Moderate Profile Silicone Implants B to Small D

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Body 127lbs 5'6 currently 32 B ( in bras with no...

Body 127lbs 5'6 currently 32 B ( in bras with no padding) GOAL pretty and full C.

Jan 21, 2016 I only scheduled one consultation I felt confident with my months of research as well as the testimonies of patients and amazing reviews online. As a health care professional I really appreciated Dr. Steven T's mannerisms. He was calm, collected, kind, and bluntly honest. He pointed out my left side is much lower than my right ( which I never even noticed) and suggested a donut lift. Scheduled my operation for the 27 of January feeling very confident after months of research. He specializes in a 24 hour recovery so I will blog on how that goes. I kind of freaked out today and watched 100 of his videos on youtube and it definitely made me feel so much more confident that I am in the best hands. When I went to pay for surgery I was given 10% off for being a healthcare professional * YAY*.

One day until surgery! Confirmed for 7 AM. Today the anesthesiologist called, asked for local for the IV insertion which causes less pain, so happy no foley is needed. Scheduled for 0700 surgery with Dr. T in Santa Monica. I actually work in the operating room at a different facility so it's nice to know what goes on behind the scenes before going into this blindly. It sucks being the patient instead of the provider :p. Glad I'm in good hands. Popped some Zzzquil because I'm too excited! Thank you ladies for all posting your reviews were invaluable.

Post op : Breast Aug Day 1

Arrived at 7, urine sample needed to rule out pregnancy, gown on, hair up, before pictures taken. I was measured and written on. The Preop nurse was amazing and kind answered all of my questions. She provided me with a Valium and an expensive anti nausea medication that I would later be charged almost $100 for unknowingly. I'm greatful I took it because I haven't felt any nausea at all! I ate a large sandwich for lunch easily. She asked which medications I would like to purchase for recovery and had my prescription filled so that when I got out of surgery it was in my purse waiting which was nice. I wasn't nervous walking into the OR because I myself work in the OR. It was chilly, they gave me heated blankets, covered my chest modestly, and the anesthesiologist utilized lidocaine to numb my arm before inserting the IV which was amazing! No pain! The nurses and anesthesiologist made me feel warm and at home. I felt completely confident knowing they were my advocates for surgery. I ended up with 310 cc on the left and 330 on the right. I trusted the surgeon to put in whatever looks best. The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist saying here's the versed. Then I was out! Started case at 815 was out of recovery by 11am. I woke up in recovery in the worst pain of my life. I wanted to talk but felt like I would cry. The nurse noticed right away and fed me two pills (Flexerol, hydrocodone) the pain continued and she asked anesthesia is I could have more hydrocodone because of my stil extreme pain and one minute later she placed it in my mouth. Extremely effective nursing right there! Anyways 15 min later no pain ! I can raise my hands above my head, move around, pain 2/10 and tolerable I feel great. And most importantly my boobs look beautiful and now my nipples are equal. I am so happy I almost cried. Every time I look at them despite The doctor recommends napping and surgery then showering and going out to dinner and shopping! I'm very lucky to have my own personal post op nurse friend and telemetry nurse friend by my side but I can definitely function.

Breast Aug recovery day two

I woke up very sore pain 5/10 took 800 mg Motrin as prescribed by my MD. Can get up walk around, clean, function normally. No nausea, itching, or cramping. Feeling like a lucky lady! Although they are swollen and a little high they look gorgeous with very scant minimal bleeding on dressing. I'm so satisfied with my results. A little confused my ID card says natraulle cohesive round I'm not sure if this is gummy bear or not but its not a big concern! So happy!

Post op appointment

Drove 2.5 hours for my first post op for the nurse to tell me the doctor was in surgery. I was a little annoyed because I could look at my own chest without driving 2.5 hours to tell you there was no hematoma or sermona but she said everything looked great and return in 2 weeks for my 3 week app. So much more sore today. Extremely bloated. So swollen!

5 Days post BA

Still swollen and bloated but little to no bruising or pain. Easily controlled with motrin 800mg as ordered by my MD. Getting tired of wearing my post surgical bra ( i'm used to going braless) but I would highly recommend Hanes brand 2 for $22 on amazon! Even though I'm still swollen and need to drop and fluff I'm already so excited and happy with my results.

So Happy

The irritable random pain and throbbing has subsided. I am still numb on the underside of both breasts which is odd but normal. Finally cleared to use scar away silicone sheets! I can't wait to get back in the gym. My chest looks absolutely gorgeous and natural not a sign of aug besides my scars that already are almost faded only 2 weeks post op! I showed several of my friends who work in the OR and they marveled at my surgeon's work. Thankful to have invested in myself!

3 weeks out

No motrin or pain meds necessary! Still get the occasional tenderness or zings. No bruising. Finally free to workout again! So excited to finally go swimsuit shopping! Note: VS swimsuits don't fit breast aug well. Try Everything but water because the cups are shaped better/more support. Still religiously wearing my hanes 2 for $20 post aug bras!

Almost 3 months PO

I still get random zings of pain, no more swelling, the breast shape has changed completely " drop and fluff" has happened. I am loving my results, however I have flexion deformity which I think is something nobody talks about. Anytime I flex my arms the implant and breast separates and it looks ridiculous. Ive spoken with several friends with implants and everyone says it happens to them too. I love my results they are gorgeous I just wasn't expecting this.

I searched for months online to find a doctor I could completely trust with my boob situation. I finally came across his website ( Dr. Teitelbaum) and reviews on several websites as well as his work. I read his articles, assessed his background in doing breast augmentation which is his speciality. He told me straight up what I needed to get the best results. Coming in for surgery the nurses were wonderful. They were kind and eased my fears letting me know that he had done breast augmentations on them and their friends and that he is the best. His anesthesiologist was absolutely incredible. She even numbed my arm before placing my IV so I wouldn't feel pain.

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