Getting a Face Lift! Encouragement Welcome :) Santa Barbara, CA

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I'm set for thee 25th of Sept. I'm nervous, never...

I'm set for thee 25th of Sept. I'm nervous, never had surgery and not a big fan of IVs or needles. That said, I lost a ton of weight about 9 years ago and have a somewhat droopy face. I'm getting a face lift. The basic smas, incisions around and within the ears. No neck lift or forehead lift. My Dr calls it simply a cheek lift. It's essentially a face lift without neck and eyes and forehead. I will have IV sedation with local which also makes me nervous. As long as I'm not in pain I'm ok with waking up here and there. My Dr is double certified and been doing these over 30 years. I have confidence in him. And look forward to the results. Anyway, I'm I'm really hoping it goes well and that the outcome is I have a well defined jaw line with my cheeks in the right spot. Lol. They're low right now. I've been researching and reading reviews here for about 8 months now. I don't feel like I will ever fully be ready to do it and just need to bite the bullet.

pre op in 9 days

Pre Op is in 9 days. Gosh time goes by fast. Get to do blood work and ask any last min questions. Still can't really believe I'm doing this.

anyone had valium dermerol IV sedation, how was it?

So I'm just curious how it feels to be under sedation. Do you feel the numbing shots? I've never had valium or dermerol and want to know what to expect. My Dr says it's a twilight sedation and he prefers it over general anesthesia.

pre op tomorrow!

Well ladies I get my pre op tomorrow. I can't believe how fast it's come and that I'm doing this. Whoa

are antibiotics a must?

Hey, so I'm wondering if you guys feel antibiotics are a must after face surgery? It's a 3 1/2 hour procedure and the Dr puts an ointment on and the head band and I'm not supposed to take it off or touch my incisions for the first five days to avoid infection. I was also prescribed antibiotics for you five days and will take them as needed however how likely is it I'd get an infection without them? Has anyone just not taken them?

surgery in couple days! comforting words please

Well it's in a couple days now. I'm kind of at the point where I just want to get it over with. Less anxious since my pre op. But still scared I'll feel a lot of pain during and after the procedure. I know you get numbed up but theoretically you get numbed up at the dentist too, and I still hate getting cavities filled and can feel it and repeatedly need more numbing. So I am really hoping this doesn't go like that because it's a way longer procedure and he's lifting my skin off my face which if I could feel it would hurt. I don't think I'd mind being awake if I were comfortable and not in pain. I'm getting twilight sedation which me Dr raves about. So.... Anyway, any optimistic comments and or experiences would help!

im done! what do u think?

Surgery went awesome. Really great. Feel a bit sore but done too bad. Slept couple hours when got home. Do u see any difference?


Fresh pic of incsions

feeling better today and less swollen although left side bleeding

I feel better than yesterday. Slept great. But left side bleeding. Not a lot but right side not at all. Am calling Dr today to update them. Not in pain just feel bruised

day 3!

Good morning ladies. I feel the surgery drugs left my system now. I'm doing well. Little less swelling. I was expecting day three to be the worst in terms of swelling but for whatever reason I was most swollen the day of and it's just gradually reducing. Fine by me! My left side is still more puffy then right and it feels I may have an underlying suture in my cheek making its way out. No more blood but a little clear liquid coming out on the left side. Not in pain but feel bruised obviously. Can't take the wrap off until Tues which is kind of hard to wait. But it's comfortable and I know it's keeping the wound clean and helping it heal evenly so I'm being patient. I think the worst is over. I feel like I can't do a lot but I'm able to do things myself specifically make my food, go to the bathroom, walk around a little etc. If I do too much I feel more pressure in my wound area so trying to just chill. Been watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix which is fun. I have two small kids so hardly ever get to watch anything aside from kid shows. Lol. Like a mini vacation. Anyway there's my update!

last day with bandage!

I get to takes this off and shower tomorrow. That'll be awesome and I will be able to actually see the results. I don't mind the bandage too much actually but it'll be nice to not need it.

bandages off!

Wow, it took a while to take the bandages off. Had dry blood sticking to it so had to get it wet and be very gentle. So here are some updated pics! Still swollen on left side but overall I think it looks really good. I'm thrilled.

swelling basically gone and a lot of stitches out

Thanks for your support :) I'm doing well. Swelling basically gone. A lot of sutures out. Still have some and some staples. Feeling returning to parts of my face. Went out and about today. Am taking walks. All pics so far are without makeup.

rest of sutures and staples come out today

My cheeks are slowly becoming less numb. I'm taking a trip tomorrow so am getting the remainder of the sutures and staples out today. Not looking forward to the staple bit. Here's the latest pic.

pic and updates!

Hey, I'm doing great. Had a hiccup on left side along hairline incision. One part, the size of a pin prick, wouldn't close and whitish yellow liquid would come out. I was scared it was a suture that wasn't dissolving and the Dr would have to re open the area up and dig around for it. I wasn't mentally prepared for that. Anyway at one point I saw the Dr and we put silver on it to prevent infection. That was an experience in itself. After about two weeks of of it being open and having silver on it and me cleaning it often, it closed up and looks great.

pics of scars

As requested, pics of scars at 2 months post op
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