Mother of 2! 21! And Just Need my Body Back! - Dominican Republic

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Hello RS Ladies!! I have been stalking everyone on...

Hello RS Ladies!! I have been stalking everyone on RS for almost a year now! My surgery is in about 2 weeks and I am ready for it! I have gone into surgery before, getting my gallbladder removed, kidney surgery twice due to kidney reflux. I will be getting my TT in Dominican Republic! My mother was born there and raised there, so she knows her way around. I am just ready for this! I will be doing the procedure with Dr. Yussef Serulle in BellaForma! Can anyone tell me about there experience with him and the clinic? Thanks !!


Sorry I haven't updated in a long while! But I'm on the flat side!! I did the tests and everything came out great, except my iron was on the line of yes and no so the gave me 2 decisions, either to not do the surgery , or to do an iron transfusion and just incase reserve 1 pint of blood.
Ofcourse I chose the surgery! I went in at 2 pm and woke up at 9! They took me a shower which was a little uncomfortable. I have no pain (yet) my whole body is just numb. I will try to upload some pics later. The doctor and nurses are very nice here. The joke and smile and help you a lot. They're very attentive. I will be going home today. Well thats all for now!


Here are some of me before surgery.

So far

So far the surgery is feeling awful! Lol! First 3 days was just the worst. I'm on day 4 almost day five and I can finally get up from bed all by myself. Walking straighter and straighter everday. Had my first massage today, it was painful but worth it! I have some 3 days post op pics for my RS ladies! I really like the progress! Oh I also had a bowell movement which took like 20 min! Remember stool softner! I for got mine sadly. Really want these weeks to pass by quicker!


I will be getting my drains removed in 2 days! Massages are getting better. Missing my family very much. This surgery will make you very emotional! Still can't stand straight and I stillIfeel like I have 2 lumps on my back. Which the massages are slowly bringing down. 1 week tomorrow! 2 more weeks until I see my kids and husband! So excited for my final results. I'll try and post some pictures later on today or tomorrow.


Why can I not stand straight yet! Why does my back still ache! Why can't I sleep at night! Ugh! This is much harder than I thought! In 3 days I will be 2 weeks post op. And I thought I would be able to do more by now! I've noticed that if I walk around a lot I get staighter. But I discomfort on my back from walking too much and Isit down. If I sit for too long, then I need to bend so I don't feel like I'm ripping in half. I am so impatient. I need father time to kick it up a notch.


So these last 2 days have been pretty good. Just that my incision looks like its opening in my right side towards the middle! I have an appointment tomorrw with the doctor. I'm so worried that maybe its infected or something! Liquid is also seeming out of it! That is what has me more worried and thinking its i fected. The other side looks perfect. Nothing comin out of it what so ever. What do you girls think? Ughh! I ned to see my doctor right away tomorrow! And I'm still soo swollen on the top and bottom of my stomach! The only good things right now is that I woke up standing straighter than ever! Idk why!


Soo I went to see my surgeon today and everything is fine. I just had a lot of fluid so the fluid was trying to seek out somewhere. They inserted a needle in my belly and took out like 5 tubes of fluid! It didn't hurt at all! I didn't even feel the needle! They will take out more fluid in Wednsday. I'm so glad it wasn't an infection or something! My faja is a small and already on the 2nd almost 3rd row! Getting better each day with time!


Hello! So I am very sorry for being MIA on realself! I am now 7 weeks and 4 days post op and I say its going pretty good! My scar is starting to light up even though the pictures don't really show. I'm planning on getting a tattoo to cover it anyways. Everything right now is good though. I still feel like I could have gotten more lipo though but I still love my results!
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