27 yo, 2 kids 5'7' and 118lbs. Went with Allergan style 410 in FF290cc and FX 315cc. Loving them so far!!

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Hello ladies, I am 27, 5'7" with two kids and...

Hello ladies,
I am 27, 5'7" with two kids and luckily my boobs weren't really affected. However, they have always been small and now that (I think) I'm don't having kids, I'd like to turn my 32A into a C. I've been in for a consultation. Dr. Teitelbaum was amazing and he suggested the perfect size for a natural result is 270cc. I trust him but that does sound a bit small so I'm wondering if I should push for the 300cc. I also had 3D imaging done so I'll share the picture below. Anyone have any recommendation when trying to narrow down size? I want them to be perky and full but definitely still natural looking and I am more worried about going too big than too small. TIA!!

My pregnancy boobs

When I was pregnant, my boobs grew to a large B and I'd actually be happy with something like this, maybe just a tad bigger.

Surgery Scheduled!!! 6/22 so excited!

I just bumped up my surgery from 7/14 to 6/22 because I'm just so ready to get it done. I have settled for letting my surgeon, who I trust, pick what looks best on me (witching guidelines of course). He recommended a 270-295 range so I have asked him to try the next size up and otherwise stick to 295. I will be getting smooth round moderate profile silicone implants. I can't remember the style but I'll give specifics once I have the cards. I will be going under the muscle with crease incision. I'm so nervous and excited!!! My husband wasn't 100% pro-BA because he likes them natural and doesn't mind the size. Most of all he is worried I won't be happy with the results. He rally just wants me to be happy so...that's a lot of pressure for them to come out perfect lol! My biggest fear is that they will look "stuck on" as I have very little tissue of my own and a very bony chest. Anyone else?

Just changed everything

I just switched from moderate rounds to full height full projection anatomical Allergan style 410. Dr suggested extra full projection because I wanted more size but I'm not sure I want them so far out... So I might have to settle for 290cc instead of going up to 315cc. I do however LOVE the 3D rendering he gave me, but I know it's not going to be the exact result. Anyone have any insight about extra full projection for gummy bears? Surgery is Wednesday and I'm so terrified of making the wrong choice!!!

Aaaaaand DONE!!!!

So funny, I was going crazy trying to choose between the style 410 FF 290cc and FX315 and I ended up with one of each. I had decided I the 290cc because I was worried about too much protection but the Doctor said that once he had both implants in, they looked lopsided so he went with one of each. I know it's early but I am loving my implants so far. Yay!!!

Oops, photos isn't upload.

Day after surgery

Not much has changed since yesterday. Only difference is I'll probably catch those autocorrect mistakes ???? I love my boobs! Just very impatient to see the final result!! I know it'll be a while though. I'm doing arm lifts every hour. I'm taking antibiotics and ibuprofen. Last night I took one Benadryl so I slept comfortably through the night. I didn't shower last night, as one of my steri strips was a bit loose so I got it replaced at my post op this morning. So yay, I get to shower :)

8 days post op

All good here. Still a bit sore. Started out feels my amazing and I think the feeling of not being completely mobile and able to done erything is getting to me. Developed what are called mondors cords, which are not a complication, just a little annoying. I will attack a photo. The steri strips came off almost right away but the dr said they weren't doing anything for me any more lol.

Oh, and LOVE that a bralette can look like this :)

PO day 11

Love them! Can't wait for them to be in their final position :) swelling has gone down and incisions look great. I'm having some hypersensitivity, which is putting a little bit of a damper on my party, since everything else has healed so nicely. We'll see. Hopefully it subsides soon.

PO day 18

PO day 20

Still dealing with annoying mondors cords but doctor said just time and ibuprofen.
Can't wait to be fully healed!

8 months PO and LOOOOVING my results!!!

Love love love them. I'm actually 6 months pregnant now so they have a little more fluff to them ???? wouldn't change a thing except maybe my own anatomy lol! Wish my pockets were slightly closer but oh well.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Love him so far :)

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