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Always wanted implants finally made the decision...

Always wanted implants finally made the decision to go for it and this site helped me so much!
I started with a 34b I had minor pitosis and a very mild case of tubulouse breasts. My surgon said I could go either way with or without a lift. I decided to go without a lift because I plan on children in the future, i would like to breast feed and figured the less I mess with them the better.
My surgon and I decided on 475cc naturelle under the muscle. I tried on sizers and was a fan of the 420cc..to compensate for the 10% loss from being submuscular we went with 475cc.
today I am post op day one. Definatly have some pain but the meds help a ton as does having my bkyfriend here to help me. I'm taking arnica for swelling, using ice packs and have an large medical support pillow that's keeping me elevated. Allready excited about them! No major bruises so far but I'm sure some will appear tomorrow. No appetite problems and not feeling overly exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow is the same!

day two post op ? and rice sizer exersize

Today was a little more painful than yesterday. No brushing so far but my skin is shiny and slightly pink. The office called this morning to check up on me, seriously so glad I choose the surgon I did, they have been so caring. I had a minor concern over slight pinkness to my breats and they put me on the phone with a nurse right away. She talked me though it and I'm now not concerned at all just watching it to make sure it doesnt turn red or develop any heat. It's still hard not to use my arms I can't imagine not having help for the first several days. The pain meds have been giving me some really weird dreams but I still feel like I need them so I guess I'll just have to deal with the strange dreams lol. Keeping myself really hydrated and resting a ton. Seriously can't wait to take off my bandeau tomorrow and switch to my recovery bra. Hardest part is staying away from my cat! But I know the risk of pet dander and infection isn't worth it.

Figured I could add some info on rice sizers today. I know im doing this a little out of order lol. I took the rice sizer exersize super seriously ! Every day for 2 weeks I worse them, trying on different sizes ..wearing them in public to see if I got weird looks.. I really under estimated what a great tool they would be. I ended up being a fan of 13.5 - 14 oz I wanna say 14 = 440 and 13= 420 so 457 under the muscle taking into mind the loss of volume from the muscle was perfect =)
I know it's early to say this but I allready adore them and am so glad I made the decision to have them done.

day 2 pictures

day 3

Took the bandeau off today and put on the bra. Much more comfortable ! I did wake up with some pretty serious morning boob pain ! But took a pain killer and went back to sleep and the rest of the day hasn't been nearly as bad. Mornings are definatly the most painful but i was happy to see this am that sone of the swelling has gone down. Finally went to the bathroom today sorry if that's tmi but definatly take the doctors advice when they suggest fiber supplements or laxitives the pain killers really do stock you up. Had my first shower today, turned away from the water and kept it really short, nervous about getting the surgical tape wet. Breasts are still really high, can't wait for them to start dropping they just look like such a strange shape from the side but I just keep reminding myself that it is totally normal and to be patient. Still depending alot on my boyfriend, seriously couldn't do this without him. Tomorrow will be the first time I'm alone for a few hours and defiantly a little nervous about it!

post op day 3

Ok my days were off..surgery was Monday so technically today is post op day 3... still taking pain meds ..morning boob is the worst imlants are still riding high staying patient! I have total trust in my surgon and believe my results will be great. I Take my bra off for 30 min 3 times a day to prevent yeast so that's when I'm taking these photos other wise bra is constantly on!

three weeks today!

Three weeks as of today and I feel amazing. No pain at all, can't wait to start working out again. Only weird side effect was I developed some lumps in my armpit .. took antibiotics and it dissappeared in a few days ..I will include a picture in case someone eles expierences this. They are dropping great I can't wait to be able to wear a real bra and show them off. Got my sterile strips off and started my scar treatment. I was scared to get 457cc I really thought they would be too big but I was wrong love thr size and I think when I'm older and it's time for a revision I will probably go for 500cc. Don't be afraid of the number 457 sounds big but really isn't that huge expecially when under the muscle.
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