27 Yr Old Needs Work After Losing Lifelong Weight. Dominican Republic, DO

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*Treatment results may vary

*I have not had surgery yet* I am going to Dra....

*I have not had surgery yet*

I am going to Dra. Almonte this summer; I've seen her work and she has worked up miracles with some pretty jacked up bodies (like my own).

I have some questions; how hard was it to get your hemoglobin levels to 13/14 and what did you do or use to get to those levels?

Did you need a clearance letter from your doctor? If you did, how hard was it getting one from your doc?

Did you use her suggested RH? I've seen others with better deals that in considering.

What supplies did you bring for post-op? I've attached a picture of a list I've created on what should be brought; just based on others' experiences.

What supplies do most RHs already have that I can avoid?

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Eternally grateful,


Diamond RH?

Does anyone know much about this place? I don't see much on this place; their pictures look appealing and the price is really good.

Anyone been to Maria's RH? How was that?

I'm on IG as well (Sx pages only)

Same display name; @YearofTheYams

"Hernia Repair" is what is put on paper for disability?

Can y'all enlighten me? Has anyone successfully had this done and how did it work? I wanna' get paid while I'm off tooooooo.

Molina or Almonte?

Are there any chicks out there who can attest to the work of these doctors? Like, which one would you recommend? Help! Please!!!

TT, BBL and Lipo from Cabral

So far I've only communicated with him via Whatsapp. I will document my journey in hopes of support and to be helpful in areas where I can. I am 5'6", currently 210 lbs. (hoping to be at least 190 by January). I used to be 312 lbs.; but now I'm more unhappy than ever because my body is just displeasing to look at. Dr. Cabral does amazing work but I'm also scared of dying (judge me). Is anyone in need of a Sx buddy? Has anyone ever had surgery from Cabral? Also, I've attached some before photos so you guys can see how bad it is. Cabral has his work cut out for him; I am sorry in advance!

Dr. Baez For Sure

Something about her professionalism and compassion (along with her long list of credentials) gives me the peace of mind I need.

Tummy, BBL & Lipo After Losing 130 Lbs.

I've decided to go with Dr. Baez for a number of reasons; the most important to me is her long list of credentials and education. She's also very compassionate and seems to specialize in reconstructing women with major weight loss/women who are on the larger size. She gives me the peace of mind I need to settle the anxiety.

Deposit Details for Baez

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Wait times for a response can be tedious but I am trying to be patient. As I mentioned earlier her list of credentials and education are impressive as well as her results.

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