Post BBL Doesn't Look Anything Like Dr Promised - Santa Rosa, CA

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I am 4 days post BBL and lypo to inner and outer...

I am 4 days post BBL and lypo to inner and outer thighs. My butt looks horrible. Nothing like the surgeon promised! He put all the fat the the top and none at the bottom and the bottom is flat. He says he extracted 3200 cc of fat and put 530 cc in each buttock. I have complained 3 times already that they shape ia wrong and they keep telling me it will change over time and that the fat will shift down. I don't believe this after looking at tons of other post BBL pics here on realself. What can I do? I am so upset. I paid so much money and he promised me the butt I wanted and now it looks awful. Will it really shift down? I think I'm gonna have to have a second BBL to fill in the bottom but I shouldn't have to pay again!

3 weeks post surgery and still disappointed.

I am now 3 weeks post op (BBL and Lipo of inner & outer thighs) and I am still very disappointed and I see very very little change to my body. I feel as though I wasted $14,000 on nothing! Had I known I would get so little results and my butt would look nothing like promised I NEVER would have done it! I could have done a lot with that $14000! I have expressed my concerns to about 1000 times to the staff and they keep telling me it will take time to see the results. First they told me 3 weeks. Then they said 6-8 weeks and even up to 6 months. While I understand that there is swelling, I feel that there should be a noticeable difference at 3 weeks, but there is not. I feel I look nearly the same as I did pre surgery. He told me he lipo'd 3200CC of fat, so why can't I see a difference? Why is my abdomin not flat if that much fat was lipod out? Why are my outter thighs still lumpy and why do my inner thighs still touch? My main concern is that there was not enough fat transferred into my buttock and I know I am going to require a second BBL. I was VERY VERY clear to the surgeon about the size and shape buttock I wanted and my butt looks nothing at all like that. All the fat was transferred to the top of my butt and none was transferred to the bottom so it looks awful. The day of my initial consultation I showed him multiple photos of what I wanted and he told me he could do that because I had enough fat in my abdomin and lower back to transfer to my butt. We also discussed how I had a large butt to begin with, but it was all at the top of my butt and lower back and that the bottom of my butt was flat. So I dont understand why he would not transfer a lot of fate bottom of my butt. I also provided them with a printed collage of multiple examples of the size and shape butt I wanted at my 2 week pre-op appt because I wanted to reinforce the size and shape I wanted. The surgeon came into the room the day of my surgery holding and looking at that collage I gave them so I just do not understand why he did not give me what he said he could! There should have been zero miscommunication about what I wanted. I dont even understand how he could think that the size and shape of my butt are even decent. It looks awful. I will post updated pics to show how mishapen it is and how it is flat on the bottom. I have a post op with him on July 31 and I am hoping and praying he will agree to do a revision surgery and transfer more fat to the bottom of my butt. I cannot afford to pay for a second surgery, nor do I feel I should have to because he did not produce the results he promised.

updated post op pics


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