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Hi everyone! I have decided to start posting my...

Hi everyone! I have decided to start posting my review because this website is so helpful and helped me make the official decision that i do in fact want a breast augmentation and i love seeing all the help and support people offer on here. I just had my consultation today and really enjoy the size 225 CC. Oh and my stats are 5"4 and 109 pounds

Post op done surgery in 12 days

Officially decided a 275cc my goal is to be a full C. Probably the hardest part for me so far was finally deciding a final size. Need to still pick up prescriptions and make a pre op list. It all seems so surreal to me and that it's not actually happening. I need to get with it tho. any recommendations on what to get or help with pre op anxiety would be greatly appreciated. :)

Tomorrow is the day

Hi everyone for my call and I will arrive tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. I am getting 275 cc silicone implants. It all seems so surreal just a lot of pre op nerves and overthinking

I have my boobs!

Surgery was at 8:30 this morning and it was a breeze. Woke up in zero pain and only took an hour i still am very comfortable just can't get up cause when I do I feel really light headed and nauseous. I can honestly say the worst part for me was literally just the anxiety before the surgery other than that it was so easy. I had the sweetest nurse ever Brenda who put me totally at ease.

Day 2 Post op

Well day one from surgery I was probably the most comfortable because the anesthesia was still wearing off I slept decent that night I used two pillows and a wedge pillow with a heating pad under my back to finally get comfy lol. Highly recommend a heating pad if you don't have one my boobs haven't so much been in pain but my lower back and ribs sure have. My poor ribs are so sore I feel like I broke them. I haven't had any pain meds except for when I go to sleep I take one Percocet. I'm pretty comfortable most of the time just sitting up and down is a Bitch. And I hate hate hate standing I literally feel like my boobs are going to drop out of my chest. I know I'm only day 2 post op but I want to be used to these things already haha. Anyways all and all so happy with the way I am feeling and how recovery is going. Attaching a picture from right before surgery and day 1
Post op for y'all.

feeling much better

Hi everyone (or to the 2 maybe 3 people that read my posts haha) but i am now 6 days post op and feel so so much better. The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster. I stopped all pain meds including tylenol on Saturday night because my stomach was so messed up. My boobs weren't even the problem it was my stomach, since then it has just gotten better and better. My boobs for the first three days literally were so hard and rough to touch i would cry whenever i saw them in the mirror. You have to remind yourself this is something that takes time and you have to get through the emotions and hard boobs to get your nice soft boobies that you want. I now have finally seen such a good impressive difference my boobs are slowly morphing and feeling apart of my body and the swelling is down so they look better too. I am not in any pain at all and am sleeping fully on my back which is so so nice and feels like the biggest step ever haha it is also so nice able to get up and down comfortably now. Tomorrow is my first post op appointment and I am so excited to thank my doctor for doing such an amazing job. I really hardly took that much pain medicine and the pain the entire time was tolerable since day 1. I have attached a picture from day 3 and day 5 and you can see how much the swelling has gone down thank goodness.

One week/ first post op

Well one week today I had my post op and learned how to massage my breasts, was wondering how often everyone does that? I'm a little sore today but today was my first day back at work and sitting through classes and I feel pretty damn good still for having surgery a week ago so that's a positive. On Saturday I was thinking no way could I go back to work on Wednesday but I felt well enough to go for it I'm a nanny and dealing with kids so it was interesting haha. Really looking forward to more dropping and fluffing. I attached a picture and the redness is from icing haha
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon

Just met the Dr today he was so warm and friendly and answered all my questions

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