Soon to Be Robles Doll! 29 TT, BA and Lipo - Dominican Republic

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Ok ladies so after a few months of stalking and...

Ok ladies so after a few months of stalking and gather info I have decided on Robles to do my TT, lipo and BA. I was thinking about doing a BBL but scared of getting too much at once! I am so nervous about going out of the country but I can't find a dr in the US that does anywhere close to as good as Robles! Not to mention her prices are so much better!!! I was quoted $5200 for all my procedures with the inclusive package. So I have always been an active person (cheerleading, track and gymnastics) growing up but I got pregnant at 19 and gained 75 lbs and had a c-section before I knew it I was 240 lbs! I lost all my weight and I'm now 160 and 5"6. I also have a lot of natural curve that I like but I have a lot of loose skin from the weight gain and lose and then iv have 2 boys by c-section and breastfed which has left my body in shambles! My skin literally looks like it's melting off my body! I'm so uncomfortable in my body and just want to regain some confidence and atleast feel comfortable naked in front of my husband. He loves me and says my areas don't bother him but they bother me!!! So I am going to post some pre pics and I am so nervous to do that but if you ladies are thinking about doing surgery with Robles you need to see pics from start to finish! So I would love to hear from some of you ladies that have used Robles!!! I am hoping to do surgery in March or April 2016 which is only a few months away! Anyone else looking at this timeline and wanting a buddy? I will update my info as I go through this journey and if you have any advice and questions if be glad to hear them!!! Thank you ladies and have a great day!!!

Pre pics

So embarrassed to post these but y'all need to see why his is so important to me!

Robles doll as of April 1st 2016!!!

Booked my date!!!! Ahhhhh! I'm so excited! Can't wait to get rid of this loose skin on my tummy and get my boobs back! Here are some of my wish pics!

Date changed! April 19th 2016

Date was changed to April 19th so that my school age son will be on spring break. My hubby, the baby and my mother and father in law will be joining me and my hubby and me will stay in the recovery house and my in laws and baby will stay in a hotel and have a little vacation. I'm so excited and so thankful for my wonderful supportive family! I can't wait to show all you ladies my results! I know Robles will deliver!!!! Ahhhh uploaded some more wish pics as well!!! Most are actual Robles dolls!
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