard to get to where I am to be only noticed for my booty. But that being said, I still love how it looks lol! My girlfriend is going to DR to get her booty done next and I keep messing with her telling her I'm going to go back with her lol.

Now onto my scars - things continue to progress nicely with the scarring. On my back they are almost gone, on my butt they are still healing, they need to get lighter there. But again, if they don't only my husband will be seeing those marks. I've been using ScarGuard on them...I actually use that on my breasts as well since I got a lift. The breast lift has been the pain in the butt with respect to healing..not that the scar has reopened (this is quite usual), but it has taken some time to scab up...Right now - 5 weeks later, I'm still scabbing and I just started to wear a normal bra. I'm still using the ScarGuard on everywhere that is healed and I do have to say the scars are healing quite a bit and fading, so I'm happy for that. Next step is the silicone lollipop strip I purchased. Once I am fully healed I will use that.

I do have a mark on my stomach, but it isn't from the lipo. It actually formed the first day when I was wearing the foams under my garment. Dr Leon told me to take it off immediately as it was causing unnecessary heat and that wasn't what I wanted - so I stopped wearing the foams and have only been wearing a camisole underneath. It doesn't look permanent, but again can't really tell as I don't leave my faja off long enough to give it a rest. We shall see!

Good luck to all the ladies still on this journey and to the vets, hope you continue to heal and progress nicely!

Some booty pics from 5 weeks

Forgot to post some pics before...

Some booty pics from 5 weeks

Sorry not sure why this didn't upload with the last pic...

Another reason why I love Dr Leon...

Here I am almost 6 weeks since my surgery and he called today to see how I was, was healing, any complaints or questions etc.
Now how many Drs do that??? Of course he asked to that I stay in touch too. Love him! Oh and he asked what hubbys reaction was when I got home from DR lol - I thought that was cute.

If you are considering DR and would like natural results with an amazing Dr that cares about your well being - you know where to go.
Good luck ladies & Happy Holidays!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

There is truly nothing I can say about Dr.Leon that is not stellar. From the beginning he was attentive, patient and caring. His demeanor never changed throughout my entire journey. If it had a question, he was willing to answer it. When I met him in person, the experience was a million times better. He is very sweet and is truly there for your overall well being. He loves what he does, but not at the risk of your health. He is a consummate professional and a perfectionist. He will make sure you understand all risks as well as realistic outcomes, he will not tell you what you want to hear, rather what you need to hear. His team is amazing and just like him patient and kind. When I flew to DR from before my surgery until after - I felt like I was surrounded by family! That is the feeling you get with this Dr and his team - you are working and putting your life in the hands of FAMILY! I would recommend him a million times over, and would fly to DR again for surgery. I was initially skeptical of surgery there vs the US - but boy was I wrong. I am a bit ashamed of the preconceived notions I had, everything was clean, modern and probably more in depth than here in the US (mind you I had surgery in the US before). I would go back again in a heart beat, but don't think I will need to as Dr. Leon gave me exactly what I was looking for. I'm beyond relieved and grateful for finding him.....He is not only an amazing Dr but an amazing person. Good luck!!

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