56 Yr Old, Vaginal Rejuvenation - Santa Monica, CA

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I'm so please with my results. Will post full...

I'm so please with my results. Will post full details shortly. I don't have time to write a full review. Will try again in the morning. Just typing something in this space to begin my entry.

Here's every single detail

I contacted Dr. Ghozland’s office and spoke with his office manager, Violetta. I explained that I was interested in the labiaplasty & vaginoplasty procedures. As luck would have it, the doctor had an opening for next Saturday 11/17/15. His office is open 1 or 2 Saturdays a month. Violetta carefully explained the process – a brief overview of what to expect, what type of medications I needed and my transportation options after surgery. Dr. Ghozland was having a special on the combined procedures - $5,000 if both are done at the same time. A $250 deposit is required to secure the appointment. The balance of $4750 can be paid via cash or cashier’s check on the day of surgery. An additional $149 is needed for the pharmacy prescriptions (this can be covered by your insurance, if you have it). You will not be allowed to drive after the surgery, so I took Uber to the appointment and Violetta made arrangements to have a driver take me home. LOVE IT !!! Only cost $46 (and of course I tipped the driver, he was so professional and friendly). Violetta herself is professional, informative and courteous. She’s always available via email or cell phone if you have any questions. Just days before surgery, I realized that my situation was slightly different. I had sagging outer lips also known as “labia major”. My poor vagina – who I nicknamed “VeeJayJay” or “VJJ” for short. Poor VJJ needed a face lift. After all I have lost over 130 lbs with weight loss surgery many years ago. I wanted to get my arms and breasts fixed first, but every time I looked in a mirror at poor VJJ, I knew I needed to get her fixed first. I relayed my concerns to Violetta via email and she responded right away. Yes, Dr. Ghozland could fix my “labia majora”, but I would need to be evaluated in person by the doctor before he could make a final determination. THE DAY OF SURGERY I arrived promptly Saturday morning. I was tired and was dozing off in the waiting room. Yes, I was a little scared, especially because the procedure is done under local anesthesia which meant I would be totally aware of the entire process. I had a general idea of what would happen based on RealSelf research and Violetta giving me a brief overview of the process, but now we were actually going to do it. OMG !! Violetta gave me a small dosage Xanax pill to relax. I wish I had asked for double the amount because I suddenly became SCARED !! Oh well, no turning back now. You need to bring a small snack to your appointment because the Xanax cannot be taken on an empty stomach. I had some protein water and vegan blueberry muffins. The office is down the street from a Whole Foods market, so I really enjoyed those freshly baked vegan blueberry muffins. Dr. Ghozland examined me and determined that I was a good candidate for surgery. I was really surprised when he said my inner lips “labia minora” did not need repair. Say What !!! At age 56 my inner lips were still in good shape?? But how would I know, I could never see my inner lips because my outer lips were like little “Dumbo elephant” ears. I could probably fly with those things. I noticed right after Dr. Ghozland examined me that I could feel a slight irritation from the latex gloves he was wearing. I mentioned it to Violetta and she quickly located a box of non-latex gloves. Dr. Ghozland marked the area that needed to be trimmed away. Then he gave me two local shots, one in each outer lip. It really wasn’t too bad. Feels like a tiny bee sting or bug bite. Then he waits about 10 mins for the shot to start working. Next, he removed my outer lips. I could smell smoke and feel a tiny bit of warmth, but no worries. The room is lovely and well ventilated. Next he stitched up my outer lips. Wow, he can stitch you up like a Singer sewing machine. He’s so quick and I could feel the tugging, so I know the sutures were really knotted and tight. The entire process is 2 hours long if you combine procedures, so after a while my back and butt were a little numb from sitting in one position. The nurse quickly gave me extra pillows and rolled up a towel so I could sit on it. The labiaplasty was complete. My “Dumbo elephant” ears (aka labia major) were successfully removed. Even though I was numb, I could tell they were gone, because I could feel a breeze in between my thighs. Next phase, vaginoplasty!! Dr. Ghozland had to give me two shots again, but this time one shot hurt like HELL. He’s a very good communicator and your comfort is a top priority. There are no surprises. He will tell you when he needs to do something that may cause discomfort so he alerted me that the next two shots might hurt. Ok, bring it on. I can’t stop now. Oh CHA-CHA-CHA-CHA that was a real stinger to Ms VJJ. She was not happy. I think she fainted cause the second shot did not hurt. After that, it was a breeze and smooth sailing. A nurse will assist the doctor during this stage, she grabs your mons area and pulls your skin tight so the doctor can see the opening. Getting a vaginoplasty feels like getting your shoe laces tighten. I could feel the tugging and the gradual tightening just like lacing up my shoes. Well, I thought I was finished. In fact, I was thrilled that I finally achieved one of my plastic surgery goals, . . . . . . . . . . . then I felt something. Dr. Ghozland was putting another layer of stitching on my outer lips. OMG !! The doctor says he wants PERFECTION, so Ms VJJ fainted again. I was still numb, but I could feel the needle going in and that was a little weird. No worries, cause not even 5 minutes after the surgery I took out my cell phone and took a photo of Ms VJJ. Wow, I do have good inner lips for age 56 and now I have a porn star VJJ. I can’t wait for all the swelling to go down and I can see the final result. THE DAY AND NIGHT AFTER SURGERY Feels sore and swollen. I was tired and didn’t do much. Just took my pain medication and antibiotics. Stayed home and watched TV. Tried not to sit on Ms VJJ. Just rested on my side. DAY TWO AFTER SURGERY Feels like the swelling is going down. I applied some prescription numbing crème. Wonderful stuff. DAY THREE AFTER SURGERY I had surgery on Saturday and I could have worked on Monday, but I took off work 3 days because I thought I would be in pain. I’m still swollen, but I’m not in pain. The swelling feels like a tennis ball is stuck inside me. Just pressure from the swelling, but no pain. I might do some light shopping just to get outside the house, but no heavy lifting.
Los Angeles OB-GYN

I'm very please with my results. Dr. Ghozland was very concerned with my comfort and pain management. He's an excellent communicator and is constantly checking to make sure you are comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a labiaplasty & vaginoplasty renewal. His office manager, Violetta is professional, informative and courteous. She’s always available via email or cell phone if you have any questions. It was a 5 star experience overall.

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