Arm Lift, Extended Tummy Tuck, BBL with Dr. Robles in Dominican Republic

I'm hopefully scheduled to have an arm lift,...

I'm hopefully scheduled to have an arm lift, extended TT, and BBL on December 14th. I say hopefully because there have been a few hiccups in communication with Dr. Robles' staff. I'm hopeful it's just they are very busy trying to answer as quickly as possible, missing details here and there since there are several different chains of email to follow. Otherwise, they usually answer within 24 hours and seem very friendly. My flight leaves the 12th, so I haven't much time to finish getting everything in order on my end before I leave. But I promised myself, after 2 years of obsessing over this site, I would write a review. So this is it! :-)

I love the results I've seen from Dr Robles and can't wait to become a Robles Barbie! I'm having all 3 procedures done at the same time because of my work schedule. I know it's a lot at one time, but I don't have any other option. I have a very physical job and I'm going to have to take off 6 weeks for Recovery because I do a lot of heavy lifting. There's no way I will be able to take off that much again for several more years.

I am turning 33 in a few days and have no children. I have been obese for most of my life and I was on a life long diet it seemed. I've lost and gained 85-100 pounds probably half a dozen times. Needless to say, my skin is very loose. April, 2015 I had the gastric sleeve done and have NEVER regretted it. I'm 5'7, weigh 170lbs and wear a size 8. I'm very comfortable in my size, but not my shape.

My arms are the most important thing to me. Everyone has that one spot they can't get rid of, mine is my arms. I've hated them since i was a teenager. I have to wear larger jackets because they won't fit my arms. I've even had them lipo'd, they are just huge. The TT I decided to go ahead and do because I figured I might as well strive for the total package if I'm gonna do this right.

SIDE NOTE: In 2008 I went to this "famous" plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and had an anchor lift with implants along with full body lipo. The lipo did wonders in some areas, but others were left a little worse for the wear. ESPECIALLY when I put the weight back on. Now one of my butt cheeks is flatter than the other, my stomach is lumpy, my left arm is just saggy skin and my breasts are both 100cc's bigger then what I told the surgeon I wanted. Also, one implant has moved cause the pocket is too big. I'm praying that all goes well with my upcoming procedures and I can have my breasts re-done with Dr Robles at another date. This time I did my research! I went with a surgeon with great reviews and results.

Gathering supplies

I've spent the past couple of weeks collecting everything I'm going to need for the trip. I will wait to list most of them until after I have gone through with the procedure so I'll know what I did and didn't need to pack. That way I can give a more accurate list of what one needs while there. The one thing I will say that I have purchased that I'm hoping was the right thing to do was the Dr. Miami booty Buddy pillow. That sucker was almost $120 including shipping. Hope it works! I'll want it for my 12 hour trip home, which includes 3 plane changes. (Very nervous about that length of time). I have also started taking blood builders. It has all of the vitamins and supplements the nurse said to start taking in one pill. My hemo was 14.1 when I had it checked last month, but I figured, better safe than sorry.

Blood builder

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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