Before and After Porcelain Teeth - Santa Monica, CA

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Please rate my porcelain. These are not Veneers or...

Please rate my porcelain. These are not Veneers or crowns. I had my upper mouth done. I wasn't comfortable with my smile. I had a roller coaster in my mouth due to heavy grinding and I lost most of the length of the teeth. Also my bite wasn't aligned with my jaw. This was a non evasive procedure. I didn't feel any pain. You guys tell me. What do you think?

DR. Anthony Mobasser Hating

Look what this dentist said about my cosmetic dentist work. He gives a compliment in the beginning but then starts hating saying the dentist have great marketing procedures these days. Anthony. Just because you have an office on Sunset BLVD doesn't mean crap. Your just jealous that DR Muslin work is the best cosmetic Dentist in the world. And you should get your teeth fixed by him too. Don't hate on the guys work. His work is the best in the world. before he puts on the Venlays, of course he cleans up the shitty work from previous dentist. And of course he makes a night guard. Duhhhhhh. Learn how to give a compliment. When human beings give compliments and after they say these days Dentist have marketing skills, blah blah. That means you're hating and you don't mean the compliment.

They are not Veneers

People asking me how can they not be veneers. They are not. My teeth didn't get grinded. It's called Venlays. Go to the Doctors website. You will see videos and pictures.
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