Longing for a Lift and Lightened Load...but Now That It's Really Happening...YIKES!! - Santa Rosa, CA

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As a young person I never really gave much thought...

As a young person I never really gave much thought to the size of my breasts. Not until after the age of 24 and having my baby and nursing him. Let's just say they became GIGANTIC!
I suffered a pretty bad back injury at work in my 30's and have had several whiplashes in my 20's. I'm no stranger to back and neck pain. My doctor, my chiropractor (who I see twice a month) and my massage therapist (who I see once a month) all agree that my breasts are contributing to some of this pain. All I can think about is that I'd love to have a lift! Wouldn't it be nice to have the tata's sitting up again? And that has been my wish for at least the past 10 years.
Fast forward about 25 years to today, and the girls are hanging even lower, no matter what amount of push ups, weightlifting I do, they just hang there. I was just fitted at Soma in a 36 DD which I guess after reading some of your stories on this site isn't that big, but for me they feel huge and in the way! If I hold them up with my hands I feel as though I can BREATHE! I sit at my desk at work most days and feel as though my shoulders are rolling forward which just makes me feel older than I am. My bras are always uncomfortable, I could spend $160 or $20 on them and they just are always cutting into my shoulders. I have deep grooves up there from them straps. I have some sort of bumps underneath my breasts...GROSS!
With the dream of having a lift always on my mind I took a chance and emailed regular doctor one day and asked if he thought I could benefit from a lift/reduction - low and behold I got a response the next day saying, absolutely, and that it was worth checking into. The day after that I received a referral to one of the plastic surgeons that works for my insurer.
I went in for an initial consultation with this PS and found him to be very nice, very calm, and calculated. I liked his openness with me. He took almost 2 hours going over the procedure, and the potential risks and possible benefits. He took pictures of my breasts and told me he felt a full C would be a good size for me to get some good benefits. Then came the bad news...he was booking back then (November 2015) for BR surgery in June 2016!
Well I have to say I never once in my dream of having perky boobies, did I dream of reducing the size of them! But after hearing him say a reduction and a lift would be the most beneficial way to ease some of my pain, and to lift them up I was somewhat shocked!
So here we are today and June 2016 is just around the corner. It seems like a lifetime ago that I met with my PS so I scheduled another meeting with him for today. I have a list of questions to ask.
When I talk to anyone outside of this site about doing this, most think wow that is great, but there are a few who clearly think I'm nuts! They speak of regrets. Funny the regret I'm thinking of are the ones that I would have if I didn't pursue this opportunity that I've being given.
I haven't taken any photos of the girls. I guess I should but the thought makes me cringe a little but I know it might be helpful for anyone who might want to follow my story. I know I like to have the pics as reference for the stories I've read.
So there is my story and I still have such big question marks flying off in my head - I thought this is what I wanted, but now that it's almost a reality...I'm SCARED! So scared of the depression that I've read about. looking down and feeling sadness for what I've allowed to be done to my body...but then on the other hand will i feel happy because I can BREATHE easier and my shoulders aren't constantly being pulled forward?
Anyway, a big thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read my long boring story. If you have any words of wisdom to help me make this decision I would really love to hear from you.

Second visit with PS

Well I scheduled another visit with my PS and I feel more at ease now. I think I was a deer in the headlights at the first appointment. Honestly I wasn't expecting to hear the words, "this surgery is 100% medically necessary". I kind of blanked out, and couldn't really think of any meaty questions during that initial visit. I have to say I'm so happy I went back, he was very open to seeing me again, and we really chatted about my expectations as well as his. When insurance is covering the expenses, the doctor likes to make sure that the patient understands that he/she will need to remove as much tissue as they feel will provide the most relief of the issues/pain.
We have come to the conclusion that I should end up a solid full C cup. I went out and bought one just for S & G and brought it along to my appointment, as I'm a visual person and wanted to be reassured his idea of a C was the same as mine! We agreed that I would fill that bra up nicely afterwards. He also reassured me about recovery worries that I had. He thinks that I should have no problems, and he thinks because I have very light/fair skin the scarring will be minimal. These were all comforting words for me to hear. He said he would never try to talk someone into having surgery, but wants each patient to hear the facts and benefits of what he feels the surgery will provide and from there the patient needs to make up his/her own mind. I like that. So at this point I'm keeping my scheduled appointment, and going to start telling myself, it's all going to be okay! I can do this!!

Pics finally - the day is here!

So tomorrow is the big day and I have been horrible about uploading pics because it's weird to post these on the internet, but I think it could be helpful. Because I know seeing other peoples pictures definitely helped me out. I hope to get some post-ops up here at some point this week. By this time tomorrow I should just about be coming out of it with my new girls!

I made it!

Hi ladies! Well I made it through the surgery, not sure how much was removed as I have a call with my doc later on this afternoon, I will be asking him for all the details. Surgery ran longer than expected, not sure why yet, and so spent a long time in recovery as more anesthesia had to be used in order to get me through the longer surgical procedure. I woke up very groggy, but soon was feeling more alert after getting home and somewhat comfy. I'm taking 1/2 to 1/4 doses of the painkillers he prescribed about every 3-4 hours and it's keeping somewhat pain free. I hate painkillers so I will always be conservative with them. I took 3 stool softeners yesterday - each time I took a pain pill and ate a very fibrous dinner (thanks to my sister) and constipation was a non-issue today. :-) I have to say that's about all I have the energy or mood for right now ladies. Not going to lie feeling a little sad today...

The big reveal

Hi everyone so this is day 3 and those nasty drains were removed yesterday. That made a huge difference in the level of comfortableness and overall pain. I did take 1/2 a pain pill prior to going to that appointment so with that being said it was not a big deal at all. Just felt very strange. Was pooped out after my first big outing so I took a nap, but was able to cook dinner last night which was nice, as I'm BORED stiff just laying around, and that makes my back hurt. So today I will go for a walk, slow walk per Docs orders. At this point in my journey I would say it's definitely worth it.

9 days post op

Hi ladies I wrote this entire update and somehow managed to lose it! So heres the short story. I'm feeling pretty good. I think the antibiotics are helping me along, the redness and warmth that I was having seems to be subsiding. I still struggle with bras and comfort. Yesterday was the best days I wore two! I wore a pull over sports bra - size 2x (WTH) and my Amoena front closure over the top. I liked how secure it made me feel. As I had to go out and driving in the car can wreak havoc on the girls and any jostling or movement just sends me! Oh a good friend (a BR survivor herself) gave me a stuffed animal to lodge between the girls, saving them from the dreaded rubbing of the seatbelt, and the motion! Well that's all I have for now! Happy healing everyone, and I thank God for each of you sharing because its so comforting.

3 week post op visit

Had my 3 week post-op appointment today, and everything went great. He removed all of the tape (THANK GOODNESS) but I have to admit, that didn't feel that great. But I feel so much relief having it off of there. He did see two very small spots that are still open, but he is not worried about them at all. I got the clear to stop wearing a bra at night after 1 more week as well at the all go on lifting 10 pounds. No working out or swimming though for another 3 weeks! YIKES I'm getting bigger by the moment. So from this day forward way less snacking!!! More veggies, fruit and protein - less munchie foods. I know better, but couldn't seem to help myself. So I'm happy to report that the girls look great, and all is well. I'm super happy. He said that this is what size I'll be that he didn't see any residual swelling. I am going to wait to get fitted for a bra though. He said I could go back to wearing whatever bra I wanted after 3 more weeks including a wired bra, but I can't imagine that I would ever want to wear a wire again in my lifetime! I will try to get some more pictures posted, and the doc is going to send me his before and afters so I'll get those up too as soon as I can. Take care everyone, and good luck to all those with a surgery date fast approaching. Remember to listen to your doctor, they really do know best (in most cases) :-)

Before my 3 week Post - Op

After 3 week Post Op Appt - Tape removed

Almost 5 weeks post op pics

Well here they are almost at 5 weeks. I have to say I am having a bit of a love/hate thing happening. I'm so happy to have relief from the pain that I was in and love the way certain articles of clothing fit, but then I'll put on something else and think it looks terrible. I have no desire to go get fitted for a bra yet, as I'm still pretty sensitive to the touch. Anyone else have this happening to them? I'm wondering when I can go bra shopping, and what to even look at? I can't buy clothes until I get a bra...GRRR just feeling a little frustrated. But still SO happy with the relief and how they look.
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