Vi Peel - Mixed Feelings ( Day 4 ) - Fair Skin LA - Santa Monica, CA

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I did the Vi peel to get rid of: brown/sun spots,...

I did the Vi peel to get rid of: brown/sun spots, large t-zone pores & very fine lines.
DAY 1: I awakened in the night due to 'pinches' on my neck & 'pangs' on my face. It hurt.
DAY 2: I had blurred vision. Possibly from the 'post-peel protectant', which is 1% hydrocortisone)?
DAY 3: I am peeling around the mouth & chin. My neck is itching & stinging like crazy!!! Some skin areas are darkening ( patches near both outer eye areas and brown spots near hairline ).
DAY 4- Forehead & dark patches are peeling. I wash my face with plain water ( anything else stings). Face is very red. Anything I apply to stop itching stings. Spa told me to use Aquaphor. Has the thickness of vaseline. Didn't sting but shortly after applying I started itching! Washed it off. Going to try some aloe vera gel. My fine lines look worse. And I look red, sunburned.
DAY 4: Early evening - T-zone pores look smaller. Its too early to tell for the brown spots. Fine lines look same. One really needs to time a peel so day 3 is on a Saturday. So far I would NOT do this again.
DAY 5: stay tuned...
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Spa lady was OK. She in no way prepared me for how to deal with the post peel. She said to get Aquaphor (in addition to the Vi-post protectant), but she didn't say I MUST GET IT or I would be itching like a crazy person, or that anything else I tried would sting like a fire breathing dragon! I just read results only last 6 weeks. SO NOT WORTH IT because its takes 1 entire week for the process & skin takes 28 days to regenerate. This was a waste of money & more so of my time.

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