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Hi everyone! I just got my rhinoplasty and chin...

Hi everyone!
I just got my rhinoplasty and chin implant done this past Thursday. I was very busy with finals up until the day before surgery so I really didn't have much time to stress about the surgery. I was pretty glad about this because this is something I would probably be freaking out about. The surgery went well and I'm just at home recovering now.
I went to the surgery center about 45 minutes before surgery. I had to take a pregnancy test, get my blood pressure taken and then put on a gown, booties and hair net. I went into the surgery room and was put on an IV (much less painful than I thought!). I can't remember anything after the IV was put in. Next thing I know I'm waking up and am extremely loopy. My dad picked me up from the surgery center about an hour and a half after I got out of surgery. I was kind of rambling nonsense and unable to walk for at least couple hours after the surgery. We got to the hotel and I just relaxed in bed for the entire afternoon. I took Norco and Tylonal for the pain. I honestly wasn't in any pain from the rhinoplasty, but the chin implant was really hurting. I was bruised under my eyes from the rhinoplasty and my chin was quite swollen. My nose bled and I replaced the gauze under the nostrils about 4 times before bed that night (he didn't pack my nostrils). I couldn't talk very well due to being unable to open my mouth very wide. My bottom lip and chin were completely numb. Eating was pretty difficult and messy. I had pancakes for dinner but I really couldn't move my bottom lip at all.
I took sleeping pills the first night- I had to because my dad snores very loud and we were in a small hotel room. I didn't have too hard of a time sleeping upright though.
The next morning we went in to the check up with Dr Gross. I had taken Norco that morning and I don't really remember what happened in the appointment. My dad told me that he said everything went well and he thought I was really going to like the results. I drove home with my dad after the appointment.

3 days after surgery and I am still having pain from the chin implant. My bottom lip and chin are still very numb and talking continues to be difficult. I am so surprised by the amount of pain that the chin implant has caused while the rhinoplasty continues to be painless. I have used a q-tip with hydrogen peroxide on it a few times to clear out the dried blood from my nostrils. I am able to breath through the nostrils just fine. I think that the feeling is slowly starting to come back in my chin because I get very sharp pains every once in a while. From my internet research this can mean that the feeling is coming back. I guess that's good, but it sure doesn't feel good!
The bruising under my eyes is starting to go down but I still would not want to go out in public. I've been hiding out in my house this entire time. I've told very few people about my getting this surgery and have been avoiding everyone who doesn't know. I'm very excited to see the results from my rhinoplasty on Wednesday! I can already tell that I love the chin implant although it's pretty swollen right now.
I called the doctor tonight because the chin implant was giving me such sharp pains. He was awesome and picked up even though it was a Sunday night. He said that if I felt as though I needed to come in before our scheduled Wednesday appointment that he would absolutely find the time for me. I am just going to continue taking the Norco and try and bear through the pain.

8 days post op

So here I am on day 8. Bruising is finally starting to really mellow out. Unforunately even with makeup it's still kind of noticeable. My nose is doing great, although still very swollen. Dr Gross says that the end result will have a more defined tip, and skinnier nose altogether. But even with the swelling, the nose I have now is much preferable to my natural nose. I'm very happy with it!
The chin implant is still causing me a bit of trouble. My doctor said that there is most likely a small bleed in the chin causing extra swelling which can push on the nerves causing my lip/chin to be numb. I am glad because there has been some improvement on the numbness, therefore I know if will only continue to improve.

I'm feeling so happy that I finally made the decision to do this, and I'm so glad I chose Dr Gross!

1 month post op

Hi! I'm doing well in my recovery. Everything is started to feel almost back to normal. My bruising is completely gone now. My nose is still sensitive, but only if I forget and am too rough when I itch it or if my son bumps it. I still think that my nose is a bit swollen (I'm hoping so). It isn't quite as thin as I'd like it, and there is still a small bump on the profile view. I still am much happier with my nose now compared to what it was before. I have actually been pretty happy with it being swollen because nobody has noticed that I got a nose job. After the cast was taken off and my nose swelled, it was almost back to the size it was originally. Now the swelling has slowly gone down and nobody has suspected a thing. Dr Gross kept the shape of my nose pretty much the same, but just made it a bit smaller. This has kept it from being a huge dramatic change. I am happy about this, but I do hope to see it continue to get thinner as time goes on. Its been 5 weeks and it honestly doesn't look that different. So fingers are crossed that it is just swelling, and will continue to shrink.
The chins swelling is completely gone I think. I really like it, although looking at some of the pictures of it swollen, I wonder if I should have gotten a larger implant. (I got the Mittleman pre jowl chin size medium.) But there is no going back now, and I'm happy with the difference. The recovery for the chin has been the more difficult thing for me- which is uncommon. I've had a lot of numbness to my bottom lip. I'm able to talk normally for the most part now, but my smile is still not quite back. My lip continues to stay partially numb and I can't feel things like kisses on that lip. :( The numbness has continued to improve over time though, and I'm hoping everything will be back to normal within a month.
I'm happy with the outcome of both the rhinoplasty and chin implant and am glad that I got them. I wish that there was a bit more of a noticeable difference on both of them though. For having spent $8600 on these surgeries, I wish I could see a bit more of a difference. But I still have time to wait for the swelling to go down considering it has only been about 4 and a half weeks.

11 weeks post op- mostly liking the results

Hi everyone. Here is my updated results with some before and after shots. The swelling on the nose has gone down a little since my last update, but it's still larger than I was hoping. But overall I am happy with the results. I was unsure on whether to do the chin implant at first. I initially only planned on the rhinoplasty. But after seeing the before and after pictures, I am so happy I chose to do the implant as well. I feel like it has made a huge difference- maybe even more so than the nose!

So happy I decided to do this!

I originally went to my cosmetic surgeon (Dr. Gross) in hopes of getting just a rhinoplasty done. After some discussion with him, I decided to add in the chin implant as it was just $1500 more. I almost didn't do it, but at the last second I decided to go for it. My recovery for the chin implant was actually harder than the rhinoplasty recovery. I had a lot of numbness for a long time, and I had a fair amount of pain during the first week of recovery. This is not typical of chin implants though. Luckily everything healed properly and now that I'm 5 months post op, I am so beyond happy I decided to do the chin implant as well. I honestly think that the implant has made a bigger difference in my face than the rhinoplasty. It changed the shape of my face- no longer do I have my little recessed and pointy chin! Yay! I feel like everything is better balanced, and I'm so glad I did it.

My nose is a bit smaller, but it's still bigger than I would like it to be. On the plus side- nobody noticed that I had gotten surgery! Even my ex boyfriend of over 4 years didn't notice a difference when he saw me- maybe he's just an unobservant ass though haha. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that people don't notice a difference. Did I just waste $8600 on something that only I can see? Hopefully not- but even so, I feel better about myself, and I did the surgery for myself, not for others. It occurs to me that someday I could get a rhinoplasty revision to make my nose even smaller, but I'm not sure if it's really worth it. It is a lot of money!

Update- Loving everything more and more each day (Also- broken nose incident!!)

Hey everyone- I'm almost a year post op! I can't believe it's been such a long time.
I am feeling really awesome about all of my surgeries. I am so happy I made this decision. My nose has slowly shrunk down a tiny bit since my last review. I would be happy if it was a tiny bit thinner, but I don't plan on getting a revision. I think it is good enough. I'm really happy and comfortable with my looks these days and I love that very few people know that I got surgery.
I have gone through quite a transformation in the last 2 years. I lost a total of 80lbs (through diet and exercise), found fake tanner (fake bake is my new best friend), got a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and breast implants. I'm a whole new me, and couldn't be happier! I have so much more confidence, and I feel healthy and happy. I have no lasting effects from my surgery, other than having lost a little bit of feeling in a few parts of my chin. It is not numb, but just less sensitive. Since it's my chin, it really isn't something that bothers me at all.
Broken Nose:
I had a pretty scary mishap about a month ago though. I was playing soccer, and I got elbow'd hard in the nose. I heard the crack and knew something bad had happened. I felt my nose and it didn't feel right. I knew by the horrified looks of my teammates that it didn't look good. I ran to the bathroom and was terrified to see a crooked face in the mirror. My nose was broken bad. (I attached a picture-scary right!?) I immediately started to rush to the hospital, and called Dr. Gross- my plastic surgeon on my way there. He had me send him pictures- to which he said "yeah, that definitely needs to be fixed." He told me that I could come to him and he would fix it for me. We figured out that we could meet at a hospital near him and he could fix it there- that way insurance would cover the costs. I had a funeral to go to that afternoon, and he told me that as long as he fixed it in the first week after it broke that there was really no hurry. It surprisingly did not hurt much at all- it was just scary to look in the mirror. So I went to the funeral that afternoon with my broken nose, and drove the 2 hours to Santa Barbara to meet him afterwards. It was no fun at all to have it put back into place, but the pain was short and it looked great once all was said and done. I don't think it's normal to be able to wait 8 hours to have a broken nose reset when it's such a bad break. I'm thinking that during my surgery some of the nerves connected to the inside of my nose must have been damages, because it was not even painful at all until the resetting happened. My nose was a little swollen for the next week, but a month later I can't tell that anything even happened to it. I'm so thankful my surgeon was willing to meet me (on a sunday night, no less!) and repair the damages.
I am so happy with how I look now, and I think it was absolutely worth the money that I spent.
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gross has been wonderful. He was totally willing to answer my millions of questions in our pre op appointment and made me feel safe and comfortable. I knew he was the surgeon I wanted to go with as soon as I met him. The surgery went smoothly and I plan on going back to get my cast off next week. I called him tonight due to unexpected pain with the chin implant he was immediately responsive (even though it was a Sunday night) and he told me that if I need to come in before my scheduled appointment that he would make time to see me at any point I needed it. I haven't seen the results for the rhinoplasty yet, but I have high hopes. I love the chin, although it's still a bit swollen which is to be expected.

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