38 Years-old...Tummy Tuck, BBL, Lipo to Back and Waist, Breast Lift and Augmentation. - Santo Domingo, DR

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Hi everyone...My name is Renee. I am 38 years-old...

Hi everyone...My name is Renee. I am 38 years-old with one adult child. I do not plan on having anymore children, so I've decided to treat myself to a makeover. I've always wanted bigger breasts, but I've decided to go with the tummy tuck and bbl with sculpting because I feel it will make a bigger impact on my appearance. I'm built pretty straight, without curves (thick waist, small hips), so I'm unable to wear certain clothes that I like. I don't have big breasts, but for some reason, I look chestier than I am when I wear clothes. So I am definitely going to get the TT, BBL and lipo, but I'm going to discuss my breasts with the doctor when I see him.

I've decided to have the procedures done with Dr. Escobar-Jaramillo in the Dominican Republic. One of my best friends is having her procedure two weeks before me, and her family is going to take care of me while I recover. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've never had any surgery of any kind, and having surgery done out of the country is a bit nerve-racking, but I believe that I am in good hands. What makes me the most nervous is thinking about the plane ride back by myself. I'm arriving in the DR on April 4th, having the procedure done on the 7th, and returning on the 18th. My friend has had family members that have had surgery with Dr. Escobar and they've all been pleased with their results. I communicated with him using whatsapp and he was very friendly and helpful. I just sent him pictures of myself and he told me what procedures I should have done and gave me a quote.

I would also like to mention that I've seen two plastic surgeons here in New Jersey for consultations. They both seemed great but too pricey for me. The first one was charging me $10,700 for just a tummy tuck. I also think that Dr. Escobar will do a better job with the BBL and sculpting. One thing that confuses me a little is that the first surgeon I saw told me I definitely need a breast lift, with or without augmentation. The second one told me I definitely DON'T need a breast lift and suggested augmentation or fat transfer. I sent pics to Dr. Escobar and he said I need a breast lift, with or without augmentation. So, I'm looking forward to seeing him in person to discuss my options further.

I don't have any pics right now, but I'm going to see if my daughter can take some later or tomorrow. I'm excited to start my journey with all of you ladies and hope for the best for all of us :)

My before pics

Here are my before pics. I don't have saggy skin from a pregnancy, but my weight has fluctuated over the years and I've weighed as much as 180 lbs. A couple of years ago, I lost a lot of weight, and although I looked great in clothes, my stomach was never completely flat because of the crease that I have, and I had a little bit of loose skin. All three doctors told me I need a tummy tuck to get the results I want. Plus, I don't like being super skinny. Right now I'm 145 lbs and my height is 5'4". I wouldn't mind being between 135 and 140 lbs.

Feeling a bit discombobulated

So I'm feeling a bit discombobulated. I am a procrastinator, but I'm trying not to be when it comes to preparing for this surgery. I made a short list of items I need, but I feel like I can't find anything. I feel like I'm having trouble focusing and that I'm flailing about in the middle of the ocean. Maybe it's nerves and stress. Today I went for my medical clearance appointment and my doctor also did an EKG. I had blood work done in December and everything was fine, so I'm sure I won't have any problems getting the okay for surgery. I'm also still waiting for my passport. I paid the extra $60 to have it expedited but it was rejected because I gave them the birth certificate from the hospital I was born in. I overnighted the county issued one last Thursday, so hopefully I'll get it soon. I've decided I definitely want to have my breasts done, so the total will be $7,000. I wasn't planning for this so it's a bit overwhelming thinking of how much I'll be spending on my body. I've never done anything like this before, but I do think I deserve it. I've worked since I was 15 and don't have much to show for it, so I'm trying not to feel guilty. It was between this and buying a house. And I know I will be much happier with a new body right now. Yesterday I went to TJ Maxx and got so excited thinking of how many more options I'll have when shopping for clothes. I'm pretty conservative and dress conservatively, but I can't wait to be able to wear clothes that show off a womanly figure.

The day is almost here...

Hi, Ladies...So even though I haven't really communicated with anyone on here, I do feel a little better when I post something. So I'm scheduled for surgery this Saturday morning at 10am. I'm not really nervous yet about the surgery itself, but I've been sick for the past couple of days. First, I think I ate something that didn't agree with me so I was vomiting and bedridden for a day. And today, I feel congested and foggy. I read putting a few drops of peroxide in each ear helps with congestion, so I've done that a few times. I'm not sure if I have a cold or if it's just allergies. I'm nervous that I won't be able to get the surgery, so please, if you're reading this, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! Today I was thinking of why I'm not more excited about getting a new body, and I think a part of me thinks this is as good as it gets, that the doctor can't make me look better. I'm so used to being dissatisfied with my body and just accepting and living with it. I never thought that I would ever get surgery, especially because I wanted to show my daughter that we're perfect the way we are and that we should always accept ourselves the way we are and not to conform to how society says we should be. But now that my daughter is older, I don't feel as much pressure to be that kind of role model. And I'm grateful that she's okay with me getting the surgery even though she doesn't think I need it (God bless her heart). I can tell that she's nervous though because she's been wanting to cuddle with me which she never does anymore. Well, hopefully everything goes as planned. My friend just had her surgery less than 2 weeks ago and she looks and feels amazing. I hope I recover as well as her. I wish all of you ladies the best of luck. God has not given us a spirit of fear, so whenever fear tries to make its way into our thoughts, just cast it out and replace it with positive thoughts :) XOXO

Surgery tomorrow...eeekkk!!!

Hi ladies...well I've arrived in the DR! I cannot complain about a thing so far. My friend and her family are absolutely fantastic and have made me feel very comfortable. I go to see the doctor tomorrow at 8am and I'm scheduled for surgery at 10am. I am not nervous at all. The only thing that concerns me is that I'm so gassy from eating too much queso frito, which I know was a bad idea. Has anyone ever been turned away from surgery for having too much gas? Lol. Other than that, I'm ready to get this over with. Oh, and your prayers worked because I no longer feel congested! Thank you! I'll write an update as soon as I'm able to. Good luck to everyone else getting surgery xoxo

Successful surgery!!

Hi Ladies...so I had my surgery on Saturday and it was a success!!! Yay me!!!! Lol!! It went better than I expected. I had never had surgery before so I thought I would be a hot mess, but the only time I got emotional was when I spoke with my daughter over the phone before the surgery and she was sobbing because she was scared for me. To be honest, and as expected, things are done a lot differently here than in the states so it was a bit disconcerting at times, but I really have no real complaints. I decided on local anesthesia so I was awake at times during the procedure, and I think I'll always have fond memories of the procedure lol. I remember waking up and feeling a mans hands on my butt and I demanded to know why a man was touching me lol. I also kept saying I was hungry and that I was cold, and I apologized to the anesthesiologist bc I saw that she was tired. Overall, I had a really good experience with Dr. Escobar and his staff. I felt no pain whatsoever after the procedure and felt great all night in the hospital. One thing that I love about Dr. Escobar is that he sends a nurse to you for a week to change your bandages and bathe you when you're ready. His nurse is great and I felt no discomfort at all when she took care of me this morning. I told the doctor I wanted to be a full C and that I wanted curves. I didnt give him any wish pics because I know every body is different and what works for one person won't work for another. He put 300cc silicone implants in each breast and just cut around the nipple. He had said one breast would probably need a lollipop lift but I told him I didn't want that. After the surgery , he told me it was difficult but that he was able to do the lift and implant with just the donut incision. In my buttocks, he put 500cc's in each. I thought the number sounded pretty low but I investigated on here and that sounds about right for my build. Right now I feel pretty good. I'm not in pain, but I am sore and at times uncomfortable. I'm also tired because I have a problem sleeping and sleeping pills aren't working. I'm going to post a couple of pics. I'll post more if my body does anything interesting lol.

Feeling uncomfortable

It's 230am and I can't fall back asleep bc I'm too uncomfortable. The doctor has me wearing a binder 24/7 and the person who put it on me today put it on too tight. I loosened it but im still not feeling relief. I just feel very uncomfortable in my stomach area. My left breast is also bothering me bc it's very swollen. I'm all covered up so it's hard to see what's going on. I can't wait to see the doctor later for my first follow-up visit. So since I can't sleep, I'll fill you in on what's been going on with me. Since I suffer from constipation, I started taking colace the day after the surgery and I pooped for the first time on the third day after surgery. I was very grateful that it was very easy , and I've pooped daily since. And today the nurse took out my drain which made me incredibly happy bc that thing was annoying. I also had my first massage today. The lady came to the house and massaged my back. It was a little uncomfortable bc I've been sore, but I felt great afterwards. I guess that's pretty much it for now. I've had a pretty good recovery but I'm kind of over being uncomfortable. I hope those of you who have had surgery are recovering well. All the pain and discomfort will be worth it in the end. Xoxo


I feel like I have so much to say but don't want to ramble. I saw my doctor yesterday for my first follow-up visit and he took the stitches off of my breasts. He said my incisions are healing very nicely. They put the faja on me which felt very uncomfortable. I always dress for comfort so I'll don't think I'll ever get used to it, and I have to wear it for months (insert crying face here). My recovery is going well but I wish I could teleport to the future and be done with it. Yesterday , I looked in the mirror and was like what did I do? It's hard to envision what I will look like. I'm still very swollen and tender. I also went to the spa yesterday for a massage and OMG was it painful! But I know it will be worth it. I asked the doctor when I can exercise and he said 6 weeks, but only cardio. Of course there are many negatives of having surgery out of the country, but the one that I think will personally affect me is not being able to see the doctor for continued follow-up visits. I can send him pics and talk to him but it's not the same. Today I had my first bath. I don't know what I would have done without the nurse. She comes everyday and takes care of my incisions and bandages me. The doctor provides her services for the first week and I have to pay her after that, but she is worth every penny. She's the one who bathed me today and I think I would have been lost without her. Everyone here is so great - I wish I could take them all home with me lol. Well there's so much more to say, but I'll stop here lol. I hope those of you who had surgery are recovering well, and for those that are thinking about it, stop thinking and just do it :) xoxo

Nipple sensation and constipation

I forgot to mention my nipples in my last post. I have really sensitive nipples and I was afraid of losing sensation. Well last night I realized I have sensation in my right nipple so I was super excited. However, I don't have any sensation in my left nipple. I figure it's because he had a difficult time doing a lift on that breast bc I didn't want a lollipop incision. I hope I get sensation eventually, but I'll be satisfied with just having sensation on my right side. As for constipation, ladies take your stool softener! I was out all day and didnt take mine and it was hell trying to have a bowel movement. I was so desperate I even tried pooping standing up (tmi, I know). I took the pills after that fiasco and ended up having a pain and stress free bowel movement at 430am.

Feeling blah

Today has been a blah day for me. I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't see beyond the inflammation in my back and I feel fat. In one of my earlier posts I mentioned how I felt my body was as good as it gets. Today when I saw myself naked I was like omg I was right...I still lack curves. Everyone tells me it's bc of the inflammation and I know that they're right. And I know I'm being unreasonable, but I think it's bc I'm due for my period and I'm hormonal. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

New pics

I feel better today :D


New pics

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