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Well me and the BFF have been researching BBL and...

Well me and the BFF have been researching BBL and came upon RS where we found Dr. Yilly. After much research we decided to roll with her as we believe she can give us the results we desire. We have had our date since Feb. we're having surgery June 5th, arriving on the 4th. We will be staying at Angela's. Bags packed, tickets bought. This shit dine got REAL!! Can't wait.

Bags are packed and waiting by the door!!!...

Bags are packed and waiting by the door!!! Passport should be here by the 8th, nothing left to do but wait on the June 3rd to get her and it's wheels up......

Baez Bound Surgery June 6th

Tomorrow it's wheels up.... Headed to DR for a date with Dra Baez....

Wish Pic

Home safe and recovering!!!

Dra Baez is great!!! She is very thorough and keeps the patients health first, which I truly respect. My hemoglobin was 12.4, lower than it was the month prior to my going 13.4. Due to my hemo not bring a 13 she aired on the side of caution. She said that she could not perform aggressive LIPO due to my hemo being below the required 1 mark. Therefore, for best results she did a TT with LIPO to the waist, back, inner thighs, flanks. She removed a total of 6 liters and the TT scar is pencil thin. The staff at the clinic was great, the patients are given private rooms. Shit gets real when it comes to the recovery, the feeling of fullness in the back, and the swelling of my feet are something ridiculous.

Boobs, bootie no waist at all!!

15 days post-op

Still lots of swelling...

Added before pic of tummy

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Learned of her on RS

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