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In Nov. 2012, I had Dr. Steven Teitelbaum...

In Nov. 2012, I had Dr. Steven Teitelbaum performed a breast lift procedure on me. The reason for the breast lift is because I had lost about 100 pounds and everything went south. After researching and getting two other consulations from Board Certified Plastic Suregons, Dr. Teitelbaum was the ONLY doctor who gave me hope that my breast lift would NOT decrease my breast size. Since I am 55 years old, I opt not to have implants and Dr. T felt that I made the right choice. To date, my HUSBAND and I love my new breast. Dr. T told me that my breast would be lifted and perkey, but they would not look like a 17 year old. Guess what? He lied because my breast look better now at 55 then I did at 17!!!! Dr. T's staff is great. His nurse Doreen stayed with me in my recovery room until I left to go home. I choose Dr. T because he gave me HOPE. Another reason, because in one of his videos he mention "God". Dr. T even gave me his personal cell phone and home number to call if I need something after surgery. That meant a lot to me. I love everything about Dr. T and I did not find him "arrogant" at all. There is a difference between arrogant and "confident".
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Before I came to know Dr. Teitelbaum, I had two other plastic surgery's because of my weight lost. One being a face/neck lift and my arms. Know that I can compare to board certified doctors, I perfer Dr. T's style then the other one. I felt Dr. T provided me with more of his time to ensure I had all of my questions answered. I also believe Dr. T truly wants his patients to be happy with the results, which I definetly him. I thank God for Dr. Teitelbaum!

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