(2 mo. Post Op Update) Bye Bye Big Boobies! Hello Perky Cute Breasts!

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I have had large breasts since I entered puberty. ...

I have had large breasts since I entered puberty. I had my first child as a teen and two other children since, my baby is now 16; I am 42. I have a smaller build but have very large breasts; 5' 4" tall, 130 lbs and 34DDD possibly 34E since my left boob is pouring out of my minimizer bra.

I have thought for many years to have a breast reduction, I spoke with my doctor about 10 years ago and he referred me to a surgeon for a consultation but I never went; life got in the way. Since then I had many life changes, I got divorced, was a single mom for two years then met an amazing man and we have been together for 7 years, now married for two.

Three years ago, in 2009 I decided to compete in my first sprint distance triathlon, 5k run, 400 meter swim and a 10k bicycle ride. I did it! It felt great until I saw pictures of myself in my tri suit and my boobs were HUGE... the rest of me was fit but you couldn't see any of that beyond my chest that was stuffed into a sports bra and tri-outfit. It honestly was disheartening but I tried not to think about it... it was just reality. That same year my dad became ill and ended up passing away in December 2009. It was a challenging time and I didn't train for any events. In 2012 I decided I needed to get back on track and train again, I did it... I felt good and I bettered my time from three years prior. My reality check came in when I ran a 5k race just prior to the triathlon. It was a highly sponsored race and after it was all over I received an email saying "watch yourself cross the finish line!" I very eagerly clicked on the link and watched this clip of some 'person' crossing the finish line. I had to watch it three times before it really sunk in that it really was "me"!

I felt so strong and confident crossing that finish line, I was very proud until that moment. Don't get me wrong, I was still proud to finish that race with a decent time BUT I NEVER thought I looked that way. I watched the video and I saw a person in a white running shirt with a wall of boobs sliding up and down on their chest. You couldn't really see my waist, my legs or much else... all you could see was a wall of boobs! I actually felt sick to my stomach, sad, embarrassed and a little dejected watching that. Thinking, what would I say or think about this person as they cross the finish line... something like "wow, that girl has big boobs!" or "wow, how can she run comfortably with a chest like that"... honestly I don't know if "I" would say those things but I could easily imagine other people saying those type of comments. Bottom line, I became very self conscience.

I had always been aware in my business attire to dress appropriately, to wear minimizer bras and select tops that didn't emphasize 'the girls' primarily to not draw attention from men. I learned very early on that if I didn't want men to talk to my chest I had to hide them. It wasn't a big deal... it was just what I had to do to be respected in my job. Whether that is real or not; it was what I felt I had to do and it has worked for me. I am respected in my profession for my ability, not for my physical features.

So that feels really good to me on a professional level but when we talk about things on a personal level it really gets challenging! You all know that we have to be mindful of the shirts we wear, we are envious of the girls in catalogs that model clothing; any type because we know when we buy the same top it doesn't look the same because we have big breasts and they are a "B" cup, if that! Then when we talk about bathing suits... I ordered one years ago from Victoria's Secret, it was so cute, it was a halter type with underwire and was made for women with larger cup size... I got it and tried it on... the weight from my breasts caused the knot on the halter straps to dig into the back of my neck! It was awful! And again, disheartening.

Okay, enough ranting on things that you already know, because odds are that you are reading this because you are considering a reduction or have already had one, so let's get on with where we are today...

In July I found this site and started reading reviews, one in particular stood out to me... the woman was about my same build and was taking the plunge and doing something so brave it inspired me to call my doctor again. Ironically, my husband asked me about a reduction around the same time; I was 'complaining' about my swollen breasts right before my period was going to start. I had shared with him years earlier about my desire for a reduction and he was supportive. He simply said "I don't know how you do it, they seem to impact so many things in your day to day life. If you want to change them, I support you; what ever makes you happy and allows you to do the things you want to do."

In July I made the call to visit my gynecologist; he had delivered my three children and acted as my primary doc for over 20 years. I am very healthy and if I have ailments I see a acupuncturist/chiropractor or work to heal myself naturally with herbs and supplements. Anyway, I visited with him, went back into my notes and found our original conversation 10+ years ago and gave me a referral to a surgeon. He said to talk with the surgeon and see what are the requirements to have insurance pay for the procedure because it was clearly a medial necessity. I did it! I called an made an appointment with the surgeon for a consultation; I was so excited!

I went in and we spoke, he did a physical exam and he and his assistant overwhelmingly agreed that I was a definite candidate and once insurance approved it the surgery could be scheduled, no problem! The took pics, like we see on this site..."Wow! That was quick!"

Now the next step was insurance. His office told me that I needed to gather documentation showing I have had a chronic medical condition for more than 6 months... "okay, I really have to think about this" The woman at his office said, gather as much as you can right away, it will reduce the possibility of the request being rejected. They said to document, indentions on my shoulders (check), head, neck, back pain (check) any chiropractic, acupuncture or massage related to these symptoms (check) and document instances of chaffing, under my breast, next to my chest - fortunately I did not check this box but I did have enough to move forward confidently. So I called my acupuncturist.

They gathered my records and I didn't realize that I have been seeing him for 10 years! my very first visit showed i had upper back, neck and lower head pain... in hind sight; all tied to the pressure from my bra straps! They gave my all my records and I felt really good.

The next part was difficult. Before doing my first triathlon I established a relationship with a primary physician just to do blood work and establish a base line and make sure everything was good before I started training; and it was fine. But I had only seen her twice in three years so I called up and made an appointment, told her my story and she did an exam and wrote notes to document my physical features and this is where the emotions kicked in...

She said "there is a term for enormous breasts" I quickly pulled out my smart phone and googled it, she pulled out her books and began searching. We found the word and she documented it on the chart. "Hypertrophy of Breast" - Look it up! She documented everything and in closing said "let me know if we need to document more, if insurance companies are willingly doing surgeries so men can have erections, they should approve this because you are wanting to improve your health to continue to stay healthy by exercising and being fit and your breasts are impeding that effectiveness". I left very confident and assured that my insurance would fix my "enormous breasts"!

But when I got into my car I just sat there, I felt sad. I felt abnormal. I wondered why hadn't I addressed this sooner. Why was it so obvious that my breasts were such a factor in my life but I hadn't done something about them sooner AND the victim began to echo in my head a little... why me? I had to kick that person out quickly and turn myself around and say "this is where you are today and how do you want to deal with it? Do you want to deal with it or are you okay with yourself and just stop this process? No one is making you do this, in fact, everyone is supporting you." Which in hind sight is what made it feel scary.

These emotions have lingered in my head, on and off through out this process and I am working my way through it. I did decide to submit the paperwork to my insurance. They told me it would be 4-6 weeks before we knew and after 2 weeks we got an answer... they approved it! YAY! and WOW! This is really happening.

I had to look at my calendar and talk with the surgeon and make sure everything is timed right before scheduling the surgery... November 11th is the date! I have become so excited, a little nervous but each time I read posts on this site I know it will change my life for the better.

It's getting late and I need to sleep, so good bye for now and I will post more soon. I will also post pics next time. I have been thinking about my before and after pics for this site!

Til next time...


Here are some pics, I am going to use the tops for before and after pics. My left breast is definitely larger than my right. I always wear minimizers, 34DDD probably should be 34E given that leftie is busting out. I will be so happy when I can wear a bra that supports my breasts and not one that has to hold up so much weight. My doc is pretty sure that he can remove 1lb from my left, probably more and possibly 1lb from my right, that is a lot of weight for my poor little shoulders!

I received my pre-op paperwork today, I am so excited! It is really happening!!! In all the documents the amount I have to pay was not provided so I called my doc. They said all I have to pay on surgery day is the hospital fee, nothing for the doc. He will bill insurance and if they don't pay anything then I will be billed... so that was a big relief, I was beginning to get concerned that I was going to have to come up with a lot of money on surgery day.

Family has been very supportive. Hubby is getting a little nostalgic, mom is worried, my kids are worried, constantly checking in. I am staying positive even though reality is starting to hit hard. When I look in the mirror I think, in a few weeks these will be different, still mine but different. It's hard to fully grasp until it's here.

I have started to tell people at work because projects I'm working on will have to have a lot of work done prior and do work while I'm recovering. I am taking off three weeks from work, fortunately the third week falls in with the Thanksgiving holiday so I get paid holiday leave for those days. My coworkers have been supportive also but it is a little strange talking with some because they are so young, guys in their 20's. One said "you know, people pay a lot of money to get those" and I laughed... I said "they have served me well, now it's time to move on!" he laughed.

In the last few days I had been dealing an unexpected dental surgery, it happened on Tuesday; so it has thrown a curve in my workout but over all I've done well with my eating so I'm happy. I did have to eat pasta, which I hadn't had in about 2 months, it's didn't taste great, at all but I needed some carbs to absorb some of these awful meds... almost through this!

Anyhow, I need to sign off and watch the last of game 2 of the World Series... oops! it just ended, St. Louis just won!

Let the countdown begin!

5 days from now I will be recovering from surgery earlier that morning… too cool!

This past weekend I went to Kohl's to purchase two support bras, soft cup, no underwire… as I walked into the bra section I got so happy! I was so excited about the possibility that very soon I will be able to buy a bra at a normal store! I can buy a bra that fits me at Victoria's Secret or anywhere! Right now I can't; I have to go out to the outlet mall to the Bali, Hanes, Playtex store… they are the only local place where I can find 34 DDD and the supply is so limited… ANYWAY… that doesn't matter because in a very short time here I can buy pretty, cute, colorful bras from any store! I am SO excited!! :)

I am at a conference right now for work, I am hosting meetings with people I work with and having to tell them that I will be unavailable for the rest of the month of November… I say it rather vague and so many people have asked me… "Where are you going on vacation?" or "I hope you are doing something fun!" I tell them about my upcoming surgery and their reaction has primarily been (as they look at my chest)… "Really? I never really noticed." Then I proceed to point 'them' out and then they understand. I obviously have done a real good job of not making my boobs be the focus of my attire; yay, successful deception! Several people shared stories of people they know who have had the procedure done and other have shared their desire to have surgery to alter their breasts, more commonly for an augmentation. I have had several women say "Can I go in with you and get some that they are going to take out of you!" It's so funny, really seems like the grass is greener. It's been a fun ride so far!

I find myself looking at pictures on this site and watching the healing process that everyone has gone through; I truly hope and pray and absolutely believe that my healing will be quick and seamless. I see what some of you have gone through; infractions, splitting incisions, and the need for skin grafts…. that seems so scary… I know you all have managed it but my hope is that things will be perfectly fine during my recovery. (Can you tell I'm put 'positive thoughts' out there? Feeding the law of attraction.) I am a very healthy person, I eat well and exercise often so I know I will have a speedy recovery; like many other women on this site have had.

I will keep updating my review and I thank each of you for reading this and especially thank you for commenting on my post!

"Honey, In 48 Hours from now you will be recovering..."

That's what my husband just told me as he came over and read a review with me. I was reading to him a recovery post from a woman who is about 3 days post surgery and she is doing amazing. "That's how you are going to be, you are going to feel so much better." I am so fortunate and blessed to have an amazing husband and support from my family and friends. Feeling very thankful tonight. :)

I've washed my new button front PJ's and my new support bras… ready for Monday! I bought a book today so I have something to read during my resting and recovery. I'm not a huge TV watcher so a friend suggested getting a good book to read.

Tomorrow I go out to by the supplements my doc suggests… I am going to do everything they recommend to optimize my healing. Here is a list of what he recommends and why:
Vitamin A - Antioxidant for new cell growth and tissue repair
Vitamin C - Antioxidant for new cell growth and tissue repair (very different doses, hum.)
B Vitamins - "Anti-Stree" - necessary for multiple metabolic pathways ???
Zinc - Antioxidant, protein synthesis and Collage Formation
Selenium - Antioxidant, inhibits oxidation of fats, protects vitamin E
Copper - Required for cross-linking of collagen and elastin; required for formation of hemoglobin, red blood cells and bone
Arnica Montana - homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling
Bromelain - Proteopyic enzyme to minimize inflammation and soft tissue injury
Flovonoids - Antioxidant, anti-inflamatory, works with vitamin C to prevent bruising and support immune function

It sounds like a lot but he must recommend it for a reason, I would rather be safe than sorry and I really believe in herbal and homeopathic medications. I know I am going to heal well. :)

Today was spent tying up loose ends, getting my car washed, buying household supplies, paying bills that will come due next week, so I don't have to worry about them and cleaning the house, a little. Tomorrow I need to go by my office and tie up the loose ends there, leave notes for some people who are helping me with things while I'm out for three weeks. I was going to put my plants out in the hallway so my coworkers will remember to water them and my hubby said that I didn't have to do that; he said he would go by my office and water them twice a week… "you can count on me to help you through this. I don't want you plants to die, you work really hard to keep them alive and healthy." Again, I am so blessed with an amazing man in my life. :) Thank you God, the 2nd time around has been the charm!

The tomorrow will be spent cleaning the house, making sure I have some light foods in the fridge so I have stuff to eat the first few days, including probiotics so my stomach will stay happy. I don't usually take meds and when I do my stomach usually feels awful, so I'm hoping to minimize that as much as possible.

I already have it planned out with my mom, she is going to come to my house around 6:45 on Monday and we will be at the surgery center by 7am; it's literally 5 minutes from my house. My hubby will join me there once the kids are settled and okay with him leaving. Then I will probably be back home in the afternoon sometime. From everything I have read from most of you, the pain doesn't start until the second and third days so I think I will come home feeling fine, ready for more sleep.

I have post op plans too… this might be ambitious but here it is… when I feel up to going out for a bit, my first stop is going to be getting a pedicure and manicure… I think will be enough of an outing to test my endurance, possibly by the end of the week. Another excursion I have planned with my mom is to go to Victoria's Secret to buy some underwear (no bras yet) but they have the panties 7 for $26 so that will be in the days after the pedi/mani. The drive alone to the mall will probably wipe me out! Maybe we will do this one after my 1 week check up, depending on how it goes when they remove the drains. (I think they stay in for a week… I need to make sure about that one) I have a list of questions for my doc on Monday and that is one of them.

I just heard our teenagers and their friends come into our home… I need to give them all hugs; they have been worried about my upcoming surgery. :)

Feeling so loved and bless tonight, I hope you are having some peace also. Namaste.

It's the final countdown… in 8 hours I will be at the surgery center!

Wow, it's here! I had a big check list of things to do; I accomplished about 75% of them… and it's okay. I am going to take a shower now and shave to be really ready for tomorrow. I purchased all the supplements my doc recommend, see the attached pic! I am so excited! I will try to write in the morning… my mom will be here around 6:30'ish and we will leave around 6:45. I will write for sure afterward!

See you all on the other side!

I made it! YAY!

Well, it's done! Sort of a strange reality, as I was lying in the operating room I thought "wow, it's really happening… my life is going to be different from this point on… yay!" Then it was out cold! :)

Staff was great, they said everything went well. I did get nauseous and vomited the sip of ginger ale in a matter of seconds, then about an hour later vomited two bits of crackers like a champ but now I feel fine after two doses of anti nausea medicine. I just ate some soup and now drinking some tea.

Time line:
7am checked in at surgery center
8:50 - took me back to the operating room
1:30 - began waking up
2:30 - got home

Post op pic with drains

I meant to post this earlier…. I can't imagine how it must feel without drains, so much fluid has come out, if it was all still inside it can only imagine the pressure. I go in on Thursday to have them removed… 4 days, including surgery day.

Constipation, Tube Removal and weaning off meds!

I know many of you mentioned constipation but yuck! When you live with that for three days it really makes your world awful! I was getting headaches from it, so I doubled up on the stool softener and finally had a BM Thursday AM, then the BM's continued and almost felt like diarrhea… not fun. Finally, today I feel normal.

Let me go back a little. On Thursday afternoon I had the appointment to remove my tubes, felt good about that, saw the girls for the first time…. not too bad on the bruising; definitely smaller. Removing the tubes wasn't that bad; my doc said "how was that" after he tugged on the right one. I said "did you get it all out" "yes" "okay, I could handle that once!" then he went over to the left and tugged on that one and it came right out; thank goodness! They put ointment on the stitches and staples and covered it lightly with gauze and put my surgical bra back on… he said that some docs put tape on the stitches but he doesn't because the skin often gets irritated with that so this was it. I go back on Monday to have the stitches and staples removed.

The whole appointment was about 10 minutes or less and the drove over there took about 10 minutes and boy was I pooped after that! My breasts were both sore from having the tubes tugged out. I took the narcotics at around 8pm then again during the night around 3am. I haven't taken any since then. I took 4 - 200mg Ibuprofen at around 11am then again at about 8pm. I think I'm done with the narcotics and the constipation.

I will post more tomorrow along with some pics… they are cute! Bruised and a little Frankenstein looking but still I can see the promise! Probably about a "C" right now with the swelling; still hoping for a "B". I will post another entry later talking about how I had to remind my doc right before he started making his markings for surgery that I wanted to be 'small'. It seemed like he listened!

Tomorrow will be my first outing for about an hour then possibly lunch, if I can manage it. I'll let you know!

Post Op Pics!

Okay ladies, here they are. My left breast has had the most trauma. It was larger than the right and definitely is more swollen and bruised. I left the surgery center with tubes so at the bottom most area of the vertical incision is where they came out of. When my doc took them out he just put ointment on that opening and said it will close in 24 hours, and it has. I still have staples in, they come out on Monday. My nipples look a little odd but I'm not worried about them, I think they will come back to normal over time. Heck, they were totally cut off and made smaller then reattached so they had a lot of healing to go through.

I have given myself a nick name… TRex or Sexy Rexy… because of the limited reach I have with my arms. I am being very cautious not to extend my arms too much to reach for anything or lift or grab anything, I don't want to pull on the incisions.

I am going to get ready for my outing today… I'll let you all know how that goes! Wish me luck!

Pics didn't upload earlier

Okay, I am back from my outing… three hour outing, including lunch and I'm back home pooped! I'm back in my fuzzy PJ's and under my warm blanket working to recover. I just checked my last post and saw only one pic posted. I'm going to try again.

Pic of post surgical bra

I bought two post surgical bras - one white, one black. Bali 1 flexible bra/4 sizes in 1 - size SMALL! Pre-surgery I couldn't even consider wearing one of these being a 34DDD+ now I fit into a SMALL. The tag says a small is 34c/d to 36b/c! I took two pics in the white one pre surgery, you can see the poor thing crying to try to hold up the girls… today I took pics of me in the black one, post surgery. Looks like a perfect fit!

The white things from out of the bottom of the bra are gauze pads. I wear two on each breast, on over the nipple area and the upper part of the vertical incision and another to cover the rest of vertical incision and to provide protection where the band of the bra come across the bottom of the incision.

1 Week post op check up!

Yay, we made it one week. Went and saw my doc this afternoon; his is very happy with my healing. I had the staples and stitches removed today. I was a little worried about lefty because it has been more tender than righty; it was larger than righty and I keep saying it had the most trauma, about 300cc removed righty had about 250cc removed. The stitches and staples were more tender, I was worried they would hurt being taken out; I even considered that they might not take them out but they didn't hesitate and it didn't hurt! His assistant said there were stitches inside so there was nothing to worry about removing them. She put some steri-strips for now over the incisions, they will fall off in about a week, let them. They will come off when they are ready. The internal stitches will dissolve over time.

No antibiotic ointment, no gauze, I can bathe normally, no problem. I can use gauze over the incision is my bra band irritates it but the healing is going well. No vitamin E. No concoctions for healing just let it heal right now on it's own. When it's ready they will give me healing tape to help stretch out the area so my body doesn't create excess scar tissue; they have found this works best but for now, do nothing but continue to let it heal naturally. Make sure to use both of my arms so my shoulders don't stiffen up "Using you arms won't hurt anything here. Use them, just don't pick up anything too heavy." I go back in one more week.

Special thanks to my mom, she has come over everyday this past week and taken care of me, she has been my nurse and chauffeur. I love you mom!

Hubby has been good too, cooking dinner most every night after a long day at work. He "REALLY" likes the look of my new breasts, he says "I love you no matter what you look like but wow, you look hot! With your larger breasts you couldn't see your waist and your slender frame like you can now. I am a lucky man!" "I love you too honey!"

New PJ's!

The day after my surgery, my mom and I went online shopping at Kohl's and the package finally arrived today! I bought pajamas and I was SO excited to try them on… see the attached pics! The magenta outfit is a SMALL! before my surgery I would definitely need a medium or possibly a large just so my boobs would fit… now a SMALL! If I would have purchased these before, my boobs would be hanging about 6 inches lower and about 3 inches wider.

I was so excited that my boobies were/are perky and the top looked sexy… Oh, this is going to be fun! :)

PS: As I am writing this with my laptop on my lap, lying in bed, I have a soft long sleeve shirt on without a bra! And, my boobs aren't hitting my arms like they have for many, many years! Oh, I am so happy! :)

Holy Zinger Zappers Batman!

Okay, many of you have talked about feeling zingers, the re-connecting of nerves within the breast as it begins to heal. I hadn't experienced then until last night and this morning! I think another woman on this site described it best, it the feeling like when you put your tongue on a 9v battery that still has some charge... like a little zap BUT this zap is going through your breast! Mine have been either radiating from the center out to random places or going straight for the nipple! Yikes! I am confident that I will regain full sensation in my nipples now, because I can feel a lot of zapping going on! I guess it's normal and I'm happy I'm healing but I will be really happy when this phase is over. Until then, deep breaths and allow the zapping to do its job! Happy Snowy Saturday to all. :-)

Nearly 3 weeks, new clothes and going back to work Monday...

On Monday I will be 3 weeks post op and it will be my first day back at work, I am excited and ready on many fronts but I feel myself getting edgy with my family, my hubby especially (sorry honey!). I don't know if it is because I am ready to go back to work and get back into my projects and new role OR if it is because of the unknown… several people assumed I went on vacation, so I will have to deal with that. I have travel coming up on Thursday and I don't know how I'll handle that, I still get pooped after a full day of being out and around. I have just decided to take it as it comes and be myself; positive, honest and upfront. (I keep telling myself this.)

I have been trying to get up earlier but my effort has been lax to say the least! I have been sleeping until I wake up naturally and that is between 9-10am; which is crazy because I need to be at work at 8am on Monday! Oi! I'm in for it! Last week I thought, "I should start setting an alarm gradually so when I go back to work, it will be easy…" Yeah, that was a great 'idea'! Didn't happen… oh well!

I had my two week check up last Tuesday and my doc was pleased with my healing, I go back in two more weeks. I was a little concerned about the healing on my left side, where the tube was inserted but he said it was fine. I asked about swelling, he said I may have about 15% swelling and it will be several months before they are fully healed. My left side seems to be a little bigger and it may stay that way; it was the larger one originally BUT the degree of difference between the two is minimal… I can definitely live with it! I haven't gone to get sized for a bra yet (it feels too soon) but I'm guessing I am about a C cup in my left and about a B/C in my right… either way, I can bra at a normal store! YAY!

I am posting some new pics… I must say I am VERY happy with my results! I still have steri-strips on the incisions, my doc said to allow them to fall on their own; so far two have come off. The incisions look pretty good, except for the spot on my left that I mentioned earlier. I get sore by the end of the day and I have learned to wear my Bali bra during the day and my Genie Bra, without the padding at night… the change, helps them feel better. The biggest thing that is sore on me are my ribs, they are really tender to any pressure. I have to keep reminding myself (and my hubby at night when he wants to spoon closely), that it's been less than three weeks and a lot of healing still has to happen. Patience. :)

I have had several people expressing their surprise of how much I look like I have lost weight, between 10-15 pounds! When I tell them that I did lose 5 lbs before my surgery but moreover I had my BR, they are shocked! Many people saying, wow, I didn't realize how distracting your breasts were to your overall physique, but now I can really see the difference! Then on the other hand, I have had a few people who I thought would immediately notice not mention anything… a little strange… but maybe they see me for 'me' and my physical appearance doesn't change how they see me? Maybe. Either way, I am happy! :)

I have to say Thank You to all of you ladies who share their intimate experiences, thoughts, feelings and photos… many of you have helped me greatly! My doc is pretty laid back and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have known about so many things, including the stages of healing, the Zingers and the Genie Bra to name a few… I am Thankful for each of you! I hope each of you are well and enjoying this gratitude weekend.


Oh, yes… I have also been very emotional the past few days… I'm about 10 days until my period so I am not sure if that's it or if its part of the healing or going back to work… Obviously; I don't have a real clue! If anyone has some insight to share I would appreciate it.

I survived my first day back at work!

For the past three weeks I have been sleeping in until at least 9am and during the first week I was easily sleeping until 11 or noon… so when my alarm went off at 6:00 this morning it was a sobering reality! I got up and got ready and I was drained, I ate breakfast then went to work by 8am; then by 10am I was so hungry. I had burned more calories in those 4 hours than I would burn in an entire day over the last three weeks! (Maybe a little exaggerated ;) )

I did come home at lunch and changed my bra because my breasts were not too happy; the mid-day change helped me get through the day.

Good night everyone, sweet dreams and I will be thinking of you when my alarm goes off at 6am! :)

Almost 4 weeks PO - reflections

It surprises me to think that 4 weeks ago tonight I was getting everything ready to go to the surgery center in the morning, it seems so long ago yet it seems like yesterday.

10 things I've learned in the past 4 weeks:

10. I can think, hope then plan for something and make it a reality! I wanted this for a long time and I achieved it!

9. Many people don't truly notice my outer appearance and only see me for me, which is a nice thing. Not everyone notices or says something about my surgery. If anything they say, wow, you look great but can't really pinpoint why. I just smile and say "thank you!"

8. I learned that so much comfort and support can be obtained through an online community and this is priceless.

7. I learned what it feels like to shop for and buy a bra at a regular store, including Victoria's Secret! I have learned that bras don't have to 'work' for you, they can just support you and help you look pretty! Imagine that!

6. I have learned that it is very helpful to be as healthy as I can be before surgery and since some surgery are unexpected it is a new motivation for me to always be as healthy as I can be.

5. I learned that pain passes and healing takes time AND to follow my doctors orders, not matter what!

4. I have learned that when you need help you only have to ask and people will come to your aide.

3. I have learned that through modern medicine an ailment that I carried around with me for about 30 years of my life can be remedied so quickly. I can only imagine all that I will experience in the future but it has been amazing so far!

2. I have learned what it feels like to go braless and not have breasts rubbing on my belly. I have learned what it feels like to shave my legs and not have my breast rest on my leg. I have learned what it feels like to have breasts (perky breasts) rub up against my bicep - they would rub on my forearm before! I now know what I look like in a strapless dress! Pretty amazing stuff that I didn't think of 5 weeks ago!

1. Zingers! Yes, this is the biggest lesson on all. I had NEVER thought I would feel electricity charging through my breasts, wishing I had a trigger button so zap someone or something at random moments during the day! The best thing is that Zingers are fully charged for about two weeks, then they subside and become more random. I suppose someday I will think back and long to remember what that crazy sensation was like… but not anytime soon!

Good night my friends, I will update again after my 1 month check up on Tuesday.

5 Week Update!

Time sure does go by fast! I meant to post an update last week but shortly after my check up, I had an incident where I dropped a plate on my kitchen countertop and it shattered and cut my finger! I ended up in the ER with steri strips and wound glue. It's all healing but it threw things off track for awhile. So here is my post, better late then never! :)

I'm healing well. I've attached several pics showing my progress. I saw my surgeon for my 4 week check up last week and he said everything looks great and to come back in 6 weeks. Wow, okay, that seemed like a long ways away but okay.

I have tightness on the incision of my left breast, in one of the pics you can see when I have my arm lifted the lower part of my breast lifts with it; kinda feels like pulling a puppet string. Doctor said it was normal and will be fine after everything relaxes and not to worry.

No scar treatment until everything heals, so just keep doing what I'm doing. I didn't ask him about working out so I might call his office tomorrow and ask; I'm ready to get back into the gym.

The zingers have mostly stopped. I get sensations in my breasts but more like an ache than a zap. Doc said it is the internal healing and it's normal, just keep wearing some sort of support always… not braless for now. It's fine, its too cold to show them off right now anyway, so all is well.

On Black Friday weekend I went shopping at Victoria's Secret and got sized; I was a little disappointed, she measured me at a 34D; I was hoping for a B/C… I'm still hopeful that after everything settles that I will end up at least at a C. Either way, I am REALLY happy with my results and I can actually wear a VS bra! The strangest part is to have a bra that doesn't have to work for you to hold up the girls; they now hold themselves up! It's GREAT!!!

2 month check in

Hi everyone,
It seems so strange that it has been two months since my surgery, for the most part I'm back to normal activity.

I ran for the first time yesterday and I felt fine; I wore a 34D Moving Comfort bra and I felt fine during and after. My family and I started the Whole Life Challenge yesterday; it's an 8 week challenge and we did a fitness assessment; which is why I had to run, and boy I realized how out of shape I am. I do have to say my run was only half a mile but hey, gotta start somewhere!

I went to the gym today and plan on going regularly for the next 8 weeks. I did arms today with minimal weight for all chest exercises, I didn't feel any pulling or discomfort and that was my self-imposed gauge… I took it really, easy.

I go back to my doc in 2 weeks, at about 10weeks PO. He had said that I would start scar treatment then, scar tape. I'll let you all know how that goes.

I posted some pics… the incision on my left side still pulls some when I lift my left arm but it seems to be relaxing. Also, the feel of my breasts are becoming softer. When I over do it I get a sensitive node or ball in varying areas of my breast, usually near my incision site. When I get one, it is gone by the morning so I think they are my body's way of telling me to do a little less.

I have been wearing my Victoria's Secret wireless bra during the day; I bought a 34D just after Thanksgiving and it seems like the cup size is getting loose, so hopefully I will end up closer to a C; I was hoping for B/C so little by little! I sleep with a genie bra, without the padded inserts and that feels fine. About a month ago I slept without a bra and it didn't feel too good, so I haven't tried it again. The Bali bras that I loved in the beginning, I don't love so much anymore. It seems like those and sports bras really compress the girls and they prefer to be supported and not smashed so much. So I think that is why the VS bra works well. I still am having to get used to a bra that just supports and doesn't have to 'work' and hold up so much weight; not having the pressure on my shoulders seems strange. People with small breasts don't understand this but I know you guys do. :)

Hubby and family:
My hubby has been extremely happy with my results too, he was afraid to touch them but he's getting used to it now. ;) One of the hardest things we had to work though was about hugging. For the first month it simply couldn't happen, I couldn't comfortably lift my arms or embrace and he couldn't hold me next to him because the girls were so sensitive to pressure. He still can't squeeze me too much but we can definitely hug… I think we are in pretty good place for 2 months post surgery.

My close family has been great along with my coworkers. I have one uncle who asked the question "Do you look like a boy now?" I said "No, I look like a woman with normal size breasts." (jerk!) Then when I saw my aunt, his wife; she said "let me see you… oh, wow… you look great… I thought you were taking them all off! I never thought you were that big." I told her my pre-op size and she couldn't believe it. Oi, family!

I hope all of you are healing well. And for those of you who are doing research, I say "Do it!" If you are thinking about it you have many reasons; it will not be something you regret. I lived with large breasts for more than 30 years and I don't regret any of it.

One word of advice is be aware of infection; that is the biggest complication I have seen. Follow your doctors orders closely, eat well and mostly rest… allow your body to heal naturally.

Cheers to all and I hope 2014 is treating you well!

7 Months goes by quickly!

I thought I would check in with everyone. My 7 mo. anniversary was 6/11. I am LOVING my new boobies! Today I wore a top that I bought several years ago but wore only twice because my boobs were SO huge that the buttons were ready to pop off and it made me feel very self conscious. My healing is about 95%; I have an area on my left side where I have tender scar tissue. I've posted about this before; my doc said he will check it in a few months and if necessary he can do another minimal procedure. I go back at the end of June.

That is the only minor setback and it's really pretty minimal. I love being a smaller size. I can now fit mostly in small size clothes rather than medium and sometimes large. Exercising is a much more pleasant experience and I am super happy!

I hope all of you are doing well and for those of you who are just doing research... my words to you are "do it!" You won't regret it. Keep yourself healthy prior to surgery, follow your docs orders (many docs have difference procedures; I would follow what your doc says or ask about other options, don't just assume and do things.).

Cheers to all!
Santa Fe Plastic Surgeon

So far, so good. Great bedside manner. Great staff. Extremely helpful and nice. Now 3 weeks post op… I am extremely excited about my results so far! He is very nice, his office staff is very nice. He is nice but not warm and fuzzy. Answers questions but doesn't provide in-depth info without unprompted; not necessarily a bad thing but it really makes this website very helpful. He met my mom prior to surgery but didn't go out to talk with her after my procedure; it is possible that he did go out and she was in the lobby or restroom but I don't know for sure. He was nice during a follow up and remembered meeting her, so all is well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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