Tummy Tuck and Arm Lift - Santiago, DR

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Well ladies today is the day that I go to...

Well ladies today is the day that I go to Santiago, Dominican Republic for my procedure. I will have a TT with Arm lift and lipo. I had the lap ban done a couple of years ago and I developed a bunch of lose skin and a hernia around the port. I will have my procedure with Dr. Yuseff Serulle. I will be traveling from Charlotte, NC and will stay there 10 days. So far I've had nothing but good experiences with him and he comes very well recommended.

Bella forma is beautiful

This clinic is so pretty, clean and the staff is great so far!!! I'm not to happy with the recovery house because the TV comes in and out and the WiFi doesn't reach my room. One of the girls is leaving and in going to see if her room picks up good signal and I'm going to ask to move.

I'm waiting to get my blood work and then to surgery!! Wish me good luck!! :)

First day and I'm feeling pretty good

Everyone has been amazing! Dr. Miranda stayed all night and she was the one doing the rounds not a nurse which made me feel so at ease!

Shower time!

Earlier today two of the nurses came to help and give me a bath and then told me that I'm doing amazing with the movement that there's people that only has one procedure done and can't move. They took my catheter and I had to pee and I got the Worst dizzy spell in my whole life. Part is because of the blood loss and because of my nerves and flight delays I did not have anything to eat since 10am Sunday and my surgery was at 5pm. It was supposed to be at 9am but we had to wait for other tests from the OBGYN and Te clear from my surgeon back in the US. Finally the my brought me back to life and finished my shower but I was exhausted and started to get dizzy again and got an even worst dizzy spell but they were amazing again!!! I am beyond swollen since it has not been even 24 hours but I'm so excited of how low my scar is and how small my arms are

Let's talk poop!

Take a laxative and I would even recommend starting earlier! Poopping, coughing laughing hurts like a MOTHER

Lymphatic massages help so much

The first white garment (the one that looks like the one from after you give birth) is the most uncomfortable thing but they say after a couple massages I can get In the "normal" one. It's a bit uncomfortable but not painful and as soon as I finished I felt so so so much better. I even started looking to get some back home.

Also maybe because my pain has been going down the pain meds are knowing me down!! 10 minutes laters I'm falling asleep for hours.
Want to know the 2 things that I miss the most? Wiping my own but and sleeping on my side in my bed and not in the recliner.
Dr Yuseff Serulle

I've talked to the Dr and his assistant Isabel and both have been amazing.

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