Dr Robles Good Bad and the Ugly - Dominican Republic

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OK ladies I'm tires of following someone and then...

OK ladies I'm tires of following someone and then after their surgery they don't say Wats the out come. So my blog begins as I touch down in Dominica Republican today 4/8/15 my surgery is tomorrow 4/9/15. Of ladies I arrived at the airport u know how they tell u someone is going to be holding ur name up lies. Just look for the Dr Robles orange sign That's What u follow. Second ladies before u enter the line for immigration get ur visitors pass on the right 10 us dollars then go true customs make sure u fill out ur dorms on the plan. And hold on to ur visitors pass stub to exit the country. Secound make sure u know ur hemoglobin score before u come take it in advance cuz. If u need the iron shoot That's an extra day in the country that was never mentioned. Ur procedure will be prosponed until ur new hemoglobin results return after the shot. And get this ladies the shot is not gaurentee to boast ur levels So plan accordingly. They do all the labs here So don't go running all over the place to get them done like I did. Ladies I will post accordingly right now I'm waiting for cardiac clearance then I'm going to visit my surgery buddy in the hospital downstairs

before pics

So here are my befores. I just saw the doctor and she drew all over me. I was feeling sick last night So I just rested and doctor Robles decided to do it this Morning So my surgery is at 11..I'll see u guys then. O and by the way I'm getting bbl, tummy, and lipo of the waist and back.

2 days post surgery

Last night I was in alot of pain I couldn't move was just praying I fall asleep. Today I'm doing much better the ladies a Virginia recovery house took my garment off to wash and I just snap a few shots. I still swollen I'm num and in pain.

have some pain meds on hand

Ladies please I say please have some pain. Meds on hand because they only give u meds twice a day and sometimes ur hurting and they give us omperozole for acid reflux u mite get it as bad a me but if u do it's helpful to have the liquid acid reflux on hand they are going to give u the pill. And if u have nausea as bad I I do u going vomit. I vomited 5 times after surgery but I had my promethazine for nausea in my purse So I was good. Ladies u need 1 to 2 dresses and the rest night gowns and tank tops no t-shirts support stockings and one pair of anklets to put on with support stocks because the floor is So cold.

creams the doctor recommended

Creams the doctor recommended plus front view of tt

1 week post op

At one week I was very soar and miserable then yesterday I had my first lymphatic drainage massage this thing work maricle. At first I thought I was totally mental I said no way I walk in to this place bent over nobody can touch me then I walk out up right and got dressed in a hurry today is my second massage if u have a chance to do it in DR please take advantage it's 75 in the states I think it's 12 in DR good luck dolls I'll update a photo later after my hair is done


5weeks post

Ladies I'm doing fine my back lipid still hurts I had 3 massage So far. I'm still wearing my garment I live in it. Wen I arrived back In the states I took my drains out 3 days after that was a big no no but it was not draining and once I took it out my stomach blow up like a balloon. I was scared I called every plastic surgeon there is here and they said they don't work over no ones work or will just look at you. So I wen to my obgyn friend and had her called one of her clients who were a plastic surgeon to see me as a favour from her I was So glad I thought I had seroma fluid the big enemy. I reach out to Dr Robles and her team and they all just disregard me after I told them what's going on. I never heard anything about the insurance that they demand u to pay. Ladies please know wat u getting into before u go. Well I say the doctor today and he cleared me he said I was fine. But two weeks ago my tummy was all full of fluid after the drains were gone I started crying I didn't want to post I was feeling as fool to have travel So far noe complications arises.. but those are my pics that I posted earlier I put aside my garment and started wearing a waist trainer that minimize ur waist in couple of weeks I even sleep in it not comfortable but I gotta do wat I have to do. I started walking as exercise now just that. Nothing else but I love my results ladies my risk.... my journey
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