Treatment for Under Eye Hollows (Appeared As "Bags") - Santa Barbara, CA

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I am 23. I have always had "under eye hallows"...

I am 23. I have always had "under eye hallows" (just genetics), but in the last few years I have noticed that due to volume loss in my face that they had started to appear deeper. When I smiled, it looked as though I had bags under my eyes (not bad, but enough to bother me). I had botox injections around my crows feet area, and found this to make matters worse, as it only accentuated the look of bags when I smiled. I discussed my options with a few different doctors. One doctor told me that the only thing that would help would be surgery (lower blepharoplasty)! I feel that I am too young for surgery at this time and it seems too scary as I did not want DRASTIC results....
So... I found a different doctor that I went to see, as I was interested in laser treatment. She suggested that I try restylane to fill in the hallows to reduce the look of the bags. I was hesitant, because 2 other doctors had told me that it wouldn't help much. Plus, I read all the horror stories online about people's experience with restylane injections under their eyes.
I decided to go for it, and I had it done yesterday morning. I was so nervous about bruising and swelling, "lumps" and "tyndall effect". The PA who performed the treatment made me feel very reassured that I would probably not bruise or have side effects. She went very slow and she was careful. I left the office with no swelling or signs of bruising. I saw the effects immediately. I thought I was going to have to wear makeup and hide behind sunglasses, and make up a story as to why I was bruised or puffy... but now it is the next day, and still no bruising or swelling!! I am pleased with the results so far. Now when I smile, that tear trough doesn't appear as a "bag". I feel that I looked refreshed. The technician did not even use a whole syringe of the restylane for the procedure. I didn't need much.
This has been my experience so far. I know it is only the day after, but so far it's all good!


added photos


touchup one week later

I decided to update my review. I wrote my first review the day after the peocedure. I noticed a big difference right away.... however, after the initial swelling went down it appeared as thouhh the bags were "coming back" I couldn't see very much of adifference from what it used to be. I called back the office and went in for a touch up. We looked at before and after pics before I had the touchup... and there WAS a huge difference although It was hard for me to tell. Anyway... we did a touchup and added a bit more to my left eye.. no pain or bruising. It looks good :)

day after touchup. lighting has a lot to do with pictures looking good or bad

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