Sculpsure on Inner and Outer Thighs - Santa Monica, CA

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I had sculpsure today on my inner and outer thighs...

I had sculpsure today on my inner and outer thighs. I had two applicators on my outer left thigh and one on each of my inner thighs and my other right thigh (I have more fat on my left outer than the right).

I felt nothing on my outer thighs but the inner thighs were somewhat painful at times. The doctor turned up the setting three times on each of the outer thighs and once on each of the inner. I wanted him to go as high as possible. He strapped the applicators on tightly and he and his nurse held them tight to the skin the entire time. I need two cycles total (an inner and outer at the same time).

I have no pain at all now and the doctor said I may not have any soreness at all.

I will post updates!

6 week update

Here it is at 6 weeks... I'm not sure I see a big difference.


I am so disappointed in the lack of results I have seen from sculpture. Absolutely no change. I have been eating very low carb and doing cardio and weights and still my outer thighs have not budged. Sculpture didn't help at all as far as I can tell. Based on other posts, it seems that sculpture doesn't work on stubborn outer thigh fat. I wish I had saved the money and put it towards real lipo.

In the meantime, I have been researching and learning that saddlebags are actually the result of misaligned pelvis and weak hip abductor muscles, so I am trying to improve my posture now in an effort to get rid of them.

I will post an update photo soon.
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