Perineoplasty, FemiLift for 38 Y.o. After Traumatic Childbirth. Santa Monica, CA

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I had a baby at 24 years old. I was induced and...

I had a baby at 24 years old. I was induced and after a long labor, had an episiotomy. Everything healed great and I was able to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm easily after he was born. Fast forward 11 years and I was pregnant with my second child at 35. This delivery was not so smooth. The baby came so fast I barely made it to the hospital. I checked in at 4am and she was born at 4:12am. I pushed for just 7 minutes and tore terribly. 4th degree tears down the vaginal canal, looseness of the perineum, labia minora tore completely away from my body and previous episiotomy tissue was hanging out of my vagina. The doctor was reluctant to try to repair anything because I was so swollen. A year later, my HMO authorized a labiaplasty because I would tear repeatedly when working out or even sitting. They also agreed to cover the excision of the episiotomy tissue but would do nothing for the perineum or inner scar tissue because it's considered "cosmetic". The labiaplasty healed beautifully but the scarring inside made sex almost unbearable in certain positions. Also because the opening felt loose, I was never able to achieve orgasm from sex since she was born.

I found Real Self while researching breast lifts and liposuction. That's when I learned about vaginal rejuvenation. I didn't even know this was an option!!! I looked at several local docs but found Dr. Ghozland's reviews really promising. His office is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from my house, but after speaking to Jody and then Violetta I knew I made the right decision. They were extremely flexible with my schedule restrictions and the again the patient reviews and doctor's credentials were top notch.

I booked my consult and procedure for 4/1/16. After examining me, Dr. Ghozland determined that my vaginal structure and muscle tone was really good and that I didn't need full vaginoplasty. He was able to feel the dense scarring inside and suggested a perineoplasty to fix the loose, unsightly area and FemiLift to help with incontinence and to break up some of the scar tissue. I was worried about the temporary results of the laser versus full vaginoplasty but thought it was honorable that he doctor didn't want to perform surgery on me "just because" when I really don't need it.

I'll add some before pictures....

Day 2 Post Op - ouch!

The procedure went well on Friday. Everything was explained to me in detail (what was going to happen, medication and aftercare instructions, etc.) and then I took a Valium. The FemiLift treatment was only mildly uncomfortable. Violetta is such a sweetheart and held my hand the whole time. Dr. G paid special attention to my bladder and scar tissue. Next up was the perineoplasty. The two local injections hurt sooo bad! After that I had to wait for the numbness to kick in. Once numb, I received several more injections...before and during. The laser felt a little hot and it was pretty crazy smelling my skin burning and seeing smoke. I only felt tugging and pulling as the muscles were pulled tight and stitched up. Dr. Ghozland kept me informed the entire time so I wasn't wondering what was going on. He is very easy to talk to and had a great sense of humor. Some of the time I had to keep myself from cracking up! Because he put me at ease, the whole thing was over before I knew it! The nurse cleaned me up and he gave me a few extra shots to ensure numbness for my long commute home.

I'm not going to lie, the incision hurts soooo bad! I've been trying to stay off my feet and keep the area iced as much as possible. I'm very nervous about returning to work tomorrow, but can't get anymore time off. I've been taking the colace as directed and already had a BM. The hardest part of all of this (besides the pain and bruising) is not being able to pick up my toddler or lift weights at the gym. That's going to be rough!!! Pics are from Day 1 post op.

Pics from Day 1 Post Op

Love how it looks already!

Day 4- ouch and ew!

All the sitting at my job has put a lot of stress in the incision. I'm so upset! I hope all of this is normal...pain and some bleeding. Looks kind of ugly :-(

Day 6 - pain is better!

Pain is so much better! Able to sit without a pillow. Still concerned about the incision separating from all the sitting I do at work...I was actually kneeling at my desk co-workers were confused! ????. One week follow up appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll be told I'm healing well. So nervous!

One week post-op follow-up

Had my one week post-op follow-up yesterday. Dr G. Said my concerns about stitch seperation were unnecessary - everything is healing beautifully! I am so happy! Much mess pain (I've only taken naproxen the last 3 days) and I can walk normally now. I started the arnica tablets late since they were on back order, but they bruising almost disappeared within one day of taking them. Scheduled my next follow-up and second Femi-lift treatment for 5/6/16.

17 days later...

Forgot to post a 2 week update! I'm doing well and there is hardly any pain at all. The sutures are a bit uncomfortable but totally bearable. Sometimes I forget I had the procedure and have to remember to slow down! Can't wait to hold my little girl and work out again!
I developed a small hole in the skin layer only. Doc assured me that it's not uncommon abs that it should heal but will take longer. It looks kind of silly but as long as it closes I'm okay with it. :)

4 week update

I feel great! Able to do light cardio (long walks mostly) and get around basically pain free. Stitches are dissolving nicely and the tiny hole in the middle is closing. The only annoyance is the yellow discharge from the stitches but panty liners help. Next FemiLift treatment and follow up scheduled for 5/6. ????
Los Angeles OB-GYN

Amazing! Violetta was incredible and thorough. Dr. Ghozland was patient, knowledgable, professional and personable.

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