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Growing up i was always a chubby girl. I was...

Growing up i was always a chubby girl. I was bullied about my weight so I started crazy dieting I lost 50 pounds then got married and pregnant gained back my 50 pounds then lost them again lol I always had natural curves since I am (Latina) so I just hope all comes out as planned I hope I'm prepared and I've created this account because I would love to know what should I buy for this journey and what will help with surgery(: thanks for reading

Trying to cancel my app with my dr

I'm trying to cancel my surgery date with my dr because I scheduled for surgery with dr Hughes by the way he's the sweetest and knows exactly what he's talking about!! The only bad thing is my old dr the consultant is acting dumb by trying to make me go in to cancel my surgery date which seems a bit dumb does anyone know how that works thanks!!

Pre op pics

3 days away

So I'm 3 days away from my sx I'm feeling a bit nervous :/ I know everything b ok ...I'm just trying to make sure I have everything is ready before Thursday, on a good note my hubby was able to get the days off so he can take care of me(: my fam is very supportive so that's also a good thing ...on a bad note I've been cramping I can feel my period is coming :( how does that work if I'm on my period during surgery that's weird does anyone have experience with that?

Night before

So it's the night before my surgery and I'm feeling a bit nervous lol natural right?...I'm trying to keep calm by watching my fav novela lol ...but my sx will b tomorrow at 7:30 am so wish me luck lady's and I will update u girls with pics as soon as I can thank u all for the support(:

Made it

So I made It and I'm in do much pain my thigh hurts so much but I'm doing good thank u to all who wished me good luck


I'll post pics as soon as I feel better


A few pics I can't see anything yet because I have so much padding with a binder and a girdle hopefully tomorrow when I shower I can get a better pic dr Hughes told my hubby he injected 1000 cc so we will see I wanted more but I still got a lot only time will tell that de is a genius!!


Here is a pic from today I'm still swollen my face is super swollen does anyone know what I can drink it seems like an allergic reaction to meds?

Does anyone know

Hi does anyone know if I can take off the foam under my binder already? I ran out of the blue paper they gave me what can I use in replacement I seen some girls wear a white to shirt? Also I'm healing very we'll my butty lost some volume but that's ok because I was very swollen it's looking better as days go by I'm still on pain med finishing up my antibiotics and keeping up with bromelain and arnica ....sleeping is getting a bit easier my neck gets stuff at times but my moma massages it so she makes me feel better ... I keep getting a burning sensation that comes from within my skin I don't know if that's the feeling most of u lady's get it comes from my lipoed areas, my butty is still hard lol but I'm able to walk better my thighs feel much better hardly any pain since at fist that's what hurt the most because of the lipo on those areas but anyways girls I'm doing fine I'll post a pic soon


Hi dolls just updating with a new pic I'm doing fine my first post op visit is tomorrow(:

With pants

Post op 6 days

Post op

Hi lady's so my first post op went we'll did anyone else only see Olga for post p visits or did Hughes come in ? I didn't see him today but Olga showed me my before pics and my god I love my new bod everything went we'll I have no fluid but like most of u who had surgery with Hughes I was wearing the binder wrong lol Olga also said no to bandages and to buy iron and a multivitamin lol more pills to my collection so anyway hope u lady's have a beautiful day and a happy early valentines day enjoy!!! I'll post pics soon (:

Post op

This pic was taken 4 days post op

2 weeks post tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be 2 weeks post op and I still feel a little swollen but getting better in search for a new griddle this one is fitting big a bit confused not sure if to buy it a big size and then just have it tailored the one I'm wearing is a medium. But anyway so far so good stopped drinking Vicodin finally I sleep better at night, had to start driving my mommy duties call for me especially since my princess has been sick with fever took her to emergency room so I had to carry her but it didn't hurt and I just didn't sit I layed next to her on my side but I'm feeling much better


Sizing for griddles

Does anyone know what size in a griddle I should purchase ? My butty measures 45 inch as of now should I buy a large or XL?

Second post

Hello ladies I went to my second post op today and I am binder free(: so I'm allowed to wear my faja now so happy!! I threw it away thank god that's over lol I also got my first massage and it was a little painful but I was able to handle it very we'll cause girls it hurts Olga says I look very nice she kept repeating it to me lol she's so sweet and helpful they took my after pics and said they want to see me again in 6 months she also gave me the exact date of when I can sit on my butt which is March 23 lol she said to take off the griddle at night so I will stop swelling up and all I have to say is that I'm very happy today was a great day I can't wait to start shopping for new clothes :)

18 days post op pics

Feeling a little sad

Feeling sad today I'm 3 weeks post and man had my butt gone down I'm so depressed everyone says I'm crazy but I see it has I don't know if it's because the swelling is going down I still haven't sat on my butt :( does this happen to everyone at the 3 rd week ugh I also I was told not to sleep with the faja on at night did anyone else also get the same instructions?

New new

Hi girls I would like to say that I ordered a faja the other day a new one that I seen is recommended by a couple doctors down in Mexico and as soon as the ups man got here I ripped up my package and tried on my faja I swear ladies I'm in love this faja is amazing it's soft from the inside and tight from the outside the only thing is I was a little rebel and when against the recommended size on their chart I went ahead bad ordered a small when in the chart it says I'm a 2xl lol I knew that would be too loose from my waist area but it fits perfect I really recommend it so comfty none of that burning irritating feeling and it's super easy to put on I'll post pics of the packaging I ordered from the pink room style 11047 size small

Fajas d' prada

Post op almost at 1 month

Hey ladies wanted to update my review,, so the other day I had a little conversation with dr Hughes and he mentioned how some people try to discredit him from being board certified! I think it's sad and Wrong what do these people get out of it? Anyway I just had to bring that up because it bothers me also that they say he gives square butts!! Really we'll my ass ain't square such haters towards dr Hughes! But any who I got his back lol ... So the other day I went for my massage and I ended up buying me some juvaderm lol and I'm loving my results I had it done by Anna she works at Boris med spa she is very sweet they are all very sweet there I feel very pleased by the staff there they are on top of their game lol so here are a couple pictures of my new lips

New pics

So this is my almost one month update on my butty so after week three haven't lost volume and I feel so happy about that! I swear pictures don't do justice on how my butty looks I'm posting these I have a lot of projection compared to my befores I'll post a couple before and afters so u guys can see the difference

Fajas d prada



I thought I would update a pic of my shelf looking square butt lmao!! Jk haha!!


2months post

Haven't been on here updating but I've been busy with work and all bit I'm still very happy with my results (: things are pretty much back to normal I still can't feel my back or flanks they are numb... I was fitting in a small size griddle now I'm xs and it's fitting a bit loose from my waist so I'm thinking of purchasing a different girdle smaller size my butty is still big it's rounding up and haven't lost any projection or volume so that's a plus(:




3 month update

So recently I've been feeling very good about my body I just really need to sart hitting the gym lol but here are some side to side before and afters also I recently purchased a new girdle I'm having trouble because my waist area is small even an sx fits big but from my bottom fits perfect what to do?
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I chose dr Hughes after seeing some of his before and afters, after I met him I knew he could deliver the results I wanted. Other drs told me that I consulted with only told me they can't get 400cc in each butt cheek and Hughes gave me 1000cc. I gave him 5 stars because he is an amazing dr great attitude and you can tell he loves what he does as a surgeon and he is sure of how he can transform your body, so I recommend Hughes to all you beautiful lady's who are looking to enhance your curves (:

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