23 Years Old, No Kids, 340 Cc Ideal Implant :)

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Well! I am currently sitting pretty on 4 weeks...

Well! I am currently sitting pretty on 4 weeks post op :)

My journey into breast augmentation is something I've pondered since the 5th grade when I saw this girl in my class with amazingly huge nunga nungas and how the boys always swarmed around her...
I come from a long line of shorties, my mom is 4'11" and my dad is 5'4" and I sit pretty at 5'2" and about 127 pounds.. Did I say pretty? I meant "squatty" but I digress...

I have never been a confident girl, but what I lacked in physical prowess, I made up for in humor and wit. However, growing up watching Anime, I couldn't help notice these gravity-defying ta-tas bouncing in your face, nipples staring into the sky... Then looking down my own cheeto dust-covered shirt and noticing...well...I look NOTHING like that. I got my mother's saggy and small breasts and CAN YOU DIG IT?!? I didn't even have 4 kids to earn those deflated trophies :)

Over the years various boyfriends would reach down my shirt only to have their hands swatted away and me instantly feel ashamed.... As I grew older I started getting tattoos and getting peirced with various bars and hoops... And then in February of 2015, I got my nipples pierced. And this helped TREMENDOUSLY. It made my nipples harder and gave me something pretty to look at when I was naked... Like distracting myself with something shiny rather than wanting to cry at the sight of my mournful sacks...

I told myself if I was still unhappy after a year, I would get an augmentation... And over 18 months went by and I was able to take a loan from my cousin, and get a boob job :)

Now... I did not stumble/troll this site until after I already had my augmentation... And I'm thankful for that because I LOVE looking at all the things that can go wrong (you know...nipples falling off... Horrible scars and whatnot) but fortunately for me everything seems to be going quite well...

A bit about my PS. He is the best. Quite simply.... But really... I looked around locally a little bit but none of the doctors had many/any pre/post op photos... So I opened Google maps. Typed in "plastic surgery" and pressed "go" somewhere in the top 5 results was Adam Lowenstein of Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara (about two hours away from me) who had a 5 star rating and several glowing reviews... I emailed the office telling them my story and just a few hours later Ruthie (receptionist) called me and told me she wanted to give me a call due to my email entailing my hopes to find someone to give me "natural" looking breasts... This happens to be the good doctor's specialty. He has won top 5 plastic surgeons like the last 8 years in a row and is 100% board certified, grade-A awesome. Also he's super cute... Just saying... If someone is gonna be poking and prodding at your breasts it's awesome if he's not an old man ;)

THE CONSULTATION: fun fact. Doctor L is the only surgeon between San Francisco and LA who is permitted to use the "IDEAL" implant... After trying on various implants and sizes Suzanne (his AMAZING assistant I totally adore) had me try on the ideal implant and it was PERFECT. It's high profile but provided a natural slope.. Which is what I was looking for... I don't wanna get stopped in grocery stores cause people think I'm smuggling grapefruits down my bra. I had settled on 275 cc (I wanted to look natural and no one to know I had a BA) and when the good doctor came in to check on things and see where we landed, he listened to me explain my goal, what I wanted my breast to look like, and came up with a personalized plan for me individually. He told me I would need a lift and we would probably go a little bigger than 275 (maybe between 325 - 350 he said) and we would see when surgery came.

DAY OF SURGERY: we (my bf and I) showed up at the office, the same place we had our consultation and pre-op, the doctor marked me up, I met the anesthesiologist and was feeling very very excited... All my fears and doubts were erased by the time of the pre-op appointment. Was directed into the surgery room down the hall (didn't have to go to any hospital and wait HOURS) and BLAM 3 hours later woke up feeling very cold, a heavy chest and feeling like a damn CHAMP. Something cool.. The team actually will sit you up during surgery while you are under so they get a full look at symmetry and size to make sure everything is perfect. We ended up with 340 CC under muscle ideal saline implants. So glad he did that instead of the 275 :)

Okay now I will stop typing all this crap and share the pics :)

The following days and weeks :)

The next photos are just the following days and weeks where I still had tape on :)

I got my tape removed at my two week checkup - I had a donut lift. Yummy.....

Tape off after two weeks

Sorry I'm just blasting these all out to catch up to where I am currently :) so all of these are collages over the last few weeks. I'm currently at 4 weeks and just started using biocornium on my scars and a bruise gel on my left boob as it still had some bruises that wouldn't quit ;) I've always bruised like a banana... but like those little bananas you see in grocery stores that are just like...covered in bruises for no reason...


Forgot the more current photos

29 Days Post Op

That bruise cream really seems to help! Even just after one day. :)

Squish 'em together

Getting softer every day...and I think that bruise cream is really helping.

4.5 weeks

4.5 weeks

5 weeks

Rants and Ravings of a woman who spends too much time on RS

So I know I've said it several times before, but i'll say it again. I love Doctor Lowenstein. And when trolling RS, as I often do, there are two things I've REALLY come to appreciate about him, his office and his staff....

I don't know about you, but I hate Hospitals. Hospitals are 100% negative in my mind. They are gross, loud, busy, full of MRSA and germs, and give me mad anxiety. Something about the white walls and endless labyrinth of hallways.... Yuck.
Doctor Lowenstein has an AMAZINGLY beautiful office (there are pics and a virtual tour on the website) so from your consultation, to your pre-op, to your surgery date, you are going to the same gorgeous building, seeing the same beautiful faces of his staff and I truly believe this makes surgery day SO much more comfortable... NOT TO MENTION how many people go to the Hospital at 6 or 7 or 8 am and then wait around for hours before surgery. How nerve wracking!!! On the day I showed up for surgery, I got there at 8 AM and was on the surgery table 30 minutes later.. Then when I woke up from an anesthesia, I see the same faces that have been with me this whole time... No strange nurses, no new people. I truly believe this sets Doctor Lowenstein apart from the rest.

If there's one thing I've noticed a lot of unhappy ladies on this site have on common, it's the fact their surgeon did not inform them properly of the risks, the mood swings (aka boobie blues) or proceeded to promise them something they couldn't actually deliver. The three ladies who work for Doctor L made a guide/what to expect e-booklet that had LOTS of information about breast augmentation. You are encouraged to read this before your consultation so you have a vague idea about kinds of implants, incision sites etc. AS WELL as WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER SURGERY (including the boobie blues) I think that because I was properly informed, I was REALLY LUCKY to not go through this sad phase...
One of the most useful things I've gathered from this booklet? CUP SIZE DOES NOT MATTER. As many of us ladies know, bra sizes are NOT unanimous. So when girls go to their appointment saying "I want to be a full C" and end up a DD and then spend so much time wishing their size was bigger/smaller.. Well that's because your idea of a "full C" and your surgeons are probably not the same...

Anyway sorry for this rant!!! But only because I hope to help/inform ladies the same way I was informed in hopes that others can be as knowledgeable as I was going into this process...I think a lot of ladies get dismayed because they are kept out of the loop about the MASSIVE changes our bodies are going through. :)

Also decided to post some more pictures :) I am nearly 6 weeks now. Excuse the pudge.... I just ate ;P

Scars after 6 weeks

Sorry been wearing tight clothes/bra all day. Been playing music for a city event (and it happened to be the first rain we've had in 9 months) whoof!!! But took these before jumping In shower :)

Bra Shopping!!! :3

Well... Went into Victorias Secret yesterday and got 3 new Bras. I am officially a 32DD :D

Tasteful Side-Boob?

My favorite card from the wonderful game "Cards Against Humanity"

Tasteful Side-boob...

Stereotypical new boob stuff

More stuff n junk :)

Two Months

Nakie Time. Still loving El boobies. Can't wait to get them re pierced :3 I've been given the go ahead by my PS, but I'm getting more color done on my back tat soon which requires me laying down on my tummy for copious amounts of time, I don't wanna do that on freshly pierced tits :P

Found another "before" photo

Never used to take pictures of my boobs as it just made me sad. But I did find one that I didn't delete and wanted to post it. After being on this site I realized I had a mild tuberous breast deformity.

11 week update

Heyo. Not much change.. Massaging my nipple incisions with scar cream or coconut oil to try and help those scars. They seem extra thick to me. Hoping when my scar tissue gets softer my nipples will be flat all the time.


So I think these massages on my scar tissue around my areola have been very helpful :) my areolas don't seem as poofy and the tissue feels significantly less thick ;) what do you think??

Also went to VS with my mom last evening (she's worn only sports bras for the last 40 years!!) many of their bras are 50% off right now!! :D

For all you ladies!!

Hey ladies!! For all of you who want something cute with a little support but no underwire, Victoria's Secret is having a 1/2 off Sale on sports bras and lots of other bras :) I found this super cute, velvet bra and its only $12 bucks :D this is a size medium.

3 months 1 week :)

Just moved to a new house ;) so excited! Happy Holidays, all!!!

Over 3 months now. I also included a pic of my back tat.. Just for funsies.. In case anyone was like me and when I see people with Inc I spend an exorbitant amount of time looking at it ;) it's not finished, but any means...

Been a long while...

Got re-pierced which has been great. :)

Not much to report on otherwise. I don't think my scars look very good... They are very thick. I'm doing the Silicon sheets and bio oil and I think that's been helping. If it doesn't get better by the 9 month mark I may ask my PS about it, but I'm not terribly upset with anything about it for now. :)

Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon

He is absolutely amazing. Listens to your goals and provides a personal plan for you. He is very funny, realistic, and cute to boot!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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