My Journey to a New Me (Super Excited)

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Hello all I'm new here I'm really trying to have...

Hello all I'm new here I'm really trying to have my surgery by February of 2017. I've narrowed it down to Dr.Yily and Dr. Duran. My goal well I really hate my upper body I want lipo and a tummy tuck and I've decided after further research I'd also like a BBL. at first I narrowed it down to Duran but her BBL seem to be on the bigger side well bigger then I want any help would be great guys.

I will officially be a fisher doll January 2017

So the countdown begins ladies I'm going with Dr.Fisher my surgery date is
January 26, 2017 and it is all I can think about!

Had to move my surgery to January 31, 2016

So i had to move my surgery date to January 31,2016 but its ok at least I'm still in January. My bff who was suppose to be my sx can't get a date so I have to find a new surgery buddy. I'm super excited any help you guys can give on recovery houses would be great.

Book with Miami Escape

This is all coming together I book 7 days six nights with Miami Escape any reviews would be gr8

Some b4 pics counting down 38 days to Fisher

Happy New Years All!!! Fisher Doll in 30 days!

Time to get my blood work

Hi ladies I'm 30 days away from my surgery with Dr.Fisher January 31 I'm trying to have my blood work done next week btwn the 5th and the 8th or should I wait until closer to the date


I'm considering purchasing my supplies when I get to Miami. I know it will. R cheaper then NY (where I live) and I'm staying at a recovery house and I won't run the risk of buying unnecessary supplies any thoughts?

No responses

Well I don't know what I'm doing wrong I'm here just looking for support and answers like everyone else you dolls don't see to be responsive to me so I'm going to move it along best of luck dolls on your surgeries

Reposting my b4 pics

So this is me a few weeks ago these are actually the pics I sent in for review. I'm 170 pounds which is where I need to be but I'm thinking about going down a little more. I'm not going for a big booty what I really want is to be super small on top no waist no back fat.

B4 pics

I want to lose more weight b4 my surgery on the 31'st what do u guys think

Wish pics

I have small legs and hips so I don't want to go to big the one in the black is my top choice

Finally got into the patient portal

3 weeks to go yayyyyy! I don't feel nervous at all

EKG cleared

Well I saw my doctor today my EKG cleared just waiting on the blood work my doctor said I can come in a week from today to get my results. This is all coming together 22 days and counting just holding off on booking my flight until I am medically cleared.

I am officially paid in full!

Paid off my balance and I am 19 days away from the new me! Now I'm stressing over what supplies to buy and what is absolutely necessary my rh (Claudia's) says to pack light but dies this mean I'll be spending a lot of money buying supplies in site HELP!


Yayyyy so I just left my PCP and I am officially medically cleared for surgery my hemoglobin was great 13.5 it's all coming together last pieces of the puzzle supplies and booking my flight. I refused to buy my flight until I was clear. Dr. Fisher here I come!

The WAITING GAME??!!!????????

So as it turns out I didn't clear last week my WBC was too high it was 11.2 so I had my CBC redone yesterday and today the results were 11.2 which is within range and what I was told by my pre-op coordinator it needed to be. So now I'm waiting for the thumbs up from Dr.Fisher they said I'll know by tomorrow with my surgery scheduled for Monday, January 31, 2017 the anticipation is killing me. Pray for me dolls this tummy has got to go!

I've ARRIVED! Surgery in 24 hours!

I've arrived in Miami and I am currently en route to Eres for my Pre-op after my long journey surgery is Tomorrow yayyyyy


Dr.Fisher is great!!

Ok ladies so here's my experience thus far. @9am this morning I landed in Miami I went and picked up my luggage from baggage claim and proceeded outside to wait for my ride. I am currently staying at Miami escape (which I have not seen as yet) my driver wS a little late due to traffic but nothing significant and no big deal. So I arrive at Eres at about 10 and check in at the front desk. After waiting about an hour I go inside to another waiting area where I wait about 30 minutes and then I'm called inside a room to sign away my life (joking) not joking tons of paperwork. After that I'm fitted for my faja then ushered back to the waiting room where I waited almost 3 hours to meet the man the myth the legend Dr.Fisher. He was gr8 he answered all my questions gave me real answers as to what would and could be done so that I would be realistic. He was excellent I feel really confident about my surgery tomorrow. On my way to the recovery house now ladies will update with reviews of the recovery house in a minute.


He's so short!

Miami Escape

Well I finally arrived at Miami Escape I know it may be to soon I've only been here half a day but it's a great place to stay! Dani and her staff are on their A-game and the place is clean and comfortable. Having surgery tomorrow hoping they're they care for me just the same when I can't take care of myself

Pushed up my app't

So after my pre-op yesterday I was originally scheduled for 12:30 pm then I get a call @6am this morning asking me if I can make it in at 8am. YESSSSSS!!! I arrived at 8 on the dot and they called me in 15 minutes later. The nurse took my pressure gave me my drug test more photos told me to change into my gown and then I waited to see Dr.Fisher. I didn't wait long he came I about 20 minutes sat and talked with me for about 30 minutes marked up body and told me I'd be going into surgery in about 20 minutes. So that's where I am in my journey dolls just waiting to go into surgery now he gave me a lot of info he told me I should be staying longer because I'm leaving only 4 days post we'll see. Ok dolls I'll talk to u soon pray for me I'll be going any minute now!

I made it!!!!

Ok dolls I made it I am now 7 hours and 30 minutes post-op and I feel good. I'm already walking and going to the bathroom by myself but anyways I hope u guys can see me pic clearly and share your opinions. I can't really tell what it looks like help me out dolls!


10 hours post-op and I feel great! I feel like doing my make-up putting on something cute and hitting the town (not going to happen but 1 can dream) ????????????????????


Hello ladies can anyone suggest a great place to get my massages? Anyone done their massages at Eres if so how ere they?

1 day post op!

On the right is before my massage on the left is after she was able to release a lot of fluid from my back. The third pic is post massage as well,

4 days post op

Leaving for home today the pics do no justice Dr.Fisher did his thing!

Having surgery January 2017 with Dr. Fisher so far so good with everything at ERES I'm very satisfied with my decision! My patient coordinator at ERES responds to my emails in a timely fashion and I'm always able to reach her via telephone

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