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Hi all, I'm 31, 5'4", 115 lbs, and extremely...

Hi all, I'm 31, 5'4", 115 lbs, and extremely athletic. I've been thinking about BA since high school, and frequented this site a lot when making my decisions! I did a LOT of research, and even more soul searching about the why's of my desire (which I recommend for everyone. It's traumatic, surgery, and being clear about your reasons quells a lot of potential anxiety), so that when I finally walked into surgery, I was totally at peace.

I decided on 210 cc Sientra silicone implants, because I wanted something very subtle and natural. It would bring my A cup to a large B/small C. I chose Dr. Steven Teitelbaum in Santa Monica, and it was the best decision. He was always available to me. During the consult, he spent as much time with me as I wanted. Answered all my questions and never made me feel "dumb" for asking anything at all (this had been my experience with other surgeons). I was completely comfortable through out the whole consult. He even called a female nurse in to "chaperone" when I was topless during the consult, just to make sure no one was ever uneasy.

In the days following the consult, i had more questions, which I emailed to the surgical coordinator. She forwarded the email to Dr. Teitelbaum, and he wrote me personally, and encouraged me to come back in to talk things over in person if I desired. Again, never made me feel like I was being a bother or annoying. I did go back in two days before surgery to try different sizes, and he sat with me and talked me through the decision process, while leaving the final decision up to me. I felt totally comfortable going in to surgery, knowing he would take excellent care of me.

Both the OR nurse and the anesthesiologist have had BA by Dr. Teitelbaum. It was comforting to talk to them and hear their experience as well. Surgery went very well. I was in the office at 8 am, in surgery at 9 am, in recovery by 9:45, and home by 11:30 am. They already look amazing. I have next to no bruising, and my incisions are very small. The discomfort feels similar to a super strenuous workout. I'm a little fatigued, but otherwise, doing fantastic. Dr. Teitelbaum doesn't even give narcotics, because it's not necessary. Prescription strength ibuprofen, antibiotic, and benadryl to help me sleep, thats all. Haven't needed the benadryl at all.

Two days post-op now, and still feeling great. Sore, but nothing unbearable. Tired, but that's to be expected. I ran some errands this morning, and needed to come back and rest, that sort of thing… I'll try to add photos and keep you all updated on my progress. Already so thrilled I finally did this!

Day 3!

Still feeling great. Soreness continues to slowly dissipate. Yesterday I drove for the first time- short distance, of course, and felt fine running some errands, but definitely needed to come home and rest afterward. No kidding! I still have to remind myself-- it was SURGERY, after all! Still thrilled with how it's all going.

Torso still a little swollen, but I also got my period, so between that and the antibiotics messing with my flora, I'll give my "pooch" a pass! ;-)

Back to Work!

Hey everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving. I'm on day 12 post-op, and feeling amazing. I went back to work today-- I work as a server at a high volume (see: very physical) restaurant-- and felt great. My energy is back to normal and much of the swelling in my torso has disappeared since finishing the antibiotics. I was shocked at how good I felt walking and standing for 11 hours (yep) today, carrying drinks, plates, and trays.

There are still a few things I don't feel comfortable doing, but the sensation is mostly that I've done too many push ups, and feel sore from that.

Bruising is disappearing, and my breasts are getting softer every day. They're still fairly high, and more swollen at the end of the day, but all in all, AMAZING. Under clothes, no one suspects a thing. I've been wearing looser fitting tops, but even if I didn't, it wouldn't be obvious. Mostly looks like I'm wearing the world's most incredible push up bra.

I'm still looking forward to when they start to drop, but considering i'm not even two weeks out and have returned 100% to all my normal activities except for exercise, I'm beyond thrilled.

Will update with more photos soon. right now they pretty much look the same. Please feel free to ask questions! Happy to share my wonderful experience. :-)

Day 12 Photos

Better and better!

I continue to feel better and better. My breasts are getting more malleable by the day, and I'm loving how they look. This is two weeks post. Can't believe how amazing they look already. Still wishing I maybe went a little bigger, but trying to reserve judgement a little longer. Thoughts?

3 weeks post! Feeling great!

I can't believe it's only been three weeks! I'm feeling amazing, totally back to normal, and am allowed to exercise with no restrictions. It'll prob be a little while till I do a ton of push-ups, although I'm going to a yoga class tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. Also, running isn't super comfortable, not for the impact but for the torso rotation, but considering I'm feeling so much better every day, I know this will feel more comfortable soon. I'm loving my results- they are looking and feeling better all the time. What else? I took a picture of my scar. Very thin, and my PS said it will fade and soften with time. May look darker before it gets lighter. But the position is perfect. I went to Victoria's Secret the other day, and I sized at a 32D. That was a little surprising, but I think they are perfectly proportioned. Exactly what I wanted. They are still a little too high to know for sure how they'll be in a regular bra- right now in a sports bra it looks like I'm wearing a push up, but I'm having a lot of fun wearing wireless bralettes that I could never ever fill out before. So happy. So very very happy.


Hi all, here's the 3D sim of what I was going to look like. The image on the left is a photo of me before, and the right is what I will look like. So far, I'm pretty much right on track. :-)

First disappointment

Hey guys, posting a new pic- as the swelling went down, this small indentation has developed. It's because of the size of my chest cavity, coupled with my lean body mass, and it's always a risk, but since everything has gone so smoothly to this point, it's a little let down. My doc says we bed to wait a few more months before doing anything about it, and I think he's right- still just a few months post and they will continue to change for up to a year. Hoping that as they drop and flatten, this will go away. My friends have all said it's not a big deal, but of course when it's on your body, it's different!

14 months post

Well, as time goes on, I feel like my implants look better and more natural. I was still disappointed with the dent (see previous update), so I had Dr T inject some cosmetic filler in the dent. It's filled it out to a point where I am satisfied. This is supposed to last for a year, so then I'll see. I would really love to have a permanent solution, but I'll take this for now.

Filler still going strong

Hi guys,

So far, the filler is doing the trick. I hope it lasts, or that the implants settle to the point where I am satisfied. It was still really worth it. I feel totally in proportion now, and am very comfortable moving and working out- even lying on my stomach for a massage. I'm still pretty self- conscious about them when it comes to men-- I feel like there will always have to be a conversation or SOMETHING, but otherwise, I can't complain. :-)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Teitelbaum MADE this experience for me. I wouldn't have felt comfortable with anyone else. He answered all of my questions and never made me feel rushed. He even responded to my post-consult emails personally, and encouraged me to come back in to speak about my concerns in person. So far, I am thrilled with the experience and the results. I did not expect to feel this good, but as he said, "there's no reason why you should have to suffer." It's truly all about technique, and I'd recommend him to anyone. I am so thrilled I chose Dr. Teitelbaum. He's truly and artist, and a caring individual. He called me the night of my surgery and I could hear how delighted he was with both my result, and how great I felt. I'll continue to add more details as my girls "develop".

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