29 Yrs Old, 2 Kids- Trim Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty. Santa Monica, CA

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First of all I'd like to say I'm not the type to...

First of all I'd like to say I'm not the type to write a review. This is a first for me. I wanted to write a review for other women to read and compare and I also think my Dr. is well deserving of one. After my first child the tightness of my vagina was still there but I noticed my labia's were slightly larger than before. Nothing I couldn't live with so I did until I had my second child. After baby #2 things were definitely not the same. Tightness was gone, air would get in during sex, and I would have occasional leakage when laughing, running, and coughing. Not to mention my labia's at this point was not sitting pretty. I was definitely not confident in what I was serving anymore. Sex didn't feel like it used to. I thought it could be my partner not being that into it but I had to be real with myself and realize it was me. So I started doing research and looking for Dr's. I consulted with 3 Dr's, all gynecologist accept one she was a gynecologist/ plastic surgeon. I felt the most comfortable with Dr. Ghozland and decided to book my surgery. During my consultation with him he took his time examining and explaining my options. He even drew me a diagram so I can have an image to what he was explaining which helped me visualize the process. He wasn't pushy or rushing thru the consultantion. He was very informative and overall I got a good vibe from him. His staff is very kind and professional I read in other reviews on Yelp that they are rude and have bad phone manners and I never got that.

Day of surgery: I was taken to a room by V the office manager and was given a Xanax to calm my nerves . She's awesome. She answered all my questions and didn't make me feel I was asking too much or had any silly ones. I showed Dr. Ghozland a pic and asked, "is this too much?" And he asked to see my labia's again and said, "no, let's do that, I like that, it's going to look good." Both procedures were done under local anastesia. The Dr gives you a couple of shots to start the numbing process which hurt like shit. V was such a doll and was holding my hand thru it. I screamed like a baby. Once the numbing has set in he goes to work. Apparently I metabolize the medication really fast cuz I started feeling the burning from the laser but no worries the Dr gave me more shots and I didn't feel the pain. This went on thru out the whole procedure. Dr was very patient and had no problems with giving me more medication. He said it was rare for me to feel pain when I was since usually the medication last up to 2 hrs. Well I guess I'm that lucky one lol. Throughout the surgery we had conversations and he kept assuring I was doing great and constantly asked if I was ok. Later when his staff was there to help he came across very kind and you can tell him and his staff have a great work environment. (Well at least that's the vibe I got unless it was the Xanax and Anastesia that made me feel like it was all good in the hood lol jk) Homestly you can tell he really enjoys his job. He's very personable and has a great personality and that goes a long way when you're trust aka "va-jay" is in your Dr's hands.

Day 1: The medication wore off within 30 min of me leaving the Dr's office. Even after he shot me up all over for the road. The first night was horrible a lot of pain and discomfort. I vowed that day I was done with plastic surgery for good lol.

Day 2: Second day seemed promising since I wasn't feeling the pain from the night before but I have bruising and major swelling. I'm also feeling stinging and noticing yellow pus at this point.

Day 3: the pain level has gone done and even tho my pictures are horrific I think it has to go thru the bad and ugly to get to the good. I meet with my dr in 4 days I'm patiently waiting and not trying to judge from the looks of things now. All I know was right after surgery I thought his work looked so pretty :) I can't wait to heal. I will post with updates in the future.

Before after pics

I had a "touch up" 2 days ago

My healing has been an emotional roller coaster. In the beginning I checked constantly to see any changes then I got mentally exhausted and even depressed from what I saw so I stopped looking. Things seemed to look better but he did agree there was some areas that needed to be smoothed out. I had a "touch up" done 2 days ago. My dr didn't deny my concerns he agreed with them and willingly offered a touch up with no additional charge. I'm thankful for his professionalism and honesty. I know some women don't get the results they wanted and their dr's don't admit it or offer to fix it. And when they do agree to a revision they are usually not free.

1 wk post touch-up

Things don't look too promising. My labia's are uneven. My right side is longer and thicker and the bottom part of my labia is completely gone. It looked like that even before my touch up I was hopeful somehow my dr would be able to fix it. 1 week post things are still swollen but missing tissue isn't going to re-appear once it's gone. Words can't describe how I feel. This surgery was suppose to bring self confidence and a sense of relief but I'm depressed. Most likely I need a revision. But I've taken off work twice, a total of 6 wks I can't keep taking off work to fix something that should have just taken once to do. I'm not sure what went wrong. What could I have done different? Did I do something wrong? Was my dr not as experienced as I thought? Should I continue to trust him and do another revision with him or should I go else where? I feel bad asking for another leave of absence from work. Also having to go thru surgery is already stressful but having to keep redoing it sucks. Not to mention the recovery and added down time.

1 wk post touch-up

This is a mess. Blisters from lasering done during my touch up. Right top portion labia is thicker and longer. The bottom portion is missing tissue you can see a dip. My after pic looked very promising I'm not sure what happened. I'm hopeful some how this can get fixed.

Professional yet personable. Listens and answers all questions and concerns. Takes his time to explain procedure. Staff is also kind and helpful.

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