Soon to Be Cabral Barbie

Hi everyone!! So after months of research, I...

Hi everyone!! So after months of research, I decided to become a Cabral Barbie. I obtained my quote a few weeks ago and I'm super excited. I did not have any problems getting a quote or setting up my appointment. I am fully aware of Dr. Cabral's history so I don't need an update. I'm here for some positive support from any past, present, or future barbies. I selected a recovery house but I have not secured my reservation yet.

New deposit! Recovery house inquiry?

So I got an email from Cabral asking for a deposit to secure my date???????????? all done deposit sent. I was at first looking at serenity recovery house but now I think I'll go with Maria's recovery house. If anyone has been there please let me about your experience please!
Dr. Cabral

So very I have had no problems contacting him and every encounter has been pleasant!

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