30, 1 Kid Need TT, BA with implant & BBL. Chose Dr Mota!! Oct 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi guys. I an dead set on having my tummy tuck...

Hi guys. I an dead set on having my tummy tuck done in October. I have even worked out the leave with my job! I need a TT and was looking at the BBL, but I think they are a bit much, I've never been a ass girl on ME, the photos look VERY enticing. Think I'd rather jus fat transfer into my butt and do a breast lift with maybe a small implant. Who to choose!!?!?! Of course I am looking at DR, a girlfriend came back and Dr. Tilt did her procedures, she looks GREAT. I have already gotten a quote from Dr. Duran and have emailed Dr. Baez as well. These were my top 3 in DR. As I have heard there was a recent death in DR due to a BBL (supposedly) I did start to look into Miami, but my $$ limit won't really fit with Miami, and they only want to do 1 procedure at a time, ie BBL and come back months later for the TT. I'd prefer one n done! Please help!!! Also looking for a mate to go with (10/6-11/3/2014) I would be flying out of NJ or NY. Please respond ladies!!! Thx

Current B4 pic

Got more Quotes!

So I did email like 9 different Doctors in D.R. My first choice is still Yily but she did not give me a quote, just a general response asking for a deposit. Duran did get back to me immediately with quote, etc. Mota, he seems to be a newer Dr. haven't seen too much about him, but he has emailed and called me, so his communication is on point. And the quote for everything from Estaves was great as well. Its so hard to choose, glad I am 5 months away from going, though I WISH I could go NOW!!! lol Gotta work to pay for it first though ;-)

Now I would LOVEEEE to b as tiny and built like Draya, but Im not delusional...lmao. So as I am only 5'3 I think I will have to go with Emily B.

So...picked my wish person

Had to go with....Amber Rose!!! She looks natural yet has boobs n butt...and we are the same height. So She is my wish person/body!!!

Can't wait!!! :-) 5 week countdown

I'm so excited!!!!! 5 weeks to go. Though I wanted to lose some weight n etc b4 surgery, I'm glad I'm healthy and my hemp is 13.1 normally. Started taking 65 mg iron pills want to be at 14+ by my surgery date. It is what it is, hell I've been this weight for years. I'm more interested In this gut being GONEEEEE. Any who, got 90% of my supplies already packed. Jus need a lock and some protein shakes really. 1 more Dr visit with blood work n 3 weeks n I'm ON MY WAY ?????????????????
Dr. Mota, staying with Gianna Colombo. Arrive 10/ 5- 20 /2014. Surgery 10/7. TT, BBL, and BL/A

Mommy Makeover Here I Comeeeee!!!!

I can't wait to be able to wear a tight dress with no gut n no bra and my ass sitting up...okaayyyyyy ;-)

I cannot wait until 10/7. I fly down from NJ 10/5, consultation 10/6 and surgery 10/7 staying until 10/20.

I am getting a Mommy Makeover: TT, BBL, and BA/L

I have not gone yet but I am fully prepared, mentally and literally, and ready to begging my Makeover journey

9 more days!!!!!

So, 7 days til my plane ride and 9 to surgeryyyyyy!!!!! Super excited!!! Still have a few more things to pack and all ready. Getting all my things in order for my son for when I'm gone. Aaahhhhh. Happy! :-)

Its that timeeeee!!!

On the plane to SDQ!!!!! I'm ready and excited ladies!!! First class seats...yasssss ???????????????????????????????????

Tuesday am surgery!!! #leggoooooo

Wouldn't let me post a pic ????????

Will update again soon!!!!

Hay ladies!!!

Ok, met with the Dr today. Love him, his Dr wife, the office, EVERYTHING. CAN'T wait...going in Tom at 7 am!!!! :-) :-0 ;-)



Picking implants

Uploading pics from my ipad, doesn't seem to work too well. Or mayb it the DR wifi??

ok ladies!!

My surgery was pushed back a day due to a minor complication, so I went under yesterday and I am now on the FLAT SIDE!!! Amen. Can't see what I look like, jus feel like a hot stuffed pig n this damn hot ass faja, ugh. Any who, on day 5 Dr will remove it and I get my first massage so I CAN NOT wait until Monday!!! This website sucks with loading pictures

Day 12 PO

I am so happy ladies!! Day 12 PO...I have a lot to tell y'all, but for now...Dr took the drains out today ???????????????? n I am about to have a quick lunch at the RH before I head to the airport...take off to NY @240!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

Last day!!!



Salon trip Day 8 PO...hair, nails, and toes painted

Dunno Y these pics arent loading!!! And my emojies are coming out as question marks!


B4 and afters!!


Day 17 PO!!

Hay ladies, I have gotten many questions about my experience.

I want to start with I am 100% happy that I went to Dr. Mota. I was excited when i chose him, happy when i met him, and thrilled with my immediate results. He speaks English and works with his beautiful wife, both PS, so you know who is doing your work (not an intern or a switch out once your sleep). The clinic is pristine, clean, new and ONLY PS work there ( blue picture)! Its not a clinic with 5 floors and 30 diff Dr's and 6 diff kinds of Dr's.

I am still super crazy swollen in my abdomen and may have a seroma, fluid build up, but that will all be checked out on tuesday when I go to my NJ PS. But all is well, no infections, no issues, scars look GREAT, TT scar is super LOW, everything in going as planned!

I admit i ran home and stripped out of that faja as SOON as i landed, but no worries, i did put on a waist cincher that i already had, so that i would not lose compression. I also bought a massager with heat so that i can massage myself. i bought more tape, Tri-pore 3M Nexcare tape, to put over my scar as well as neosporian and A&D ointment to keep everything hydrated.

I stayed with Gianna Colombo at HER RH (picture above) and my stay was good, place is clean, nurses attentive, and you NEVER missed a meal!! My transportation was covered (pick up, drop off, and Dr visits as well as a trip to the mall included). The nurses did not speak english but it was not an issue as I knew main words before i got there (i have pain here, help me, bathroom, etc) and printed a list of words i may need. i also used a translator app on my cell for everything else. but i mostly communicated with pointing, they understand most things.

Day 20!!!!

Went to the Dr today, my US PS. All is good. Last stitches. Cleared for light duty and to return to work tomorrow. I am soooooo lazy after being off last 3 weeks, but light duty for 8 weeks will be good. Will be fully healed for sure!!

1 month PO!!!

Trying out diff under CG, corset was OK, too long to wear at work, fine for home #ShortChickIssues

Gianna's contact Information

Gianna's Whatsapp


6 weeks post op!!!

Here are some new pics ladies!!! Enjoy. Blow them up and check out the scars. All is healing well.

8 weeks PO!!!

Hay ladies!! I get a lot of the same questions, so I want to do like a Q&A. Give more info for ya'll ;-)

I had a breast lift and implants. 38 C before, so I had breast tissue, they were just deflated from having my son. I got SiliMed 390 CC High Profile implants ABOVE muscle. They came with paperwork and everything. My pain level was very minimal, hardest part was trying to use my arms less. By day 7 I was basically off of my pain meds, except to sleep. Had no real swelling or pain IN my breasts. No numbness, shocks, or anything like that, though I have heard stories. Now my breast look nice and full. I have not gone bra shopping yet, using sports bras, usually layered. I am sure that I will be a 38 DD at the least, which I am fine with. Actually my sports bra is a 40/42 D. I use Bio-Oil on my scar. it took about 6 weeks for my scar to FULLY heal, no holes, no stitches still dissolving, etc. During that time just kept the incision hydrated with Neosporin or A&D ointment, using gauze to cover full area before putting on my sports bra.

I also had a tummy tuck. My incision is GREAT. It is low, thin, cannot wait to see it in a year. I JUST began using silicon strips on the scar (12 hours a day/at work). I continue to use Bio-oil on it when I sleep.

Compression Garments: I did not do good with these. When I was at the RH, my faja was removed daily, the nurses took it off every morning for a few hours for it to be washed and dried. DO NOT DO THIS,,,,LEAVE IT ON!!! I wish I did this as I feel that my stomach would be much flatter if that occurred. BUT, as I cannot go backwards, I ordered my Ann Cherry waist cincher last Saturday and have been wearing it religiously for 10+ hours a day (day 12). I defiantly SEE my waist/curves, though my WAIST is still the same inches as it was before. Its like sad and happy at the same time. Ugh, but whatever.

Travel: I few first class both ways, extra leg room, aisle seat, first row. Made it easy to get to the bathroom and ask for water (must stay hydrated on the flight back and walk/move around hourly). My flight wasn't too bad, 5 hours, direct flight. I also had wheelchair service, you can order it when you book you flight (Jet Blue) or get there early and request it, it shouldn't be an issue, just have a few dollars for each leg of the flight ($3-5 is good).

Items I used: I had EVERYTHING!! I believe I had a picture of my list on here, I am not sure, but it was REDICULOUS.
I used TONS of: gloves, gauze, tape, baby/anti-bacterial/bath wipes, Neosporin, lotion, coconut oil, maxi pads for stuffing, bed pads (like large pee pads to protect the bed).
MUST bring flip flops, thick socks (if you get cold), slippers, maxi dresses, granny panties, a extra post-surgical bra (if get breast implants) or $$ to buy 1, $$$ ($ for surgery and I would say $2000 for extras ie faja, medications, extra medications, if you need to stay extra days, extra medical procedures, if need to go to ER, faja alterations, tips, etc.

What I was happy I bought with me: coconut oil (used on skin, hair, everything, body was very dry after surgery), Claritin, anti-chaff spray, hydrocortisone (I broke out in heat rash!!!), sleeping pills (hard to sleep thru the night due to pain or noise, etc), a extra bar of soap (2), spray deodorant, razor, acid reducer, SNACKS, laxative/fiber/stool softener!!!

What I did not use: Donut, depends, pee funnel, vitamins, plastic bed cover, brought way more clothes than I used (literally need only 2 plane outfits n 3 maxi dresses)

I think that is everything!!!

Overall...I am very happy with my results, my DR, my stay, my RH, everything!! I cannot wait to exercise and diet, YES I said that...lol. I need to do better and a New Years is coming!! ;-) And I know it take months to stop swelling and etc but I am ready for after the new year and get back to what I was doing BEFORE surgery. Not trying to lose a ton of weight, just to keep toning and be healthy.

Made it out to party!!

Was happy to go out and in a DRESS, never was a big dress wearer b4. But glad at how i looked. Confidence is defiantly UP. Stomach is still not flat, but the definition on the sides are there, boobs up n out and i c my lil booty, so I' ll take it ;-) :-)

15 weeks PO

Here are some new pictures just to show my scars!


Wanted to get clear pictures and show my scars. Still got a waist (c the curves) :-) All is still better than my before picture. Down 10 pounds since surgery. I had a lot go on since my surgery, but vacation time is soon, so i will be getting this eating better and hot vacay pictures to come!!!
;-) :-) hope u can see all the scars, all healed n i am applying Bio Oil and silicon strips alternatively. Cant wait to see the scars in a year!!! Keeping up with my waist cincher daily, using the Ann Cherry Deportiva. Works best for my as i am short with a short torso, the rest r wayyyy to long, making them not comfortable. Again, i haven't had on the faja since i got off the plane 10/20, good or bad that was my choice. Everyone do their own thing!!

4 months PO!!!

Swelling is much better, think wearing the waist cincher to work is defiantly helping with that. You can see the difference without wearing it for sure. Counterclockwise from bottom right corner: day of surgery, days after, 2 months PO, currently

10 months post up

So happy i did this!! ???????????????????? Want to go back for full lipo now. I did not recieve ab/stomach lipo with my TT. My back does look great tho...AMAZING. No rolls n etc. I also want thigh and arm lipo. my TT scar did keloid, but i am getting cortisone shots for that, still satisfied!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Going to Dr Mota

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